French verbs starting with C

Click on any of 840 French verbs beginning with C below to view a full conjugation table.

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Learning French?

Replace Google Translate with Mate! We beautifully designed Mate for language learners using . Translate websites and Netflix subtitles between French and 102 languages with a double click, learn pronunciation, make a Phrasebook. Join 800,000 other learners.

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cabaler, cabaner, cabosser, caboter, cabotiner, cabrer, cabrioler, cacaber, cacarder, cacher, cacheter, cachetonner, cachotter, cadastrer, cadeauter, cadeler, cadenasser, cadencer, cadmier, cadoter, cadotter, cadrer, cafarder, cafeter, cafouiller, cafter, cagnarder, cagner, caguer, cahoter, caillebotter, cailler, cailleter, caillouter, cajoler, calaminer, calamistrer, calamiter, calancher, calandrer, calciner, calculer, calencher, caler, caleter, calfater, calfeutrer, calibrer, caller, calligraphier, calmer, calmir, calomnier, calorifuger, caloriser, calotter, calquer, calter, cambrer, cambrioler, cameloter, camionner, camisoler, camoufler, camper, camphrer, canaliser, canarder, cancaner, canceller, caner, caneter, canevasser, canneler, canner, cannetiller, cannibaliser, canoniser, canonner, canoter, canqueter, cantharider, cantiner, cantonner, canuler, caoutchouter, caparaçonner, capeler, caper, capeyer, capitaliser, capitonner, capituler, caponner, caporaliser, capoter, capsuler, capter, captiver, capturer, capuchonner, capéer, caquer, caqueter, carabiner, caracoler, caracouler, caractériser, caramboler, carambouiller, caraméliser, carapater, carbonater, carboniser, carbonitrurer, carburer, carcailler, carder, cardinaliser, carencer, caresser, carguer, caricaturer, carier, carillonner, carmer, carminer, carneler, carotter, carreler, carrer, carrosser, carroyer, cartayer, cartographier, cartonner, caréner, cascader, casemater, caser, caserner, casquer, casser, castrer, caséifier, cataboliser, cataloguer, catalyser, catapulter, catastropher, catcher, catholiciser, catir, catéchiser, catégoriser, cauchemarder, causer, caustifier, cautionner, cautériser, cavalcader, cavaler, caver, caviarder, ceindre, ceintrer, ceinturer, celer, cendrer, censurer, centraliser, centrer, centrifuger, centupler, cercler, cerner, certifier, cesser, chabler, chagriner, chahuter, chainer, challenger, chaloir, chalouper, chaluter, chamailler, chamarrer, chambarder, chambouler, chambrer, chamoiser, champagniser, champignonner, champlever, chanceler, chancir, chanfraindre, chanfreindre, chanfreiner, changer, chansonner, chanstiquer, chanter, chantonner, chantourner, chaparder, chapeauter, chapeler, chaperonner, chapitrer, chaponner, chaptaliser, charbonner, charcuter, chardonner, charger, charioter, charivariser, charlataner, charmer, charogner, charpenter, charpir, charrier, charronner, charroyer, charruer, chasser, chatonner, chatouiller, chatoyer, chatter, chauffer, chauler, chaumer, chausser, chauvir, chavirer, chelinguer, cheminer, chemiser, chenaler, chercher, cherrer, chevaler, chevaucher, chever, cheviller, chevir, chevreter, chevretter, chevronner, chevroter, chiader, chialer, chicaner, chicoter, chienner, chier, chiffonner, chiffrer, chigner, chiner, chinoiser, chiper, chipoter, chiquenauder, chiquer, chiqueter, chirographier, chlinguer, chlorer, chloroformer, chlorurer, choir, choisir, chomer, choper, chopiner, chopper, choquer, choser, chosifier, chouanner, chouchouter, chouraver, chouriner, choyer, christianiser, chromatiser, chromer, chromiser, chroniquer, chronométrer, chucheter, chuchoter, chuinter, chuter, châtaigner, châtier, châtrer, chènevotter, chérer, chérir, chômer, cibler, cicatriser, cigler, ciller, cimenter, cingler, cintrer, cinégraphier, cinématographier, circoncire, circonscrire, circonstancier, circonvenir, circonvoisiner, circulariser, circuler, cirer, cisailler, ciseler, citer, civiliser, clabauder, claboter, claircer, claironner, clairsemer, clamecer, clamer, clamper, clampser, clamser, claper, clapir, clapoter, clapper, clapser, claquemurer, claquer, claqueter, clarifier, classer, classifier, clatir, claudiquer, claustrer, claveliser, claver, claveter, clavetter, clayonner, clicher, cligner, clignoter, climatiser, clinquer, clipper, cliquer, cliqueter, clisser, cliver, clochardiser, clocheter, cloisonner, cloitrer, cloner, clopiner, cloquer, clore, clouer, clouter, cloîtrer, cléricaliser, clôturer, coaguler, coalescer, coaliser, coasser, cocheniller, cocher, cochonner, coconner, cocoter, cocotter, cocufier, coder, codifier, coexister, coffiner, coffrer, cofinancer, cogiter, cogner, cogérer, cohabiter, cohober, cohérer, cohériter, coiffer, coincer, coincher, cokéfier, colchiciner, collaborer, collationner, collecter, collectionner