We love creating amazing software.

We're a small team creating quality software which people love and can rely on. Over 600,000 people are using our apps & browser extensions every month.

Gikken was born in 2016. Our first product was Mate – a translator app for people who need to translate a lot and want to save time on not having to go to translate.google.com all the time.

In 2017, we reimagined wallpaper apps by making Artpaper – an app which puts ridiculuosly beautiful artworks as wallpapers on your devices.

In 2018, we experimented with language learning by making Reji – a unique combination of tutor, translator, and scrapbook, which lets you extend your vocabulary.

We love our users, and they love our software. Mate, Reji, & Artpaper have 4.5+ star ratings in stores, and are currently featured by Apple on the App Store, Mac App Store, and by Google on Chrome Web Store.

We're a two-person team located in one of the most diverse & vibrant cities in the world – Berlin, Germany.

Our philosophy is simple: we want to create best-in-class products which people will love & use every day.

We're a growing, sustainable business. Customers is the only type of funding we have. Being fully independent gives us an unparalleled freedom in our decisions.

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Andrew Liakh
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