We love hearing from users!
Both potential and existing.

We're here to help. If you're experiencing issues with one of the Mate apps, have an idea on how to make it better, shoot us a message. If you're thinking about purchasing Mate but have a question, email us, too. However, we recommend to take a look at our Help Center first. Most likely, your question has already been answered there.

The best to reach out to us with questions and bug reports is [email protected]. Please, always make it clear Mate for which platform you're talking about – either in subject or email body.

We normally respond within one day, Monday through Friday. If it takes longer, we're probably drown in some important & urgent work, please understand. We're a small team.

The best way to stay up to date with what we do is to follow us on Twitter: @MateTranslate.

Business people, press people!

If you have a dazzling cooperational idea or want to write about us (we're flattered!), the right email to reach out to us is [email protected]. If you're looking for icons, app descriptions, or screenshots in hi-res, they're in our Press Kit.

More about Mate's team

Mate is made by Gikken, a tiny company based in vibrant Berlin, Germany. You can learn more about us here. We're also hiring!