, collectiviser, coller, colleter, colliger, collisionner, colloquer, colluder, colmater, coloniser, colophaner, colorer, colorier, colporter, coltiner, combattre, combiner, combler, combuger, comburer, commander, commanditer, commencer, commenter, commercer, commercialiser, commettre, comminer, commissionner, commotionner, commuer, communaliser, communier, communiquer, communiser, commuter, commémorer, commérer, compacter, comparaitre, comparaître, comparer, compartimenter, compasser, compatir, compenser, compiler, compisser, complaindre, complaire, complanter, complexer, complexifier, complimenter, compliquer, comploter, complémenter, compléter, comporter, composer, composter, comprendre, compresser, comprimer, compromettre, comptabiliser, compter, compulser, computer, compéter, concasser, concaténer, concentrer, conceptualiser, concerner, concerter, concevoir, concilier, conclure, concocter, concorder, concourir, concréter, concrétiser, concubiner, concupiscer, concurrencer, concéder, concélébrer, condamner, condenser, condescendre, condimenter, conditionner, condoléancer, conduire, confabuler, confectionner, confesser, confier, configurer, confiner, confire, confirmer, confisquer, confluer, confondre, conformer, conforter, confronter, confédérer, conférer, congeler, congestionner, conglomérer, conglutiner, congratuler, congréer, congédier, conjecturer, conjoindre, conjuguer, conjurer, connaitre, connaître, connecter, conniver, connoter, conquérir, consacrer, consentir, conserver, considérer, consigner, consister, consoler, consolider, consommer, consoner, consonner, conspirer, conspuer, constater, consteller, conster, consterner, constiper, constituer, constitutionnaliser, construire, consulter, consumer, contacter, contagionner, containeriser, containériser, contaminer, contempler, conteneuriser, contenir, contenter, conter, contester, contingenter, continuer, contourner, contracter, contractualiser, contracturer, contraindre, contrarier, contraster, contre-attaquer, contre-bouter, contre-braquer, contre-brasser, contre-buter, contre-calquer, contre-dégager, contre-fraser, contre-indiquer, contre-manifester, contre-miner, contre-mouler, contre-murer, contre-passer, contre-peser, contre-plaquer, contre-pointer, contre-sceller, contre-tenir, contre-tirer, contre-épreuver, contrebalancer, contrebattre, contrebouter, contrebuter, contrecarrer, contrecoller, contredire, contrefaire, contreficher, contrefoutre, contremander, contremarquer, contrepointer, contrer, contresigner, contretailler, contretyper, contrevenir, contreventer, contribuer, contrister, controuver, controverser, contrôler, contusionner, convaincre, convenir, conventionner, converger, converser, convertir, convier, convoiter, convoler, convoquer, convoyer, convulser, convulsionner, coopter, coopérer, coordonner, copartager, copermuter, copier, copiner, coposséder, coproduire, coprésider, copuler, coqueliner, coquer, coqueriquer, coqueter, coquiller, cordeler, corder, cordonner, cornaquer, cornemuser, corner, corneter, corporifier, corporiser, correctionnaliser, correspondre, corriger, corroborer, corroder, corrompre, corroyer, corréler, corser, corseter, cortéger, cosmétiquer, cosser, costumer, coter, cotillonner, cotir, cotiser, cotonner, couaquer, couarder, couchailler, couchotter, coucouer, coucouler, couder, coudoyer, coudre, couillonner, couiner, couler, coulisser, coupailler, coupeller, couper, couperoser, coupeter, coupler, coupleter, courailler, courbaturer, courber, courbetter, courcailler, courir, couronner, courre, courroucer, courser, court-bouillonner, court-circuiter, courtauder, courtiser, cousiner, couteler, couter, couturer, couver, couvrir, coïncider, coïter, coûter, craboter, cracher, crachiner, crachoter, crachouiller, cracker, crailler, craindre, cramer, cramoisir, cramponner, craner, cranter, crapahuter, crapaüter, crapuler, craqueler, craquer, craqueter, crasser, cravacher, cravater, crawler, crayonner, creuser, crevasser, crever, criailler, cribler, crier, criminaliser, crisper, crisser, cristalliser, criticailler, critiquer, croasser, crocher, crocheter, croire, croiser, croitre, cronir, croquer, crosser, crotter, crouler, croupionner, croupir, croustiller, crouter, croître, croûtonner, crucifier, cryptographier, crâner, crânoter, crèneler, crèter, crécher, crédibiliser, créditer, créer, crémer, créneler, créner, créoliser, créosoter, crépir, crépiter, crételer, crétiniser, crêper, crêter, cuber, cueillir, cuider, cuirasser, cuire, cuisiner, cuivrer, culasser, culbuter, culer, culminer, culotter, culpabiliser, cultiver, culturaliser, cumuler, curariser, curer, cureter, curetter, cuveler, cuver, cyanoser, cyanurer, cybernétiser, cycler, cycliser, cylindrer, cymbaler, câbler, câliner, céder, célébrer, cémenter, césariser, côcher, côtoyer.