A powerful translator app for your iPhone and iPad.

Translate websites in Safari, messages in iMessage, emails in Mail, selected text in PDFs, voice, and many more. Mate is so remarkably integrated with iOS that you'll think it was built by Apple.


Top-grade translations. Quality of Mate's translations can often be compared to a well-trained human translator.
103 languages. English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and more. The full list is available here.
Sync. Mate Account lets you synchronize your translation history and Phrasebook between all devices.
Dark mode. Mate looks great in both light and dark modes.

Learn languages with Mate

Pronunciation. Mate shows phonetic transcription and speaks out words and sentences with the correct accent.
Phrasebook. Save words you want to learn. Keep them categorized, export for learning in Reji.
Rich data about words. Mate shows you genders for some languages, as well as a lot of synonyms to choose from.

Translate on the go

Offline Mode. Download over 50 languages you want to use offline in the language selection menu. Perfect for travelers.
Speech Translator. Mate recognizes voice in over 40 languages and can translate it on the fly.
Apple Watch App. Mate translator is also available on your wrist. Speak in or use Scribble to enter text.

Deep integrations with iOS

Share Extension. Select text in Mail, Notes, Books, PDFs, etc with a finger, choose Share in the tooltip menu and hit 'Translate with Mate'.
iMessage App. Write messages in your language, Mate will translate them on the fly and send in the recipient's language. Or vice versa.
Widget. Translate clipboard contents by long-pressing Mate's icon on home screen or from the Search screen.

In-built Safari extension

Select & translate. Translate highlighted text directly on web pages. In one tap, without leaving Safari.
Full page translation. Translate entire websites in one click. Easily switch between the original and translated versions.



Why Mate?

Mate is a powerful app which can translate long texts, sentences, words, websites, or speech. It's designed for maximum comfort by utilizing all capabilities of iOS.

Mate's numerous integrations with the system allow you to forget about switching between apps. For example, if you need to translate an email, a sentence in a PDF document or a note, you don't need to copy that, switch to the translator app, paste it there, and wait for the translation. Instead, you select it, tap Share → Translate with Mate, and the translation pops up right there!

Or, say, you need to find something on that Spanish (or any of 103 languages supported by Mate) website. Mate has your back with this. Just tap Share → Turn on Mate extension in Safari's bottom bar. And, voíla! Now you're able to either translate the site entirely or just select specific sentences for translation.

Mate is a perfect companion for travelers. You won't be lost in translation in any part of the world armed with Mate's offline mode and speech translator!

And, it's even equally good for language enthusiasts. Phonetic transcription (or, IPA), transliteration (e.g. pinyin for Chinese), genders for nouns (German, French, Spanish, etc learners will appreciate it a lot), the speak-out feature. Mate has them all!

And, using Mate's synchronization feature along with Phrasebook, you'll be able to build vocabulary lists and learn them across all your devices!

Top-rated by users

Mate is used by more than 600,000 users every month. And, 99% of these people are extremely happy with Mate!

Here's what real users say about Mate:

Mate for iOS
Great translator
I compared it with Yandex translator, and was surprised that it seemed that Yandex translator in some sentences simply translates each word separately without seeing the sentence as a whole. Translate as accurately as possible translated all the sentences that I tested.
Mate for iOS
Good app
Please add the function of translating sites into safari.
Vitaly Volokhov, 25 May, 2017
Mate for iOS
Great App highly recommended
Fantastic and easy to use.
Icon of Coil, 14 May, 2017
Mate for iOS
Easy to use
Amazingly, this app translates a huge array of languages and phrases. Wonderful and easy!
Nadine Gardner, 23 April, 2017
Mate for iOS
Very handy
I really like the totally reduced design. Compared to the other dictionary apps it seems to provide the biggest vocabulary. Great app!
Gregor Huber, 13 April, 2017
Mate for iOS
loveeeeee this app!!! I'm fluent Russian/English speaker and when I can't think of a word in Russian in English this helps a lot. A lot more accurate then google translate I've found as well. Thanks guys for producing such a well working app ❤
Shadows_Girl, 16 February, 2017
Mate for iOS
Great for free version!
ThankU so much! Very comfortable and simple application, clean UI and without adware. Killer feature is: disable history in settings! That's really good idea, no one didn't made it ;)
Mate for iOS
Everything great!
Finally an app that is not very big and just does what it promises - translate. And quickly and with possible playback.
Mate for iOS
Great functionality
I do really like this app and its cross platforming. Its details like pop-up translation and shortcuts make the difference for me. Thank you
Сделайте оповещения, 4 January, 2017
Mate for iOS
Very good translator
I tested with Polish, Czech and German to English and it was spot on. Even recognise correctly speech if I said sentences in other language it did display written what I just said and translated. Great job, impressive. It be very useful while travelling through Europe,
Mate for iOS
Solid stuff.
This might be life changing for some. Very fast and very accurate. Would love the possibility of a couple more voice options in future (female?).
Mate for iOS
Mate for iOS
Nice interface !)
Guitar8632, 17 May, 2016
Mate for iOS
Faster than google translator
idk why, but it's better than google translator ☺️
Nagibator2001, 7 March, 2016
Mate for iOS
History, synonyms and quality!
History is implemented extremely conveniently! The quality of translations is also very good. At least from German to English and French. Variety of synonyms also delighted.
Oleksii Chernikov, 3 March, 2016

Need help?

We have created Help Center where you can find answers to frequent questions and detailed tutorials on how to use most features. If there's no answer to your question there, feel free to contact us.

Use Mate in your language

Mate's interface is fully localized to English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

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Mate is a universal iOS app that will work both on iPhone and iPad. It's available on the App Store for $7.99 one-time. A top-grade translation app packed with dozens of time-saving features at an entry-level price!