Release Notes – Mate for iOS


4 December, 2019

It's the biggest update we've ever shipped for Mate's iOS app! Without kidding, it's even larger than the initial Mate release. It's packed with 5 totally new features and a few dozens of smaller improvements.

Offline Mode

Yes, you're reading it correctly! From now on, Mate can translate offline, too. Just download offline packs for languages you need from the language picker and you're good to go. Packs are reasonably-sized — each of them is just around 50 MB. Please note offline translation come without synonyms and phonetic transcription, though.

Safari Extension

We added yet another way to translate seamlessly within iOS — now in Safari. With our brand new action extension you can translate words, sentences and even full pages without leaving Safari. Turn on Mate Extension from the share menu in Safari's toolbar.

Dark Mode

It's better late than never, right? Mate offers both light and dark modes now.

Smart Swap

Mate will always try to understand the input language itself even if you forget to set it correctly.

More Data About Words

Now Mate shows phonetic transcription for the original, too. We also added support for genders for languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.

All-New Speech Translator

Mate's Speak & Translate feature was redesigned from the ground up. It's not a separate screen anymore. You can start talking to Mate by simply tapping on the microphone icon in the input field. Pretty much the same way as audio message in WhatsApp or Telegram work. The words will appear in the field on the fly.

Updated Home Screen Quick Actions

Long tap on Mate's icon on home screen to access our revamped quick actions. You can start speech or clipboard translation from there.

Better Look on iPad

We owe an apology to iPad users that Mate was a downright iPad-hostile app up until this moment. We optimized every screen and extension to look and feel natively on iPad.

Speed and Stability Improvements

Phonetic transcription should never fail to load, translation speed became considerably faster.

Enhanced Copy Options

You can copy phonetic transcription (or transliteration) too now. Just long tap on it.

Bugs Fixed and Smaller Improvements

- Mate won't interrupt your music playback when using the speak-out feature anymore.
- We polished Mate's look on iPhone X, XR, Xs (Max), and 11.
- We made the main screen cleaner and more solid.
- We localized Mate into a bunch of new languages. We also polished old localizations. All in-app copy should've become more clear and concise.

Mate is also available for Mac and as a browser extension for all major browsers:

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