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Spanish verbs starting with F

All 259 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

fabricar, fabular, faccionar, facer, fachear, fachendear, facilitar, facturar, facultar, faenar, fajar, fajarse, falagar, falagarse, falcar, faldear, falescer, fallar, fallecer, falsar, falsear, falsificar, faltar, familiarizar, familiarizarse, fanatizar, fanfarrear, fanfarronear, fantasear, faracharse, farandulear, fardar, fardarse, farfullar, farolear, farrear, farrearse, farsantear, fascinar, fastidiar, fastidiarse, fatigar, fatigarse, favorecer, favorecerse, fechar, fecundar, fecundizar, fedegar, federar, federarse, felicitar, felicitarse, felpar, felparse, femar, fenecer, fenicar, feriar, feriarse, ferir, fermentar, ferrar, ferretear, ferrificarse, ferrojar, fertilizar, fervir, fervorar, fervorizar, fervorizarse, festear, festejar, festejarse, festinar, festonar, festonear, feudar, fiambrar, fiar, fiarse, ficar, fichar, fieltrar, figurar, figurarse, fijar, fijarse, filar, filetear, filiar, filiarse, filmar, filosofar, filtrar, filtrarse, finalizar, finalizarse, financiar, finar, finarse, fincar, fincarse, fincharse, fingir, fingirse, finiquitar, finir, firmar, firmarse, fiscalizar, fisgar, fisgarse, fisgonear, fistular, fizar, flagelar, flagelarse, flagrar, flamear, flamearse, flanquear, flaquear, flechar, flejar, fletar, fletarse, flexionar, flirtear, flojear, florar, flordelisar, florear, florearse, florecer, florecerse, florescer, floretear, florlisar, flotar, fluctuar, fluidificar, fluir, fogarear, fogarearse, fogarizar, foguear, foguearse, folgar, foliar, follar, fomentar, fondear, fondearse, forcatear, forcejar, forcejear, forcir, forestar, forigar, forjar, forjarse, formalizar, formalizarse, formar, formarse, formatear, formular, fornecer, fornicar, forrajear, forrar, forrarse, fortalecer, fortalecerse, fortificar, fortificarse, fortunar, forzar, forzarse, fosar, fosforecer, fosforescer, fosilizar, fosilizarse, fotocopiar, fotograbar, fotografiar, fotografiarse, fotolitografiar, foír, fracasar, fraccionar, fraccionarse, fracturar, fracturarse, fradar, fragmentar, fragmentarse, fraguar, frailear, frangir, frangollar, franjar, franjear, franquear, franquearse, frasear, fratasar, fraternizar, frañer, frecuentar, fregar, fregarse, fregotear, frenar, frenillar, fresar, fretar, frezar, freír, freírse, fricar, friccionar, frisar, fritar, frogar, frotar, frotarse, fructificar, fruir, fruncir, fruncirse, frustrar, frustrarse, frutar, frutecer, fucilar, fufar, fugarse, fulcir, fulgurar, fulminar, fumar, fumarse, fumigar, funar, funcionar, fundamentar, fundar, fundarse, fundir, fundirse, fungir, fusilar, fusionar, fusionarse, fustigar, fuñicar.