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Spanish verbs starting with L

All 206 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

labializar, laborar, laborear, labrar, lacar, lacear, lacerar, lacerarse, lacrar, lacrimar, lactar, ladear, ladearse, ladrar, ladrillar, ladronear, lagarearse, lagartear, lagotear, lagrimar, lagrimear, laicizar, lamber, lambiscar, lambisquear, lambrucear, lambucear, lamentar, lamentarse, lamer, lamerse, laminar, lamiscar, lampacear, lampar, lamparse, lampear, lamprear, lancear, lancinar, lancinarse, languidecer, lanzar, lanzarse, lapidar, lapidificar, lapidificarse, lapizar, laquear, lardar, lardear, largar, largarse, lascar, lastar, lastimar, lastimarse, lastrar, lastrarse, latiguear, latinar, latinear, latinizar, latir, latrocinar, laudar, laurear, lavar, lavarse, lavotear, lavotearse, laxar, laxarse, layar, lazar, lañar, lechar, leer, legalizar, legar, legislar, legitimar, legrar, lenificar, lenizar, lentecer, lentecerse, lesionar, lesionarse, letificar, leudar, leudarse, levantar, levantarse, levar, levigar, levitar, leñar, liar, liarse, libar, liberalizar, liberalizarse, liberar, liberarse, libertar, libertarse, librar, librarse, librear, librearse, licenciar, licenciarse, licitar, licuar, licuarse, liderar, lidiar, lidiarse, ligar, ligarse, lignificar, lignificarse, lijar, limar, limarse, limitar, limitarse, limosnear, limpiar, limpiarse, lincear, linchar, lindar, linear, liofilizar, liquidar, liquidarse, lisiar, lisiarse, lisonjear, lisonjearse, listar, listonar, litar, litigar, litofotografiar, litografiar, liudar, lividecer, lixiviar, llagar, llamar, llamarse, llamear, llapar, llegar, llegarse, llenar, llenarse, lleudar, llevar, llevarse, llorar, lloriquear, llover, lloverse, lloviznar, lloviznarse, loar, lobear, lobreguecer, localizar, localizarse, logar, logarse, lograr, lograrse, logrear, lombardear, lomear, lomearse, loquear, losar, lotear, lozanear, lozanearse, lozanecer, lozanecerse, lubricar, lubrificar, luchar, lucir, lucirse, lucrar, lucrarse, lucubrar, ludiar, ludiarse, ludir, luir, lujar, lujuriar, lustrar, luxar, luxarse.