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Mate is deeply integrated with iOS, macOS, and all web browsers.
Translate 103 languages in any app, on any page. In a single click.


Top-grade translations. Quality of Mate's translations can often be compared to a well-trained human translator.
Pronunciation. Mate shows phonetic transcription and speaks out words and sentences with the correct accent.
Sync. Mate Account lets you synchronize your translation history and Phrasebook between all devices.
Phrasebook. Save words you want to learn. Keep them categorized, export for learning in Reji.
Rich data about words. Mate shows you genders for some languages, as well as a lot of synonyms to choose from.
Dark mode. Mate looks great in both light and dark modes.
103 languages. English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and more. The full list is available here.


Mate is a translator app for those who translate a lot. If you translate at least a few times per day, you must be familiar with the mess caused by keeping a whole bunch of opened tabs with your favorite translation site.

What if translating a word or a small text passage would never make you switch between apps or browser tabs again? That's why we made Mate.

Mate lets you translate web pages or selected text on them in a single click in all web browsers. Mate has an extension for each of them.

From now on, you can simply select an email, note or a message in a foreign language and translate it right there on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

If you're looking for a simple, yet extremely powerful translator app, then look no further. You've found it! Mate supports 103 languages, has a lot of features for language learners, and works offline on iOS.



Top-rated by users

Mate is used by more than 600,000 users every month. And, 99% of these people are extremely happy with Mate!

Here's what real users say about Mate:

Mate for Mac
It would be desirable if the translation window could be opened to A4 or at least A 5. Kind regards.
Mate for Mac
deverve it
money is the good thing, for it can help me downlod what i need.
yulindecool002, 15 January, 2020
Mate for Mac
Very perfect application
Very good application, upgrade version 6.0, free upgrade! Real conscience! Good translation, can translate English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, this is my basic needs. In addition, you can translate safari, this is really great! There are two more disadvantages: 1. If multiple lines of text are translated, the line breaks are deleted, resulting in a pile of content that cannot be read in comparison; 2. When Safari clicks Translate, I can't switch the translation language directly? For example, Chinese to English, or English to Chinese, you need to open the app interface to switch the translation language, which is very inconvenient. Hope to change it ~ Thank you
Mate for Mac
I love this app !!
I love this small and nice app. If I surf the Internet and the text is in another language, I just copy it and it will be translated. Totally simple and effective, I love them and use them every day.
Mate for Mac
Good function, just too ugly
I like your convenient functions, but your interface is really ugly. I think you can learn like Apple's native interface.
陈凯旋, 3 January, 2020
Mate for Mac
veriy good
Very convenient to use with popclip.
Mate for Mac
it's going on my Mac!
Mar-Huelva, 10 December, 2019
Mate for Mac
Create tools
That's it.
wupher.fan, 10 December, 2019
Mate for Mac
It is difficult to hope for better. The application can be mobilized at any time with a click in most if not all applications. The richness of the lexical fields is excellent.
Aristoteheart, 6 December, 2019
Mate for Mac
Great app
I have tried several applications or translation pages. In the end I keep Mate because I think it's the most complete and that works best. It is true that it comes out a bit expensive, but if it is used a lot it is worth it.
mac..anudo, 4 December, 2019
Mate for Mac
The most convenient program
One could make plugins for Mail and Books.
VictorSychev, 7 November, 2019
Mate for Mac
The most convenient program
The font would only be smaller.
VictorSychev, 6 November, 2019
Mate for Mac
It does not perform its direct function. Does not translate
I expected to translate pages in a web browser. but no. Does not translate. Even the selected text does not want. Either you need to pick the settings or the empty (not small) money spent. ps: appeared in a web browser, the selected text translates, the whole page is not.
Mate for Mac
quleque bug
Question, is that mate will also be functional on other navigators than safari in the future?
Mate for Mac
quleque bug
Question, is that mate will also be functional on other navigators than safari in the future?

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