English verbs starting with C

Click on any of 1,203 English verbs beginning with C below to view a full conjugation table.

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cabal, cabalize, cabbage, cabin, cable, cabob, cack, cack up, cackle, cacuminate, cade, cadence, cadge, cage, cajole, cake, calamistrate, calcify, calcimine, calcinate, calcine, calcitrate, calculate, calefy, calendar, calender, calibrate, calk, call, call a spade a spade, call away, call back, call down, call in, call it quits, call it square, call off, call off the dogs, call on, call out, call the question, call to mind, call to order, call to task, call to the bar, call together, call up, call upon, callet, calm, calm down, calque, calumniate, calve, calver, camber, camerate, camp, camp it up, campaign, camphorate, can, can it, canary, cancel, cancel out, cancelier, cancerate, candy, cane, canker, cannonade, canoe, canonize, canopy, cant, canter, cantile, cantillate, cantle, canton, cantonize, canvass, cap, cap off, capacify, capacitate, caparison, cape, caper, capitalize, capitulate, capon, caponize, capot, capriole, capsize, captain, captivate, capture, caracole, carbolize, carbone, carbonize, carburet, carburize, card, cardinalize, care, care for, careen, career, caress, caretake, caricature, cark, cark it, carnalize, carnify, carol, carom, carouse, carp, carpet, carpet bomb, carry, carry a torch for, carry away, carry on, carry oneself, carry out, carry the can, carry the message to Garcia, cart, cart away, carve, cascade, case, case harden, caseharden, cash, cash out, cashier, cask, casket, cass, cassate, cast, cast about, cast around, cast away, cast off, cast out, cast out nines, cast pearls before swine, cast up, castigate, castle, castrate, cat, catalogize, catalogue, catch, catch a cold, catch a crab, catch a falling knife, catch as catch can, catch fire, catch it, catch on, catch one's drift, catch out, catch sight of, catch up, catechise, catechize, categorize, catenate, cater, caterwaul, catheterize, catstitch, caucus, caudle, caulk, cauponize, cause, cauterize, caution, cave, cave in, cavil, cavort, caw, cease, cede, ceil, celebrate, celestialize, celestify, cell, cement, cement together, cense, censure, center, centralize, centuple, centuplicate, centuriate, cere, cerebrate, certificate, certify, cess, chace, chafe, chaff, chaffer, chagrin, chain, chair, chalk, chalk up, challenge, cham, chamber, chameleonize, chamfer, champ, champion, chance, chance one's arm, change, change hands, change places, change up, channel, channel surf, chant, chap, chapel, chaperon, chapter, char, character, characterize, charge, charge off, charge up, chark, charm, chart, charter, chase, chase one's tail, chase rainbows, chase up, chasse, chast, chasten, chastise, chat, chat shit, chat up, chatter, chaun, chaw, cheap, cheap out, cheapen, cheapen out, cheat, cheat out, cheat out of, cheat the hangman, check, check all the boxes, check and balance, check in, check into, check off, check out, check over, check through, check up, checker, checkmate, cheek, cheep, cheer, cheer on, cherish, cherup, chest, cheve, chevy, chew, chew on, chew over, chew the fat, chew the rag, chew up, chicane, chick, chide, chill, chill out, chime, chine, chink, chinse, chip, chipper, chirk, chirm, chirp, chirre, chirrup, chisel, chit, chitter, chivy, chloridate, chloridize, chlorinate, chloroform, choak, chock, choke, choke the chicken, choke up, chomp, chomp at the bit, chondrify, choose, choose up, chop, chop logic, chop up, chord, chore, chorus, chouse, chowter, christen, chronicle, chuck, chuck a sickie, chuck a uey, chuck a wobbly, chuck in, chuck it down, chuck up, chuckle, chud, chum, chum up, church, churn, churn out, chuse, chylify, chymify, cicatrize, cicurate, cinchonize, cipher, circle, circle jerk, circle strafe, circle the drain, circuit, circulate, circumagitate, circumambulate, circumcise, circumduce, circumduct, circumfer, circumference, circumflect, circumflex, circumfuse, circumgyrate, circummure, circumnavigate, circumnutate, circumrotate, circumscribe, circumstance, circumstantiate, circumundulate, circumvallate, circumvent, circumvest, circumvolve, cite, civilize, clabber, clack, clad, claim, clam, clam