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English verbs starting with R

All 992 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

rabbet, race, rack, rack off, rack one's brains, racket, raddle, radiate, radicate, raff, raffle, raft, rafter, rag, rag off, rag out, rag the puck, rage, raid, rail, rain, rain buckets, rain cats and dogs, rain on one's parade, rain pitchforks, raise, raise the stakes, raise up, rake, rake in, rake off, rake out, rake over old coals, rake together, rally, ram, ram raid, ramble, ramify, ramp, ramp up, rampage, rampart, rampire, ranch, rand, range, rangle, rank, rankle, ransack, ransom, rant, rantipole, rap, rap at, rape, rapine, rapt, rapture, rapturize, rarefy, rase, rash, rasp, rat, rat on, rat run, rate, ratify, ratiocinate, ration, rationalize, ratoon, ratten, rattle, rattoon, raunch out, ravage, rave, ravel, raven, ravish, ray, raze, re-ally, re-create, re-form, re-lay, re-mark, re-search, re-sign, reabsorb, reaccuse, reach, reach past, react, read, read along, read between the lines, read in, read off, read out, read up, read up on, readdress, readept, readjourn, readjust, readmit, readopt, readorn, readvance, ready, reaffirm, reafforest, reagree, realize, reallege, ream, reanimate, reannex, reanswer, reap, reapparel, reappear, reapply, reappoint, reapportion, reapproach, rear, rear up, reargue, rearrange, reascend, reason, reassemble, reassert, reassign, reassimilate, reassociate, reassume, reassure, reattach, reattain, reattempt, reave, reawake, rebanish, rebaptize, rebarbarize, rebate, rebel, rebellow, rebind, rebloom, reblossom, reboil, rebound, rebrace, rebreathe, rebroadcast, rebuff, rebuild, rebuke, rebury, rebus, rebut, recalcitrate, recall, recant, recap, recapacitate, recapitulate, recapture, recarbonize, recarnify, recarry, recast, recede, receipt, receive, recelebrate, recense, recenter, recess, rechange, recharge, recharter, rechase, recheat, rechoose, recidivate, reciprocate, recite, reck, reckon, reckon for, reckon on, reckon upon, reckon with, reckon without, reclaim, reclasp, recline, reclose, reclothe, reclude, recluse, recoct, recognize, recognosce, recoil, recoin, recollect, recolonize, recombine, recomfort, recommence, recommend, recommission, recommit, recompact, recompense, recompile, recompose, reconcile, recondense, reconduct, reconfirm, reconjoin, reconquer, reconsecrate, reconsider, reconsolidate, reconstruct, recontinue, reconvene, reconvert, reconvey, recopy, record, recouch, recount, recourse, recover, recreate, recriminate, recross, recruit, rectify, recule, recumb, recuperate, recur, recure, recurvate, recurve, recuse, recut, red, red dog, red ring, redact, redargue, redden, rede, redeem, redeliberate, redeliver, redemand, redemise, redeposit, redescend, redial, redigest, rediminish, redintegrate, redisburse, rediscover, rediscover fire, redispose, redisseize, redissolve, redistill, redistribute, redistrict, redivide, redo, redouble, redoubt, redound, redraft, redraw, redress, redub, reduce, reduct, reduplicate, ree, reed, reef, reek, reel, reel in, reel off, reem, reembark, reembody, reembrace, reemerge, reenact, reencourage, reendow, reenforce, reengage, reengrave, reenjoy, reenkindle, reenlist, reenslave, reenter, reenthrone, reerect, reestablish, reestate, reeve, reexamine, reexchange, reexpel, reexport, refashion, refasten, refect, refel, refer, referment, refigure, refill, refinance, refind, refine, refit, refix, reflame, reflect, reflect on, reflect upon, reflex, reflourish, reflower, refocillate, refold, refoment, reforestize, reforge, reform, refortify, refound, refract, refracture, refrain, reframe, refresh, refrigerate, refuel, refuge, refund, refurbish, refurnish, refuse, refute, regain, regale, regard, regather, regelate, regenerate, regerminate, reget, regild, regiment, register, registrate, regive, regle, regorge, regrade, regraft, regrant, regrate, regrede, regreet, regress, regret, regrind, regrow, reguerdon, regularize, regurgitate, rehabilitate, rehash, rehear, rehearse, reheat, rehire, rehypothecate, reigle, reign, reign in, reillume, reilluminate, reillumine, reimbark, reimbody, reimburse, reimplant, reimport, reimpose, reimpregnate, reimpress, reimprint, reimprison, rein, rein up, reinaugurate, reincorporate, reincrease, reincur, reinduce, reinfect, reinforce, reinfund, reingratiate, reinhabit, reinsert, reinspect, reinspire, reinspirit, reinstall, reinstate, reinstruct, reinsure, reintegrate, reinter, reinterrogate, reinthrone, reintroduce, reinvest, reinvestigate, reinvigorate, reinvolve, reissue, reiterate, reject, rejoice, rejoin, rejoinder, rejoint, rejolt, rejourn, rejudge, rejuvenate, rejuvenize, rekindle, relabel, relade, reland, relapse, relate, relax, relay, relearn, release, relegate, relent, relet, relieve, relieve