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Mate is made beautifully for iOS, macOS, and your favorite browser. Instantly translate anything between 103 languages.


Highest-accuracy translation. Human translators have met their match, or rather, met their Mate.
103 languages. English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and tonnes more. Luxembourgish, even. Zulu? Yep. See them all.
Perfect pronunciation. Mate speaks translations directly to you, accent and all. It also displays intuitive phonetics.
Cross-platform sync. Keep your translation history and saved phrases up to date between all of your devices.
Phrasebook. Learn languages faster by saving and categorizing phrases. Keep a travel cheat-sheet.
Full-on reference. See word genders and scroll through synonyms to say what you mean and mean what you say.
Darkness. Light and dark modes designed individually for a fully native feel.


Mate is made for those who translate all the time. Sure there are sites that get the job done, but none are as deeply integrated as Mate. It's so smooth to use. Mate blends into your workflow so it feels like you're not translating at all.

No browser switching. No interruptions. It's instant. Right there in your menu bar, just a shortcut away. There when you need it and then gone in an instant.

Translate web pages in one quick click with seamless extensions. Emails, notes, and messages work too. Anywhere text resides. And on iOS, Mate works offline. It's built to look good and work fast.



Top-rated by 600,000 users

Mate's designs stay fresh but it's no translation newcomer. A whole lot of folks love using Mate every day.

Here's what real users say about Mate:

Mate for Mac
Super fast translation, many languages, accurate translation and especially usable in combination with your own key combination!
Fjgcjr, 20 May, 2023
Mate for Mac
Functions are glitchy
I would give 3 stars, however I got Mate for free as I was early supporter. 4 stars deserved in my case there is no alternative. Safari plugin is disappointment. 1. It detects wrong language on websites. English websites like,, Czech websites and many more. I've disabled translate to Turkish and now Mate detects it is french language instead of english. If I remember correctly, this function cannot be disabled. I've disabled safari plugin. 2. Translate by double click sometime works but most of time it doesn't. It would be nice if Mate was as tuned as google translator in UX design. Investment in better UX would be awesome, however I understand such investment would probably not be profitable. Wish you many users and awesome updates.
vaclav.kasal, 14 May, 2023
Mate for Mac
It translates from German better than anyone else, surpassing the built-in macOS translator in quality. There is an extension for Safari that translates pages on the fly.
docMik, 7 May, 2023
Mate for Mac
cool that there is exactly an application in the menubar
and can be used in all browsers
Konstantin Kruglov, 3 May, 2023
Mate for Mac
Can't find better app than this
kyrrrrrr, 24 April, 2023
Mate for Mac
It's the most comfortable
It's been a while since I used it. It is the most comfortable to use. It would be better if there is a way to further improve or correct the translation.
Mate for Mac
works great, a little inconvenient that the language is saved (sometimes I would like the language to always reset (translate) back to the default, but this is not a problem.
Konstantin Kruglov, 13 April, 2023
Mate for Mac
I bought with a single payment in 2017 and I can still use it
@antonpa, I think the same thing happened to me as you. The app asked me for a monthly payment despite having bought it with a single payment years ago. To activate it, you have to select the option "I'm already subscribed", and then "I forgot the password" with the email we used to buy the app. Then you log in with email password and that's it 😃. I'm glad that the developer takes care of the early adopters that we pay for the app. Other apps like Paste have forced single payment users to move to subscription, which I doubt is legal.
Mate for Mac
OCR, required
Great application, too bad it doesn't allow OCR. We're hoping for an upgrade soon, the other translation apps all do this and it's useful.
cesaresi60, 7 April, 2023
Mate for Mac
It's strange, but thank you!
Compared to other poppy translators, this one is stylistically more beautiful. It's also not clear why I got lifetime access to Mate Pro. I'm not against it, but it's even suspicious =)
Про $$$, 5 April, 2023
Mate for Mac
The best translation extension
I have to read a lot in English and I have to say that this application is the one that gives me the most reliability. Translate a word by selecting it and making the logo transparent, both on Mac and on iPhone and iPad. It does the same with phrases and does it 100%. I have experience with Google and it is light years away! Of course, it is paid, but I do it for these types of extensions because it saves me a lot of time and I want simplicity. I am a person and I put marks both good and bad!!! In this case a 10.
Javi.ZGZ, 5 April, 2023
Mate for Mac
Great, cool, very convenient and convenient, I like it very much
The translation is smooth, and it is very comfortable to work with the safari browser. It is best to use the Firefox browser after installing this plug-in
马文友, 3 April, 2023
Mate for Mac
While the most famous translator, from the company G***** refuses to translate long texts, even in a browser, Mate Translate is a powerful translation tool, always available at a touch in the Menu Bar, which never disappoints. Congratulations to the Developers!
MadaFoka, 31 March, 2023
Mate for Mac
Ideal Translator
This is the best hotkey translation app, I recommend it :)
Mate for Mac
The app is awesome! Even with support that helps really quickly = SUPER!
Frau S aus D, 15 March, 2023

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