up, clamber, clamor, clamp, clang, clank, clap, clap on, clapboard, clapperclaw, clarify, clart, clash, clasp, class, classify, clatter, claw, claw off, clay, clean, clean bowl, clean house, clean out, clean up, clean up one's act, cleanse, clear, clear away, clear off, clear one's throat, clear out, clearstarch, cleat, cleave, cleftgraft, clem, clepe, clew, click, climate, climatize, climb, climb the walls, climber, clinch, cling, cling on, cling to, clink, clip, clip it, clique, cloak, clock, clock off, clod, clog, cloister, cloom, close, close down, close in, close out, close ranks, closen, closet, clot, clothe, clotter, cloud, cloud over, clout, clown, clown about, clown around, cloy, club, club haul, club together, clubhaul, cluck, clump, clump up, clumper, cluster, clutch, clutter, coach, coact, coadjust, coafforest, coagment, coagulate, coak, coal, coalesce, coalite, coarsen, coast, coat, coax, cob, cobble, cobble together, cobble up, cock, cock a snook, cock block, cock on, cockbill, cocker, cockle, coddle, codify, codle, coerce, coexist, coextend, coffer, coffin, cog, cogitate, cognize, cohabit, cohere, cohibit, cohobate, coif, coil, coin, coincide, coinhere, coit, cojoin, coke, coll, collapse, collar, collate, collation, collaud, colleague, collect, collide, colligate, collimate, colliquate, collocate, collodionize, collogue, colloquialize, collude, colly, colonize, color, color coordinate, color in, color inside the lines, color outside the lines, color up, colt, comb, comb over, comb through, combat, combine, come, come a cropper, come a long way, come about, come across, come after, come along, come and go, come apart, come around, come at, come at a price, come away, come back, come before, come between, come by, come clean, come down, come down on, come first, come for, come forth, come forward, come from, come from a good place, come full circle, come in, come in for, come in from, come into, come into being, come into play, come of, come on, come on home, come on to, come online, come out, come out in, come out of the closet, come out of the woodwork, come over, come round, come through, come to, come to a boil, come to a close, come to grief, come to life, come to light, come to mind, come to power, come to someone's aid, come to terms, come to terms with, come to the fore, come to time, come together, come true, come up, come up roses, come up to, come upon, comfit, comfort, command, commeasure, commemorate, commence, commend, commensurate, comment, comment out, commentate, commerce, commigrate, commingle, comminute, commiserate, commission, commissionate, commit, commit suicide, commix, common, commonplace, commove, commune, communicate, commute, compact, compaginate, companion, company, compare, compart, compass, compassion, compassionate, compear, compeer, compel, compendiate, compensate, compense, compesce, compete, compile, compinge, complain, complanate, complement, complete, complicate, compliment, complot, comply, compone, comport, compose, compost, compound, comprehend, compress, comprint, comprise, comprobate, compromise, compromit, compt, compute, computerize, con, conacre, concamerate, concatenate, concave, conceal, concede, conceit, conceive, concelebrate, concentrate, concern, concern troll, concert, conciliate, concinnate, conclude, concoct, concord, concorporate, concreate, concrete, concrew, conculcate, concur, concuss, cond, condemn, condensate, condense, condescend, condite, condition, conditionate, condole, condone, conduce, conduct, cone, confabulate, confect, confeder, confederate, confer, confess, confide, confide in, configurate, configure, confine, confirm, confiscate, congenialize, congest, conglaciate, conglobate, conglobe, conglobulate, conglomerate, conglutinate, congratulate, congree, congregate, congrue, conject, conjecture, conjoin, conjugate, conjure, conjure up, conn, connaturalize, connect, connect the dots, connect up, connex, connive, connotate, connote, conquassate, conquer, conscribe, conscript, consecrate, consecute, consent, conserve, consider, consign, consignify, consist, consist in, consist