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English verbs starting with M

All 644 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

mabble, macadamize, macarize, macerate, machinate, machine, machine wash, mackle, maculate, macule, mad, madden, madefy, maffle, magnetize, magnificate, magnify, mail, mail merge, maim, mainprise, mainswear, maintain, majorate, make, make a clean break, make a difference, make a go of, make a hash of, make a living, make a meal out of, make a mistake, make a muscle, make a pig of oneself, make a pig out of oneself, make a public spectacle of oneself, make a scene, make amends, make an appearance, make an effort, make book, make bricks without straw, make common cause, make do, make eyes at, make faces, make fast, make free of, make free with, make friends, make fun of, make head or tail of, make heavy going of, make heavy weather of, make history, make into, make it, make it rain, make it snappy, make known, make love, make matters worse, make merry, make mincemeat out of, make mouths at, make news, make nice, make of, make off with, make one's bones, make oneself at home, make out, make out of, make over, make peace, make sense, make shift, make someone's jaw drop, make something of oneself, make sure, make the cut, make the most of, make the news, make the rounds, make time, make tracks, make tracks for, make up, make use, make water, make waves, make way, make whole, make whoopee, maleficiate, maletreat, malign, malignify, malinger, mall, malleableize, malleate, malt, maltreat, mammer, mammock, mammonize, man, man up, manacle, manage, mancipate, mander, manducate, mangle, manifest, manifold, manipulate, manswear, mantle, manufacture, manumise, manumit, manure, map, map out, mar, maraud, marble, marbleize, march, march past, margin, marginate, marinate, mark, mark as, mark down, mark down as, mark off, mark out, mark up, market, marl, marline, maroon, marry, marry off, marry up, marshal, marshal together, mart, martel, martialize, martyr, martyrize, marvel, masculate, mash, mask, masker, mason, masquerade, mass, massacre, mast, master, masthead, masticate, mat, match, mate, material, materialize, matriculate, matronize, matter, maturate, mature, maudle, maul, maunch, maunder, maximize, maze, meach, meal, mean, mean business, mean to, meander, measure, meaw, meawl, mechanicalize, mechanize, medal, meddle, mediate, mediatize, medicate, medicine, meditate, medly, meech, meed, meet, meet one's doom, meet one's maker, meet up, meet with, meeten, melancholize, meliorate, mell, mellow, mellow out, melodize, melt, melt away, melt into, melt up, member, memorate, memorialize, memorize, menace, mend, mendicate, mense, menstruate, mensurate, mention, meow, merce, merchand, merchandise, merchant, mercify, mercurialize, mercurify, mere, merge, merit, merrimake, merrymake, mesh, mesmerize, mess, mess around, mess up, message, metabolize, metal, metallize, metamorphize, metamorphose, mete, mete out, metempsychose, meteorize, methink, methodize, methylate, metrify, meve, mew, mewl, mezzotint, mezzotinto, miaul, midwife, midwive, miff, migrate, milden, mildew, militate, militiate, milk, mill, mill about, mill around, milt, mime, mimic, mince, mind, mind the store, mine, mineralize, mineralogize, minge, mingle, mingle-mangle, miniate, miniature, minify, minimize, minish, minister, minorate, mint, minute, miracle, miraculize, mire, mirror, misadjust, misadvise, misaffect, misaffirm, misallege, misapply, misapprehend, misappropriate, misarrange, misassign, misattend, misbear, misbecome, misbede, misbehave, misbelieve, misbeseem, misbestow, miscalculate, miscall, miscarry, miscast, miscensure, mischance, mischaracterize, mischarge, mischoose, mischristen, miscite, miscognize, miscolor, miscomprehend, miscompute, misconceive, misconduct, misconjecture, misconsecrate, misconstruct, misconstrue, miscopy, miscorrect, miscounsel, miscount, miscreate, misdate, misdeal, misdeem, misdemean, misderive, misdescribe, misdiet, misdirect, misdistinguish, misdivide, misdo, misdoubt, miseducate, misemploy, misenter, misentreat, misestimate, misexpound, misfall, misfare, misfashion, misfeed, misform, misframe, misget, misgie, misgive, misgovern, misgraft, misground, misguess, misguide, mishandle, mishap, mishappen, mishear, misimprove, misincline, misinfer, misinform, misinstruct, misintend, misinterpret, misjoin, misjudge, miskeep, misken, miskindle, misknow, mislay, misle, mislead, mislearn, mislight, mislike, mislive, mislodge, mismanage, mismark, mismatch, mismate, mismeasure, mismeter, misname, misnomer, misnumber, misnurture, misobserve, misorder, mispaint, mispay, mispersuade, misplace, misplead, mispoint, mispraise, misprint, misprise, misprize, mispronounce, misproportion, mispunctuate, misquote, misraise, misrate, misread, misreceive, misrecite, misreckon, misrecollect, misregulate, misrehearse, misrelate, misremember, misrender, misrepeat, misreport, misrepresent, misrepute, misrule, miss, miss a beat, miss a trick, miss oneself, miss out, miss the boat, missay, misseek, misseem, missend, misserve, misset, misshape, missificate, mission, missit, missound, misspeak, misspell, misspend, misstate, misstep, misswear, mist, mist up, mistake, misteach, mistell, mistemper, mister, misterm, misthink, misthrow, mistide, mistime, mistitle, mistle, mistrain, mistranslate, mistreat, mistress, mistrist, mistrow, mistrust, mistune, misturn, mistutor, misunderstand, misuse, misvalue, misvouch, miswander, miswear, miswed, misween, miswend, misword, misworship, miswrite, misyoke, miter, mitigate, mix, mix it up, mix up, mizzle, moan, mob, mobilize, moble, mock, model, modelize, moder, moderate, modernize, modificate, modify, modulate, moider, moil, moisten, moither, mold, molest, mollify, monarchize, monest, monetize, monger, mongrelize, monish, monitor, monkey, monkey patch, monopolize, monster, moo, moon, moor, moot, mop, mope, moralize, mordant, more, mortalize, mortar, mortgage, mortify, mortise, moss, mote, mother, motion, motive, mottle, moult, mounch, mound, mount, mount up, mountebank, mourn, mouse, mouse over, mousle, mouth, mouth off, move, move along, move forward, move in, move in on, move it, move mountains, move on, move over, move the yardsticks, move up, mow, mow down, muck, muck about, muck around, muck in, muck out, muck up, mucker, mud, muddle, muddle along, muddle through, muddle up, muddy, muddy up, mue, muff, muffle, mulch, mulct, mull, multiply, mumble, mumm, mummify, mummy, mump, munch, mundify, munify, munite, murder, mure, murmur, muscularize, muse, mush, musk, muss, muster, muster up, mute, mutilate, mutine, mutiny, mutter, mux, muzzle, mysterize, mystify, mythologize.