A Tokens Story

It feels good to get free things. Truly free things. Promo codes for paid apps are awesome but until recently were not truly free—they took a lot of work to make and redeem.

In days of old, to generate a promo code for your app, you'd have to:

Yuck! Though this process went through changes over the years, it's remained laborious. If it wasn't enough work on your end, your user had to go through hurdles to locate the redemption page and manually input the code. Not very pleasant.

A major benefit of doling out a code is for the recipient to revel in the excitement of getting something of value for free. Dousing that excitement misses the point.

Enter Tokens

Two daring developers, Padraig and Oisin, built the original in 2012 under the name Supertop. When Supertop wanted to focus on another product, Castro Podcasts, they sold Tokens to Denis at Peer Assembly. That was 2017.

Denis rewrote the app's backend to make it faster and more reliable. Unfortunately, the app business landscape was changing too rapidly and Tokens couldn't keep up. The app started to decline in popularity as it didn't support in-app purchases or subscriptions. We at Gikken recognized an opportunity! Roll forward to 2020.

The opportunity

Devs have promo codes at their disposal. Many devs use them but many don't quite know how. Promo codes are powerful when wielded wisely. The original Tokens advertised them as fantastic for reporters. PR is fantastic! But nowhere near all you can do with a code.

Original marketing was slightly misaligned. Code generation and redemption didn't quite hit the mark. App Store Connect was and continues to be a slog. In short: the promo code system had been a pain in the booty... until now.

A very Gikken approach

We've been building and maintaining nifty apps like Mate for over 6 years. It was time we branched into the B2B space and tried our hands at offering a service. Why break from our norm? Because the name Gikken comes from the Japanese word for experiment. Delving into exciting new territory is at our very core.

Tokens is our ticket to a new frontier. To tackle all it entails, we doubled our team from two to four.

This complete refresh, Tokens 2, is how we imagine the perfect tool—it has a job and does it beautifully, in the most efficient way possible. We know you'll love it.

codes generated so far
dev hours saved
years old
companies owned Tokens
faster than ASC
new features in Tokens 2

Some numbers

Secrets are cool, unless you're not the one who knows them. Gikken's not about exclusivity. We aim to be as transparent as possible with you about privacy, security, and whatever else we're up to. If you use a Gikken-made product, you're part of the Gikken fam.

In the early days of Tokens, it didn't make much. From 2012 to 2019 it brought in roughly $18,000—less that $2.6k per year or $215 per month! Certainly not enough to pay software dev salaries. We gratefully picked it up from Denis for a solid $3k.

It's taken a ton of work so far to shape and polish Tokens 2 into a worthy sequel. We're hoping to keep adding onto and perfecting its mechanisms to make it the best promo code-handling tool out there.

Try for free

We offer a free Tokens trial that's not limited by time! Generate, share, and track 10 promo codes for free. No credit card required.

Works with macOS Catalina or later.