English verbs starting with B

Click on any of 991 English verbs beginning with B below to view a full conjugation table.

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babbitt, babble, baby, back, back door, back order, back out, back the right horse, back up, backbite, backgammon, backset, backslide, backstitch, backtab, backwash, badge, badger, baffle, bag, bag out, bagpipe, bail, bail out, bait, bake, balance, balance the books, balance the ticket, balbucinate, balderdash, bale, bale out, balk, ball, ball out, ballad, ballarag, ballast, balloon, ballot, balm, balmify, balsam, balter, bam, bamboo, bamboozle, ban, band, bandage, bandy, bandy about, bandy around, bane, bang, bang away, bang on, bang up, bangle, banish, bank, bank up, bankrupt, banquet, banter, baptize, bar, bar mitzvah, bar out, barb, barbarize, barbecue, barber, bard, bare, bare hand, bargain, bark, barn, barn dance, barrack, barrel, barrel race, barricade, barter, base, base on, base upon, bash, bash the bishop, basify, basil, bask, basket, bass, basset, bastard, bastardize, baste, bastinade, bastinado, bat, bat a thousand, bat for both sides, bat in, bat mitzvah, bat one thousand, bat out, bate, bathe, battalion, battel, batten, batten down, batten down the hatches, batter, battle, battle out, battologize, bawd, bawl, bay, bayonet, be, be a man, be a thing, be able to, be born, be in on, be mother, beach, beacon, bead, beal, beam, beam up, bear, bear down, bear fruit, bear in upon, bear in with, bear on, bear oneself, bear out, bear up, bear upon, bear witness, beard, beard the lion in his den, beat, beat Banaghan, beat around the bush, beat down, beat it, beat off, beat the bishop, beat the system, beat time, beat to, beat up, beat up on, beath, beatificate, beatify, beautify, bebleed, beblot, beblubber, becalm, bechance, becharm, beck, beckon, beclap, beclip, becloud, become, become one flesh, becripple, becurl, bed, bed down, bed in, bed out, bedabble, bedaff, bedaggle, bedash, bedaub, bedazzle, bede, bedeck, bedevil, bedew, bedight, bedim, bedizen, bedrabble, bedraggle, bedrench, bedribble, bedrizzle, bedrop, bedrug, beduck, bedung, bedust, bedwarf, bedye, beetle, befall, befit, beflatter, beflower, befog, befool, befortune, befoul, befriend, befrill, befringe, befuddle, beg, beg off, beg the question, begem, beget, beggar, begild, begin, begird, begirdle, begirt, begnaw, begod, begore, begrave, begrease, begrime, begrudge, beguile, behappen, behave, behave oneself, behave towards, behead, behest, behight, behold, behoove, behove, behowl, bejade, bejape, bejewel, bejumble, beknave, beknow, belabor, belace, belam, belate, belaud, belay, belch, beleaguer, beleave, belecture, belibel, belie, believe, believe in, belight, belime, belittle, belk, bell, bell out, bell the cat, bellow, belly, belly laugh, belly up, belock, belong, belord, belove, belt, belt out, belt up, belute, bemad, bemangle, bemask, bemaster, bemaul, bemaze, bemean, bemeet, bemete, bemingle, bemire, bemist, bemoan, bemock, bemoil, bemonster, bemourn, bemuddle, bemuffle, bemuse, bename, bench, bench press, bend, bend down, bend over, bend the rules, bend the truth, benefice, beneficiate, benefit, benet, benight, benim, benumb, bepaint, bepelt, bepinch, beplaster, bepommel, bepowder, bepraise, beprose, bepurple, bequeath, bequest, bequote, berain, berate, berattle, beray, bereave, berhyme, berime, berob, berry, berth, besaint, bescatter, bescorn, bescratch, bescrawl, bescreen, bescribble, besee, beseech, beseek, beseem, beset, beshine, beshrew, beshroud, beshut, besiege, besit, beslabber, beslave, beslaver, beslime, beslobber, beslubber, besmear, besmirch, besmoke, besmut, besnow, besnuff, besom, besort, besot, bespangle, bespatter, bespawl, bespeak, bespeckle, bespew, bespice, bespirt, bespit, bespot, bespread, besprinkle, bespurt, best, bestain, bestar, bestead, bestialize, bestick, bestill, bestir, bestorm, bestow, bestraddle, bestreak, bestrew, bestride, bestud, bet, bet up, betake, beteem, bethink, bethrall, bethumb, bethump, betide, betitle, betoken, betongue, betoss, betrap, betray, betrim, betroth, betrust, better, betumble, bevel, bever, bewail, bewake, beware, bewash, beweep, bewet, bewhore, bewig, bewilder, bewinter, bewitch, bewonder, bewrap, bewray, bewreck, bewreke, bezzle, bias, bib, bichromatize, bicker, bid, bid adieu, bid fair, bide, bield, bifurcate, biggen, bilge, bilk, bill, bill as, billet, billow, bin, bind, bind on equip, bind on pickup, bind over, bind up, biographize, birch, bird, bird dog, birdlime, birl, birr, bisect, bishop, bisie, bit, bite, bite down, bite in, bite off, bite the big one, bite the biscuit, bite the bullet, bite the dust, bitt, bitter, bituminate, bituminize, bivouac, biwreye, blab, black, black cat, black