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experience in Chrome.

Mate is a supercharged extension for Google Chrome. It lets you translate selected text on any website without leaving it. Translate entire pages, single words or sentences. All in a single click.


Top-grade translations. Quality of Mate's translations can often be compared to a well-trained human translator.
103 languages. English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and more. The full list is available here.
Sync. Mate Account lets you synchronize your translation history and Phrasebook between all devices.
Dark mode. Mate looks great in both light and dark modes.

Supercharged on-page translations

Full page translation. Translate entire websites in one click. Easily switch between the original and translated versions.
Keyboard shortcuts. Select text on any web page, hit a desired keyboard shortcut and see the translation instantly in an unobtrusive window.
Double-click. Extremely useful for translating words on web pages. Simply double-click on a word to get it translated right there, in a pop-up window.
Select & translate. Similarly to how double-click translations work for words, Mate can translate chunks of text as you highlight them.
PDF support. Mate's got you covered in Chrome's in-built PDF Viewer, too. Just select a chunk of text, right-click and select Mate in the context menu.

Learn languages with Mate

Pronunciation. Mate shows phonetic transcription and speaks out words and sentences with the correct accent.
Netflix integration. Click on words in subtitles to get a quick translation while watching favorite movies and shows. Save to Phrasebook in one click.
Phrasebook. Save words you want to learn. Keep them categorized, export for learning in Reji.
Rich data about words. Mate shows you genders for some languages, as well as a lot of synonyms to choose from.
Export. Your translation history and Phrasebook aren't locked into Mate. You can easily export them to CSV files. Perfect for language learners.


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Why Mate?

Mate makes browsing websites in foreign languages as seamless as it could be. You can use to read foreign news, articles, or documentation. It's also a perfect companion for language learners thanks to Mate's numerous features and integrations.

Mate lets you translate entire web pages between 103 languages in two clicks. Right-click anywhere on a page and then select Mate's option in the context menu. It's that easy.

Mate's killer feature is a seamless translation of text and words directly on pages, though. From now on, you can safely forget the times when you had to copy a sentence, open new tab with a translation site and then switch back to where you left off.

Mate allows you to select any sentence, any word on any web page and get it translated in an unobtrusive pop-up window right there. You can use keyboard shortcuts, context menu option, double-clicking, or a button which instantly pops up next to the selected text. Customize Mate to your taste, there are plenty of options!

Mate is possibly best translator app for students and language enthusiasts. Phonetic transcription (or, IPA), transliteration (e.g. pinyin for Chinese), genders for nouns (German, French, Spanish, etc learners will appreciate it a lot), the speak-out feature. Mate has them all! On top of that, you can categorize your translations in Phrasebook and then export to CSV files to reuse in your favorite language learning app like Reji or Anki.

And, using Mate's synchronization feature along with Phrasebook, you'll be able to build vocabulary lists and learn them across all your devices!

Need help?

We have created Help Center where you can find answers to frequent questions and detailed tutorials on how to use most features. If there's no answer to your question there, feel free to contact us.

Use Mate in your language

Mate's interface is fully localized to English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, and Korean.

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