of, consociate, consolate, console, consolidate, consonantize, consopite, consort, conspire, constate, constellate, constipate, constitute, constrain, constrict, constringe, construct, construe, constuprate, consubstantiate, consult, consume, consummate, contact, contain, contaminate, contemn, contemper, contemperate, contemplate, contend, content, contest, contex, context, continue, contort, contraband, contract, contradict, contradistinguish, contraindicate, contrast, contravene, contribute, contrist, contristate, contrive, control, controverse, controvert, contuse, convalesce, convene, convent, conventionalize, converge, converse, convert, convey, convict, convince, convive, convocate, convoke, convolve, convoy, convulse, cony-catch, coo, cook, cook off, cook the books, cook up, cool, cool it, cool off, coop, coop up, cooper, cooperate, coopt, cooptate, coordain, cope, copper, copper fasten, copse, copulate, copy, copy edit, copyright, coquet, corbel, corbel out, cord, cordialize, corduroy, core, cork, corkscrew, corn, corner, cornute, corporate, corporify, corrade, corradiate, corral, correct, correctify, correlate, correspond, corrival, corrivate, corroborate, corrode, corrugate, corrump, corrupt, corset, cosen, cosher, cosset, cost, cost the earth, cost up, costean, cote, cotter, cotton, cotton on, cotton on to, cotton onto, cotton to, couch, couch surf, cough, cough up, counsel, count, count angels on pinheads, count cards, count coup, count down, count on, count out, countenance, counter, counteract, counterbalance, counterbore, counterbrace, counterbuff, counterchange, countercharm, countercheck, counterdraw, counterfeit, countermand, countermarch, countermark, countermine, countermove, countermure, counterplead, counterplot, counterpoise, counterprove, counterseal, countersecure, countersign, countersink, countervail, countervote, counterweigh, counterwheel, counterwork, countrify, couple, courb, course, court, court martial, court-martial, courtesy, cove, covenant, cover, cover one's feet, cover up, covet, covey, cow, cow bite, cowardize, cower, cowhide, cox, coy, cozen, crab, crack, crack a book, crack a fat, crack down on, crack onto, crack open, crack the whip, crackle, cradle, craft, crake, cram, cramp, cranch, crane, crank, crank out, crank up, crankle, cranny, crape, crase, crash, crash and burn, crash dive, crash land, crash together, crate, craunch, crave, craven, crawl, crayon, craze, creak, cream, cream off, cream one's jeans, cream up, creance, crease, crease up, create, creaturize, credence, credit, creed, creep, creep into, creep out, creep up, cremate, creosote, crepitate, crescent, crest, crevice, crib, cribble, cricket, criminate, crimple, crimson, cringe, crinkle, cripple, crisp, crisscross, critic, criticise, criticize, critique, croak, crochet, crock, croodle, crook, crooken, croon, crop, crop out, crop up, croquet, cross, cross check, cross examine, cross off, cross one's arms, cross one's fingers, cross out, cross over, cross swords, cross the aisle, cross the floor, cross write, cross-examine, cross-question, crossbreed, crosscut, crossflow, crotchet, crouch, crow, crow over, crowd, crowd out, crowd surf, crowd together, crowd up, crown, cruciate, crucify, cruddle, crudle, cruise, crumb, crumble, crumple, crumple up, crunch, crupper, crusade, crush, crust, crutch, cry, cry blue murder, cry foul, cry like a baby, cry like a little girl, cry off, cry out, cry out for, cry over spilt milk, cry the blues, cry uncle, cry up, cry wolf, crystallize, cub, cube, cuckold, cuckoldize, cuddle, cuddle up, cudgel, cue, cuff, cull, cully, culminate, cultivate, culture, cumber, cumshaw, cumulate, cun, cund, cup, cupboard, cupel, curarize, curb, curb stomp, curd, curdle, cure, curl, curl up, curr, curry, currycomb, curse, curse out, curtail, curtain, curtain off, curve, curvet, cushion, custom, cut, cut a dash, cut across, cut bait, cut corners, cut down, cut in, cut it, cut no ice, cut off, cut one, cut one's losses, cut oneself, cut out, cut short, cut someone loose, cut someone some slack, cut the cheese, cut the crap, cut the ground from under someone's feet, cut the mustard, cut up, cutinize, cycle.