Tokens 2 vs The Original

We rebuilt the Tokens you know and love to be better in every way.

Tokens 2
Tokens 1
Promo codes for paid apps
Redemption notifications
Convenient redemption pages for codes
Promo codes for in-app purchases and subscriptions
Support for developer accounts with 2FA enabled
Developer accounts across multiple teams
iOS and iPadOS app for mobile management (planned for Fall 2020)
Unlimited campaigns
Instant promo code generation
Renaming apps

Tokens 1 Tokens 1
Tokens 2 Tokens 2

In-app purchases

Oh how times have changed. The original Tokens had no support for in-app purchases or subscriptions. Tokens 2 has both down to a science. Feel the power of freemium.

A-okay 2FA

Original Tokens didn't play nice with developer accounts using 2FA. T2 do!

Shell-cracking fast

If App Store Connect were a dry snail across molasses, Tokens 1 would be a well-lubricated snail with a little jetpack across tarmac. Tokens 2 is a snail aboard the next commercial trip to space.

The whole experience is ridiculously faster. Tokens 2 instantly makes a link the same second you generate a code. Share away!

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Unlimited campaigns

Create as many as you want. Name 'em Sally. Or Mr. Bigglesworth. Assign colors. Keep your codes in folders. Do giveaways. Give doaways? Do it any way you please.

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Rename apps

Keep that sidebar clean from ASO tricks.

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Try for free

We offer a free Tokens trial that's not limited by time! Generate, share, and track 10 promo codes for free. No credit card required.

Works with macOS Catalina or later.