Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. TL;DR: Mate doesn't track you or transfer your data to third parties. Also, we wrote this Privacy Policy in plain English, so you don't need a PhD in law to understand it.

What information do we collect

Not much. If you haven't created a Mate Account, it's only the telemetry data that we track. Translation history and Phrasebook are stored locally on your device.

Telemetry data is anonymous data that shows us which buttons are clicked, which features are used, and by how many people. Again, no PII (personally-identifiable information) is collected. This only helps us understand the overall user behavior and is vital in product design.

We use Amplitude Analytics in our iOS and Mac apps for this purpose. They have never been involved in privacy scandals. We don't use Google Analytics.

On this website, we use Fathom Analytics. It prevents Google and Facebook from knowing that you ever visited this site. It also means that we can't annoy you with ads (because we don't know you ever visited our site). Not that we wanted to – we respect your decision if you decide to pass Mate. Probably we'll get better and you'll come back.

If you create Mate Account, the translation history and Phrasebook are uploaded to our servers from all your devices. Passwords are stored in a hashed format (no plain text), so no one can see them in any situation. No third parties have access to the database.

Upon creation of Mate Account, we start store translations, Phrasebook, your email, and name (if you've added it). You can delete all information from our servers in the settings of each Mate app (scroll to the very bottom), like GDPR requires.


No, we don't use it. You see those cookie banners on websites that use Google Analytics, which, in turn, use cookies to track you between different sites. We aren't big fans of this approach. We went for Fathom Analytics. It notifies us about simple page views. I.e. we don't know a lot about our site visitors – just that they were on our site. It doesn't require the use of cookies.

Your payment credentials

We don't store and have access to any of your payment details. If you're purchasing Mate for iOS or Mac from the App Store, Apple handles purchases for us. If you're purchasing Pro Version in one of our browser extensions or Mate for Mac from our site, Paddle's got us covered. Apple is located in Dublin, Ireland. Paddle is located in London, United Kingdom.

Browser permissions to all pages

You may find it suspicious that all Mate's browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge) request permission to access all visited web pages as well as browsing history. It's the permission that enables us to inject translation scripts to all pages. Those scripts help you translate full websites, highlight text on sites and translate it with a simple shortcut, or by double-clicking. Long story short, it's Mate's killer feature – on-page translations.

Browser vendors named this permission a little misleading. We're also bitter about it. We don't access your history. We don't keep track of the pages you visited. Injecting translations scripts is literally the only thing we're using from that permission.

Contact us

If you have any concerns or questions, we're here to help: [email protected]