Release Notes – Mate for macOS


3 April, 2020

We deployed an additional server in Hong Kong, so our users in mainland China can experience the best speed possible.


28 February, 2020

- Fixes for the Chinese Great Firewall. Mate could stop working for some of our Chinese users. Now it should be great again.
- Translation tooltip on pages is slightly smaller now, so it doesn't obstruct too much of actual content.
- If on-page translation in Safari is loading for too long, you can now dismiss it, so it's not cluttering the page forever. Click elsewhere or press Esc to dismiss.
- On-page translation tooltip supports swapping now.
- We localized the app to new languages: Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Romanian, Italian, Indonesian.
- Previously, if you started the speak out for a long text and minimized the app, it'd keep talking, now it won't.
- Speak out button for the original text was sliding down and up every time you translated something causing misclicks if you wanted to clear the input field. We made that panel more stable – it won't jump around anymore.
- Issue with the wrong Mate's window positioning on multiple displays was fixed. Previously, Mate could pop up on the wrong monitor. Now it won't.
- Mate's window could pop up in the wrong place if hidden with Bartender. Now two apps are compatible.
- Safari extension wasn't localized (more precisely, localizations weren't loading properly). Now they load properly.
- No Google and Facebook sign-in methods. We removed them for privacy and maintenance reasons. More here:

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22 October, 2019

Updated the database, so it won't crash for anyone from now on.