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Spanish verbs starting with M

All 481 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

macadamizar, macar, macarse, macear, macerar, macerarse, machacar, machar, macharse, machear, machetear, machetearse, machihembrar, machucar, macizar, macollar, macollarse, macular, madrear, madrearse, madrugar, madurar, maestralizar, maestrar, maestrear, magancear, magiar, magnetizar, magnificar, magnificarse, magrear, magrecer, magullar, magullarse, mahometizar, majadear, majar, majolar, malacostumbrar, malagorar, malbaratar, malcasar, malcasarse, malcomer, malcriar, maldecir, malear, malearse, maleducar, maleficiar, malentender, maleolar, malfacer, malgastar, malherir, malhumorar, malhumorarse, maliciar, maliciarse, malignar, malignarse, malingrar, mallar, malmeter, malograr, malograrse, maloquear, malparar, malparir, malquerer, malquistar, malquistarse, malrotar, malsinar, malsonar, maltraer, maltratar, maltratarse, malvar, malvarse, malvender, malversar, malvezar, malvezarse, malvivir, mamar, mamarse, mampostear, mampresar, mamujar, mamullar, manar, mancar, mancarse, manchar, mancharse, mancillar, mancillarse, mancipar, manciparse, mancomunar, mancomunarse, mancornar, mandar, mandarse, mandilar, manducar, manear, manejar, manejarse, manferir, manganear, mangar, mangonear, manguear, maniatar, manifestar, manifestarse, maniobrar, manipular, manir, manjolar, manojear, manosear, manotear, manquear, mantear, mantearse, mantecaer, mantener, mantenerse, mantornar, manufacturar, manumitir, manuscribir, manutener, maquear, maquilar, maquillar, maquillarse, maquinar, maravillar, maravillarse, marañar, marañarse, marcar, marcarse, marcear, marcenar, marchamar, marchar, marcharse, marchitar, marchitarse, marcir, marear, marearse, margar, margenar, marginar, marginarse, maridar, marinar, marinear, mariposear, mariscar, marizarse, marlotar, marmotear, marmullar, marramizar, marrar, marrear, martillar, martillarse, martillear, martirizar, martirizarse, masar, mascar, mascarar, mascarse, mascujar, masculinizar, masculinizarse, mascullar, masificar, masificarse, masticar, masturbar, masturbarse, matar, matarse, matear, matearse, materializar, materializarse, matizar, matraquear, matricular, matricularse, matrimoniar, matutear, maular, maullar, mayar, mayarse, mayear, mayordomear, mazar, maznar, mazonear, mañanear, mañear, mañerear, mañosear, mear, mearse, mecanizar, mecanizarse, mecanografiar, mecer, mecerse, mechar, mediar, mediatizar, medicar, medicarse, medicinar, medicinarse, medir, medirse, meditar, medrar, mejer, mejorar, mejorarse, melancolizar, melancolizarse, melar, melgar, melificar, melindrear, melindrizar, mellar, mellarse, memorar, memorarse, memorizar, menar, mencionar, mendigar, menear, menearse, menguar, menoscabar, menoscabarse, menospreciar, menstruar, mensurar, mentalizar, mentalizarse, mentar, mentir, mentirse, menudear, merar, mercadear, mercantilizar, mercar, mercarse, mercendear, mercerizar, merecer, merecerse, merendar, merendarse, merendillar, meritar, mermar, mermarse, merodear, mesar, mesarse, mestizar, mesurar, mesurarse, metaforizar, metalizar, metalizarse, metamorfosear, metamorfosearse, metatizar, meteorizar, meteorizarse, meter, meterse, metodizar, metrificar, mezclar, mezclarse, miagar, miar, miañar, micer, migar, migrar, milagrear, militar, militarizar, mimar, mimbrar, mimbrarse, mimbrear, mimbrearse, mimeografiar, mimetizar, mimetizarse, minar, mindanguear, mineralizar, mineralizarse, miniar, minimizar, ministrar, minorar, minorarse, minutar, mirar, mirarse, mirificar, mirlar, mirlarse, misar, miserear, misionar, mistar, mistificar, misturar, mitificar, mitigar, mitigarse, mitrar, mixturar, mocar, mocarse, mocear, mochar, modelar, modelarse, moderar, moderarse, modernizar, modernizarse, modificar, modificarse, modorrar, modorrarse, modular, mofar, mofarse, moflearse, mohatrar, mohecer, mohecerse, mojar, mojarse, mojonar, molar, moldar, moldear, moldurar, moler, molestar, molestarse, molificar, molificarse, molinar, mollear, mollescer, mollificar, molturar, momear, momificar, momificarse, mondar, mondarse, monear, monedar, monedear, monetizar, monologar, monopolizar, monoptongar, monoptongarse, montanear, montantear, montar, montarse, montazgar, montear, monumentalizar, moquear, moquetear, moquitear, moralizar, moralizarse, morar, morcar, morder, mordicar, mordiscar, mordisquear, morigerar, morigerarse, morir, morirse, mormullar, mortificar, mortificarse, mortiguar, moscar, moscardear, mosconear, mosquear, mosquearse, mostear, mostrar, mostrarse, motear, motejar, motilar, motilarse, motivar, motivarse, motorizar, motorizarse, mover, moverse, movilizar, movilizarse, muchachear, mudar, mudarse, mueblar, muescar, mugar, mugir, muir, mulatear, mulatizar, mullicar, mullir, multar, multicopiar, multiplicar, multiplicarse, mundanear, mundificar, mundificarse, municionar, municipalizar, muquir, murar, murmujear, murmullar, murmurar, murmurear, musar, muscular, muscularse, musirse, musitar, mustiar, mustiarse, mutar, mutarse, mutilar, mutilarse, muñequear, muñir.