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Spanish verbs starting with P

All 651 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

paccionar, pacer, pacificar, pacificarse, pactar, padecer, padrear, paganizar, paganizarse, pagar, pagarse, paginar, pairar, pajarear, pajear, pajearse, paladear, paladearse, palatalizar, palatalizarse, palear, paletear, paletearse, paliar, palidecer, paliquear, pallaquear, pallar, palmar, palmarse, palmear, palmearse, palmotear, palomear, palotear, palpar, palpitar, pampear, panadear, pandear, pandearse, panderetear, panegirizar, panificar, papar, papelear, papeletear, papelonear, papelonearse, paporrear, paquear, parabolizar, parafrasear, paragonar, parahusar, paralelar, paraliticarse, paralizar, paralizarse, paralogizar, paralogizarse, paramentar, parangonar, parapetar, parapetarse, parar, pararse, parausar, parcelar, parchear, parcializar, parcir, pardear, parear, parecer, parecerse, parificar, parir, parlamentar, parlar, parlotear, parodiar, parpadear, parquear, parquearse, parrafear, parrandear, parrar, partear, participar, particularizar, particularizarse, partir, partirse, parvificar, parvificarse, pasamanar, pasaportar, pasar, pasarse, pasear, pasearse, pasmar, pasmarse, pasquinar, pastar, pastear, pastelear, pasterizar, pasteurizar, pastorear, patalear, patear, patentar, patentizar, patinar, patinarse, patiquebrar, patiquebrarse, patrocinar, patronear, patrullar, patullar, paular, pausar, pautar, pavimentar, pavonar, pavonear, pavonearse, pavordear, payar, pecar, pechar, pecharse, pecorear, pectar, pedalear, pedantear, pedir, pedorrear, peer, peerse, pegar, pegarse, pegotear, pegotearse, peguntar, peinar, peinarse, pelambrar, pelar, pelarse, pelear, pelearse, pelechar, peligrar, pellizcar, pellizcarse, pelotear, penalizar, penar, penarse, pendenciar, pender, pendonear, pendrar, penerar, penetrar, penetrarse, penitenciar, pensar, pensionar, peorar, peraltar, percatar, percatarse, perchar, perchonar, percibir, percudir, percutir, perder, perderse, perdigar, perdonar, perdurar, perecear, perecer, perecerse, peregrinar, perfeccionar, perfeccionarse, perfilar, perfilarse, perforar, perfumar, perfumarse, perfumear, pergeñar, periclitar, perifonear, perifrasear, periquear, peritar, perjudicar, perjudicarse, perjurar, perjurarse, perlongar, permanecer, permitir, permitirse, permutar, pernear, perniquebrar, perniquebrarse, pernochar, pernoctar, pernotar, perorar, perpetrar, perpetuar, perpetuarse, perquirir, perseguir, perseverar, persignar, persignarse, persistir, personalizar, personarse, personificar, personificarse, persuadir, persuadirse, pertenecer, pertenecerse, pertrechar, pertrecharse, perturbar, perturbarse, pervertir, pervertirse, pervivir, pervulgar, pesar, pescar, pespuntar, pespuntear, pesquirir, pesquisar, pestañear, petar, petardear, petarse, petrificar, petrificarse, petrolear, peyorar, peñerar, piafar, pialar, piar, picanear, picar, picardear, picardearse, picarizar, picarse, picotear, picotearse, pifiar, pifiarse, pigmentar, pigmentarse, pignorar, pilar, pillar, pillarse, pillear, pilotar, pilotear, pimplar, pimplarse, pimpollear, pimpollecer, pincelar, pinchar, pincharse, pindonguear, pingar, pintar, pintarrajar, pintarrajear, pintarrajearse, pintarse, pintiparar, pintonear, pintorrear, pintorrearse, pinzar, piolar, pipar, pipetear, pipiar, pirar, pirarse, piratear, pircar, piropear, pirquinear, pirrarse, piruetear, pisar, pisonear, pisotear, pistar, pitar, pitarse, pitorrearse, piular, pivotar, pizcar, piñonear, placar, placear, placer, plagar, plagarse, plagiar, planchar, planchear, planear, planificar, plantar, plantarse, plantear, plantearse, plantificar, plantificarse, plantillar, plasmar, plasmarse, plastecer, plastificar, platear, platicar, platinar, plañir, plañirse, plegar, plegarse, pleitear, plisar, plomar, plomear, plumear, pluralizar, poblar, poblarse, pobretear, podar, poder, podrecer, podrecerse, podrir, poetizar, polarizar, polarizarse, polcar, polemizar, policromar, polir, politiquear, politizar, politizarse, pollear, pololear, pololearse, poltronizarse, polvificar, polvorear, polvorizar, pompear, pompearse, pomponear, pomponearse, ponderar, poner, ponerse, pontear, pontificar, popar, popularizar, popularizarse, pordiosear, porfiar, porfirizar, porgar, pormenorizar, porracear, porrear, portar, portarse, portazgar, portear, posar, posarse, poseer, poseerse, posesionar, posesionarse, posibilitar, posponer, posponerse, postear, postergar, postilar, postrar, postrarse, postular, postularse, potabilizar, potar, potenciar, potrear, poyar, practicar, prear, prebendar, prebendarse, precaucionarse, precautelar, precaver, precaverse, preceder, preceptuar, preciar, preciarse, precintar, precipitar, precipitarse, precisar, preconcebir, preconizar, preconocer, predecir, predefinir, predestinar, predeterminar, predicar, predisponer, predisponerse, predominar, preelegir, preestablecer, preexistir, preferir, preferirse, prefigurar, prefijar, prefinir, pregar, pregonar, preguntar, preguntarse, pregustar, prejuzgar, prelucir, preludiar, premeditar, premiar, premorir, premostrar, prendar, prendarse, prender, prenderse, prenotar, prensar, prenunciar, preocuparse, preordinar, preparar, prepararse, preponderar, preponer, preposterar, presagiar, prescindir, prescribir, presenciar, presentar, presentarse, presentir, preservar, preservarse, presidiar, presidir, presionar, prestar, prestarse, prestigiar, presumir, presuponer, presupuestar, pretender, preterir, pretermitir, preternaturalizar, preternaturalizarse, pretextar, prevalecer, prevaler, prevalerse, prevaricar, prevenir, prevenirse, prever, preñar, primar, primearse, primorear, principiar, pringar, pringarse, privar, privarse, privatizar, privilegiar, probar, probarse, proceder, procesar, proclamar, proclamarse, procrear, procurar, procurarse, prodigar, prodigarse, producir, producirse, proejar, profanar, profazar, proferir, proferirse, profesar, profesionalizar, profesionalizarse, profetar, profetizar, profundar, profundizar, programar, programarse, progresar, prohibir, prohijar, proliferar, prologar, prolongar, prolongarse, promanar, promediar, prometer, prometerse, promiscuar, promocionar, promocionarse, promover, promulgar, pronosticar, pronunciar, pronunciarse, propagar, propagarse, propalar, propasar, propasarse, propender, propiciar, propinar, proponer, proponerse, proporcionar, proporcionarse, propugnar, propulsar, prorratear, prorrogar, prorrumpir, proscribir, proseguir, prosificar, prospectar, prosperar, prosternarse, prostituir, prostituirse, protagonizar, proteger, protegerse, protestar, protocolar, protocolizar, provechar, proveer, proveerse, provenir, providenciar, provocar, proyectar, proyectarse, puar, pubescer, publicar, pudelar, pudrir, pudrirse, pugnar, pujar, pulimentar, pulir, pulirse, pulsar, pulular, pulverizar, pulverizarse, punchar, puncionar, pungir, punir, puntar, puntear, puntualizar, puntuar, punzar, purear, purgar, purgarse, purificar, purificarse, purpurar, purpurear, purrir, putañear, putear, puyar.