Tokens 2 vs App Store Connect

Tokens not only generates promo codes 13x faster than App Store Connect but also provides you with a bunch of entirely new features.

Tokens 2
Promo codes for paid apps
Promo codes for in-app purchases and subscriptions
Offer codes for subscriptions
Instant promo code generation
Redemption notifications
Convenient redemption pages for codes
Seamless support for multiple teams
Giveaways with a convenient link
Painfully slow experience

Tokens 2 for Mac screenshot

13x faster!

If App Store Connect were a dry snail across molasses, Tokens 2 is a snail aboard the next commercial trip to space.

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Every promo code is a landing page now

Tokens 2 wraps your codes into convenient links. Don't confuse your users with F7YFPJNFNF7T-like codes again. Send them links that have only one button – Redeem – and do all the heavylifting (redemption) 100% automatically for the user. No more Redeem button hunting in the depths of the App Store!

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Stay in-the-know with notifications

Ever wanted to know if your codes have been redeemed? Tokens 2 sends you a push notification! As one of our users, Frank Rausch, puts it, "it feels so good to know when a code is redeemed by someone I admire. Bit of dopamine!"

Tokens 2 notifications

Giveaways as never before

Wanna give away your app to N people for free? N can vary – 1, 10, 50, 100, you name it. A link is all what it takes for Tokens users! Easily group promo codes into giveaways in the Tokens app and copy the link.

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Try for free

We offer a free Tokens trial that's not limited by time! Generate, share, and track 10 promo codes for free. No credit card required.

Works with macOS Catalina or later.