English verbs starting with P

Click on any of 1,055 English verbs beginning with P below to view a full conjugation table.

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pace, pacify, pack, pack away, pack fudge, pack heat, pack in, pack on, package, packet, pad, pad down, pad out, paddle, padlock, paganize, page, page down, page in, page out, page up, pageant, pain, paint, paint out, pair, pair up, palatalize, palate, palatize, palaver, pale, palisade, palisado, pall, palliate, palm, palm off, palp, palpitate, palsy, palter, pamper, pamperize, pamphleteer, pan, pan and scan, pan fry, pandarize, pander, panegyrize, panel, pang, pant, pap, papalize, paper, papillate, parable, parade, paradigmatize, paradise, paragon, paragraph, parallel, parallelize, paralogize, paralyse, paralyze, paraph, paraphrase, parboil, parbreak, parbuckle, parcel, parcel out, parch, pardon, pare, parenthesize, parget, park, park a tiger, park the bus, parle, parley, parochialize, parody, parole, parrot, parry, parse, part, part company, part exchange, part ways, part with, partake, partialize, participate, participialize, particularize, partition, partner, partner up, parturiate, pash, pasquinade, pass, pass as, pass away, pass down, pass for, pass gas, pass muster, pass off, pass on, pass out, pass over, pass round, pass stool, pass the buck, pass the hat, pass the time, pass through, pass up, pass water, pass wind, passion, passionate, paste, paste up, pasteurize, pastime, pasture, pat, patch, patch together, patch up, patent, path, patrocinate, patrol, patron, patronage, patronize, patter, pattern, paum, paunch, pauperize, pause, pave, pave the road to hell, pavilion, paw, paw at, paw off, pawl, pawn, pawn off, pawn off as, pay, pay back, pay for, pay out, pay the bills, pay the freight, pay towards, pay up, paynize, payse, peace, peace out, peach, peak, peal, peal out, pearl, pebble, pebble dash, peck, peck out, pectize, peculate, peculiarize, pedal, pedantize, peddle, pedestrianize, peek, peel, peel away, peel off, peen, peenge, peep, peep pixels, peer, peer review, peg, peg back, peg down, peg leg, peg out, peise, pell, pellet, pelt, pelt down, pen, pen in, pen up, penalize, penance, pencil, pencil out, pencil whip, pend, pendulate, penetrate, peninsulate, pension, people, pepper, pepper spray, peptonize, peract, peragrate, perambulate, perce, perceive, perch, perch on, percolate, percuss, perdure, peregrinate, perempt, perfect, perfection, perfectionate, perfix, perflate, perforate, perforce, perform, perfricate, perfume, perfuse, periclitate, peril, period, periphrase, perish, periwig, perjure, perk, perk up, permeate, permit, permix, permute, pern, perorate, peroxidize, perpend, perpetrate, perpetuate, perplex, persecute, persever, persevere, persist, person, personalize, personate, personify, personize, perspire, perstringe, persuade, pert, pertain, perturb, perturbate, peruse, pervade, pervert, pervestigate, pessimize, pester, pestle, pet, pet the kitty, peter, peter out, petition, petrify, pettifog, pettifogulize, pew, phial, philander, philippize, philologize, philosophate, philosophize, philter, phlebotomize, phlogisticate, phone, phone in, phone up, phonetize, phosphorate, phosphoresce, phosphorize, photograph, photolithograph, phrase, phrensy, physic, physiognomize, physiologize, pick, pick at, pick away at, pick off, pick out, pick over, pick up, pick up speed, pickeer, picket, pickle, picnic, picture, picturize, piddle, pie, piece, piece out, pierce, pig, pig dog, pig out, pigeon, pigeonhole, pile, pile on, pile up, pilfer, pilgrim, pilgrimize, pill, pillage, pillorize, pillory, pillow, pillow fight, pilot, pimp, pimp out, pimp slap, pimp up, pin, pinch, pinch a loaf, pinch at, pinch off, pine, ping, ping pong, pinion, pink, pinnacle, pioneer, pip, pipe, pipe down, pipeclay, pique, piqueer, pirate, pirl, pirouette, pish, piss, piss about, piss around, piss away, piss down, piss in someone's Cheerios, piss in someone's cornflakes, piss it down, piss like a racehorse, piss money up the wall, piss off, piss up, pistol, pit, pitch, pitch a tent, pitch in, pitch on, pitch up, pitch upon, pitch woo, pitchfork, pith, pitter, pittle-pattle, pity, pivot, placard, placate, place, place an order, plagiarize, plague, plain, plain line, plait, plan, plan on, planch, plancher, plane, planish, plank, plant, plash, plaster, plat, plate, platform, platinize, platitudinize, platonize, platten, plaud, play, play Cupid, play God, play Nostradamus, play along, play ball, play catch-up, play down, play dumb, play for time, play hard to get, play house, play in, play it cool, play on, play possum, play the board, play the fool, play the odds, play the same tape, play to the whistle, play to win, play with fire, play with house money, pleach, plead, plead the belly, plead the fifth, please, pleasure, plebeianize, pledge, plenish, plight, plim, plod, plonge, plot, ploy, pluck, pluff, plug, plug in, plug the runner, plug up, plumb, plume, plummet, plump, plump for, plunder, plunge, plunge in, pluralize, ply, plyght, poach, pocket, pocket dial, pod, poetize, poind, point, point out, point the bone, point up, poise, poison, poke, poke along, poke borack, poke borax, poke fun, poke out, polarize, pole, police, policy, polish, polish a turd, polish off, polish the pearl, polish up, polite, politize, poll, poll parrot, pollard, pollenize, pollinate, pollute, polygamize, polymerize, polytheize, polytype, pomatum, pome, pommel, pomp, pond, ponder, ponderate, poniard, pontificate, pooh-pooh, pool, poop, pop, pop