up, blackball, blacken, blackguard, blacklead, blacklist, blackmail, bladder, blade, blame, blanch, blandish, blank, blank out, blanket, blare, blarney, blaspheme, blast, blast off, blat, blatter, blaze, blazon, bleach, blear, bleat, bleed, bleed dry, bleed out, bleed white, blemish, blench, blend, blend in, blenk, bless, blight, blin, blind, blind with science, blindfold, blink, blissom, blister, bloat, block, block out, block up, blockade, blood, bloodlet, bloody, bloody up, bloom, blossom, blot, blote, blow, blow a fuse, blow away, blow down, blow in the bag, blow off steam, blow one's load, blow out, blow over, blow past, blow the whistle, blow up, blow up someone's phone, blow upon, blub, blubber, blue, bluff, blunder, blunge, blunt, blur, blurt, blurt out, blush, bluster, board, board out, board up, boast, boat, bob, bob up, bode, bodge, body, body check, body surf, bog, bog down, bog off, boggle, bogue, boil, boil off, boil over, boil up, boke, bold, bolden, boll, boln, bolster, bolt, bomb, bomb around, bomb it, bomb out, bombard, bombast, bombilate, bombinate, bond, bone, bone up, bonify, bonnet, book, book it, book up, boom, boose, boost, boot, boot out, boot up, bootleg, bootstrap, booze, booze up, border, border on, bore, bore sight, borrow, bosom, boss, boss about, boss around, botanize, botch, botch up, bother, bottle, bottle up, bottom, bottom edge, bottom the house, bouche, bouge, boun, bounce, bounce back, bounce off, bounce off the walls, bound, bound up, bourd, bourgeon, bouse, bow, bow and scrape, bow out, bowel, bower, bowge, bowl, bowl out, bowl over, bowne, bowse, bowssen, bowstring, box, box in, box kick, box out, box someone's ears, box the compass, box the gnat, boxhaul, boy, boycott, brabble, brace, brace aback, brace in, brace sharp, brace up, bracket, brag, brag on, braid, brail, brain, braise, branch, branch out, brand, brandish, brandle, brangle, brank, brave, brawl, bray, braze, brazen, breach, bread, break, break bad, break bread, break bulk, break camp, break down, break even, break in, break into, break it down, break loose, break off, break one off, break one's balls, break one's lance, break out, break silence, break someone's balls, break the Sabbath, break the bank, break the buck, break the fourth wall, break the ice, break the news, break the silence, break through, break up, break water, break wind, break with, breakfast, breakfast in bed, bream, breast, breast feed, breast up, breathe, breathe in, breathe out, breech, breed, breed in the bone, breeze, breeze through, brevet, brew, brew up, bribe, brick, brick in, brick it, brick up, bride, bridge, bridge the gap, bridle, bridle up, brief, brigade, brighten, brighten up, brigue, brim, brim over, brine, bring, bring about, bring back, bring down, bring down the hammer, bring forth, bring home, bring it, bring low, bring off, bring on, bring out, bring owls to Athens, bring the lumber, bring to, bring to a boil, bring to bear, bring to justice, bring to mind, bring to order, bring together, bring up, bring up against, bring up to, bring upon, brisk, bristle, broach, broadcast, broaden, broadseal, brog, broggle, broid, broider, broil, bromate, brominate, bromize, bronze, brooch, brood, brook, broom, brother, brow, browbeat, brown, brown bag, brown out, browse, bruise, bruise up, bruit, brush, brush aside, brush by, brush down, brush past, brush up, brustle, brutalize, brute, brute force, brutify, bub, bubble, bubble over, bubble under, bubble up, buccaneer, buck, buck dance, buck for, buck off, buck the trend, buck up, buckle, buckle down, buckle under, buckler, buckram, bud, bud out, buddle, budge, budge up, buff, buff the muffin, buffet, buffle, buffoon, bugbear, build, build a fire under, build bridges, build down, build in, build into, build on, build on sand, build up, build upon, bulb, bulge, bulk, bulk bill, bulk out, bulk up, bull, bulldoze, bullirag, bullock, bully, bullyrag, bulwark, bum, bum around, bum out, bumble, bump, bump into, bump nasties, bump off, bump uglies, bump up, bunch, bundle, bundle off, bung, bung up, bungle, bunk, bunk together, bunt, buoy, buoy up, burden, burgeon, burke, burl, burlesque, burn, burn down, burn off, burn the candle at both ends, burn the midnight oil, burn to a crisp, burnettize, burnish, burr, burrow, burst, burst in, burst into flame, burst into tears, burst out, bury, bury the hatchet, bury the lead, bus, bush, bushhammer, busk, buss, bust, bust a cap, bust a gasket, bust a gut, bust a nut, bust one's balls, bust out, bust someone's balls, bust the dust, bust up, bustle, bustle with, busy, but, butcher, butt, butt dial, butt in, butter, butter up, button, button up, buttonhole, buttress, buttweld, buy, buy and pay for, buy cotton, buy in, buy into, buy it, buy off, buy off on, buy out, buy the farm, buy time, buy up, buy wolf tickets, buy woof tickets, buz, buzz, buzz up, byname.