oneself, relight, religionize, relinquish, reliquidate, relish, relive, reload, relocate, relodge, relove, reluct, reluctate, relume, relumine, rely, remain, remake, remand, remark, remarry, remast, remasticate, remble, remean, remeasure, remedy, remelt, remember, rememorate, remerge, remind, remise, remit, remix, remodel, remodify, remonetize, remonstrate, remorate, remord, remould, remount, remove, remunerate, remurmur, rename, renavigate, renay, rencounter, rend, render, rendezvous, renege, renerve, renew, reneye, renounce, renovate, renovel, rent, renter, renumerate, renverse, renvoy, reobtain, reoccupy, reopen, reoppose, reordain, reorder, reorganize, repace, repacify, repack, repaganize, repaint, repair, repartee, repass, repast, repatriate, repay, repeal, repeat, repel, repent, repeople, repercuss, reperuse, repine, replace, replait, replant, replead, replenish, replete, replevin, replevy, replicate, replug, reply, repolish, repone, report, report to, repose, reposit, repour, reprehend, represent, repress, reprieve, reprimand, reprint, reprise, repristinate, reprive, reprize, reproach, reprobate, reproduce, reprogram, reprove, republicanize, republicate, republish, repudiate, repugn, repugnate, repullulate, repulse, repurchase, repurify, repute, request, requicken, require, requisition, requite, reread, rereign, resail, resalute, resaw, rescind, rescowe, rescribe, rescue, research, reseat, resect, reseek, reseize, resell, resemble, reseminate, resend, resent, reserate, reserve, reset, resettle, reshape, reship, reside, resign, resile, resist, resolve, resorb, resort, resoun, resound, resow, respeak, respect, respell, resperse, respire, respite, resplit, respond, rest, restagnate, restate, restaurate, restem, restinguish, restitute, restore, restrain, restrengthen, restrict, restringe, restrive, restructure, resublime, result, resume, resummon, resupply, resurrectionize, resurvey, resuscitate, ret, retail, retain, retake, retaliate, retard, retch, retell, retire, retort, retoss, retouch, retrace, retract, retractate, retransform, retranslate, retread, retreat, retrench, retribute, retrieve, retrim, retroact, retrocede, retrograde, retrospect, retrovert, retrude, retry, retund, return, return to form, reunite, reurge, revaccinate, revamp, reveal, revegetate, revel, revelate, revendicate, revenge, reverb, reverberate, revere, reverence, reverse, reverse configure, reverse pickpocket, reverse sweep, reverse swing, revert, revest, revet, revibrate, revictual, revie, review, revigorate, revile, revince, revindicate, revise, revisit, revitalize, revive, revivificate, revivify, revocate, revoice, revoke, revolt, revolutionize, revolve, revulse, rewake, reward, rewin, reword, rewrite, reyse, rhapsodize, rhetoricate, rhetorize, rhyme, rib, ribbon, ribroast, rich, rick, ricochet, rid, riddle, ride, ride bareback, ride bitch, ride out, ride shotgun, ride the bench, ride the circuit, ride the pine, ride up, ridge, ridicule, ridiculize, rifle, rift, rig, riggle, right, righten, rightwise, rile, rill, rim, rime, rimple, rind, ring, ring around, ring back, ring false, ring hollow, ring in, ring out, ring round, ring true, ring up, rinse, riot, rip, rip into, rip on, rip one, rip saw, rip up, ripe, ripen, ripple, riprap, ripsaw, rise, rise above, rise up, risk, rival, rive, rivel, river, rivet, rizzar, roam, roar, roar on, roast, rob, robe, roborate, rock, rock along, rock and roll, rock on, rock out, rock the house, rocket, rocket jump, rodomontade, rogue, roil, roin, roist, roister, roll, roll back, roll in dough, roll in one's grave, roll in the aisle, roll in the aisles, roll on, roll one's eyes, roll one's own, roll out, roll over, roll the dice, roll the pill, roll up, roll up on, rollic, romance, romanize, romp, romp home, roof, rook, room, roost, root, root for, root out, rope, rope in, rope off, roquet, rose, rosin, ross, rot, rotate, rote, rouge, rough, rough and tumble, rough up, rough up the bullpen, roughcast, roughdry, roughen, roughhew, roughwork, round, round down, round in, round off, round out, round up, roup, rouse, roust, rout, rove, row, rowel, royalize, rub, rub off, rub off on, rub one out, rub oneself off, rub out, rub up, rubify, rubric, rubricate, ruby, ruck, rud, ruddle, ruddy, rue, rue the day, ruff, ruffian, ruffle, ruffle up, rug, rug up, rugine, ruin, ruinate, rule, rule OK, rule in, rule on, rumble, ruminate, rummage, rumor, rumple, run, run about, run aground, run along, run around, run at, run away, run by, run counter, run deep, run down, run game on, run hot, run interference, run into, run low, run off at the mouth, run on, run on empty, run on fumes, run out, run out of gas, run out on, run over, run scared, run the guard, run up, run with scissors, rupture, ruralize, rush, rush in, rush out, rust, rust off, rust out, rusticate, rustle, rut, rutilate.