a squat, pop in, pop off, pop one's clogs, pop out, pop smoke, pop up, popple, popularize, populate, pore, porphyrize, port, portage, portcullis, portion, portrait, portray, pose, pose as, posit, position, poss, possess, possession, posset, post, post up, postdate, postexist, postfix, postil, postillate, postmark, postpone, postpose, postposit, postscribe, postulate, posture, pot, pot mod, potch, potentiate, potentize, pother, potion, potter, potter about, potter around, pouch, poultice, pounce, pound, pound sand, poundage, pour, pour cats and dogs, pour dogs and cats, pour down, pour gasoline on the fire, pour in, pourtray, poussette, pout, powder, powwow, pox, poze, practicalize, practice, practise, pragmatize, praise, prance, prank, prate, prattle, pray, pray to the porcelain god, pre-shrink, preach, preach to deaf ears, preachify, preacquaint, preact, preadmonish, preadvertise, preambulate, preannounce, preappoint, prearm, prearrange, prease, prebendate, precalculate, precaution, precede, precel, precept, precipitate, preclude, precogitate, precognosce, precompose, preconceive, preconcert, precondemn, preconform, preconize, preconsign, preconstitute, precontract, precontrive, predate, prede, predecease, predeclare, predefine, predesign, predestinate, predestine, predetermine, predicate, predict, predigest, predilect, prediscover, predispose, predominate, predoom, preelect, preemploy, preempt, preen, preengage, preestablish, preexamine, preexist, preface, prefer, prefigurate, prefigure, prefine, prefix, preform, pregage, pregravate, prehend, preinstruct, prejudge, prejudicate, prejudice, prelate, prelatize, prelect, prelimit, prelude, premediate, premeditate, premerit, premise, premit, premonish, premonstrate, prenominate, prenote, preobtain, preoccupate, preoccupy, preominate, preordain, preorder, prepare, prepay, prepense, preponderate, prepose, prepossess, preprovide, prerequire, preresolve, presage, prescind, prescribe, preselect, present, present arms, presentiate, preserve, preshow, preside, presignify, press, press forward, press into service, press out, press someone's buttons, prest, presume, presuppose, pretend, pretermit, pretex, pretypify, prevail, prevaricate, prevene, prevent, previse, prewarn, prey, prey on, price, price discriminate, price out, prick, prickle, pride, prie, priest, prieve, prig, prill, prim, prime, primp, principiate, principle, prink, print, print out, prison, privateer, privilege, prize, probate, probe, problematize, proceed, process, procession, proclaim, procrastinate, procrastine, procreate, procrusteanize, proctor, procure, prod, prodigalize, prodigate, produce, profanate, profane, profess, proffer, profile, profit, profligate, profound, profuse, prog, progenerate, prognostic, prognosticate, program, progress, progue, prohibit, proin, project, project manage, proke, prolapse, prolate, proliferate, prolificate, proll, prologize, prologue, prolong, prolongate, promenade, promerit, promise, promote, promote to Glory, promove, prompt, promulgate, promulge, pronominalize, pronounce, prop, prop up, propagate, propel, propend, properate, property, prophesy, prophetize, propine, propitiate, propone, proportion, proportionate, propose, propound, propugn, propulse, prorate, prorogate, prorogue, proscribe, prose, prosecute, proselyte, proselytize, prospect, prosper, prostitute, prostrate, protect, protend, protest, protest too much, protocol, protoxidize, protract, protrude, protuberate, provant, prove, prove oneself, proverb, proverbialize, provide, provincialize, provinciate, provine, provision, provoke, prowl, proxy, prune, pry, psalm, psalmodize, pshaw, publish, pucker, pucker up, pudder, puddle, pue, puff, puff out, puff up, pug, pugger, puke, puke one's guts out, puke up, pule, pull, pull a, pull a train, pull an all-nighter, pull an oar, pull apart, pull down, pull in, pull one over, pull one's head in, pull out, pull over, pull rank, pull strings, pull teeth, pull the devil by the tail, pull the fire alarm, pull the reins in on someone, pull the reins in on something, pull through, pull to pieces, pull together, pull up, pull up a chair, pull up a pew, pullulate, pulp, pulsate, pulse, pulverate, pulverize, pumicate, pummel, pump, pump and dump, pump iron, pump out, pump up, pun, punch, punch above, punch fist, punch in, punch out, punctuate, puncture, punish, punt, pup, pupate, puppy, pur, purchase, purfle, purge, purify, puritanize, purl, purloin, purple, purport, purpose, purr, purse, pursue, purvey, push, push about, push around, push bunt, push forward, push it, push off, push on, push out, push past, push poll, push someone's buttons, push through, push under, push up, pustulate, put, put a sock in it, put asunder, put back, put by, put down, put forth, put horns on, put in, put into effect, put into practice, put it past, put lipstick on a pig, put off, put on, put on the block, put on the map, put on the ritz, put on weight, put one over, put one's head in the sand, put one's shoulder to the wheel, put oneself in someone's place, put out, put out a fire, put out to pasture, put over, put paid to, put past, put someone on blast, put someone under, put something behind one, put the clock back, put the moves on, put the wind up, put through, put to, put to bed, put to death, put to rest, put to sea, put to shame, put to use, put to work, put two and two together, put up, put up a fight, put up to, put up with, put words in someone's mouth, putrefy, putrify, putter, putty, puzzle, puzzle out, pyritize.