Though the team behind Tokens 2 is tiny, there’s a whole community of fantastic folks who made it truly possible: beta testers, tasters, meta-thinkers, app-tinkerers, friends, fam, fuzzy ones, and caffeine. Here’s a modest tribute to you all. And thank YOU, kind Tokens 2 user, for using Tokens 2. Without you, there’d be no 2.

Julia Altermann Early bird. Apps in the sidebar are reorderable thanks to her. Matthew Bischoff Serial bug hunter. Bugs fear him. John Brayton Pointed out flaws in our Security Policy language. Evgeny Cherpak Early bird. Contributed to the improved design of Giveaways. Jeff Dlouhy Bug hunter. Zen-like patience for old issues with code generation. Aidan Fitzpatrick The app window bar has a name thanks to him. Matthias Gansrigler Author of the original library that we rewrote and use for all the communication with App Store Connect (since there's no official API). #TokensGiveaway Dan Gauthier Proposed an auto-expanding IAP. Pamela Harris Early bird. Uses Tokens to improve customer support. Talking Tokens star. Marek Hrusovsky Mojave redemption page bug hunter. Sapozhnik Ivan Early bird. Reported a few important bugs. Ryan Jones Main mentor on pricing, product design, and marketing. Justus Kandzi Tester extraordinaire. Engin Kurutepe Early bird. Checked that we support IAP and Giveaways to share 20 codes with a professor. Jayson Lane Early tester and one of the first Giveaways birds. Stefan Liesendahl Early Giveaways bird. Ran one of the first Giveaways for his app Sam with 150 codes on r/Apple. Jan Lubeck Tester extraordinaire. Yannick Lung Designer of 1/2 of our beautiful icon options. Ryan McLeod Valuable UI/UX feedback that made the world Tokens 2 a better place app. + button isn't hidden thanks to him. Pointed out that when sharing a code via Instagram DMs it'd get marked Redeemed instantly. We fixed it-turns out Instagram crawls all shared links and clicks everything. Creepy. Shihab Mehboob Early bird. Nick Moore Tester extraordinaire. Darran Morris Designer of the other 1/2 of our beautiful icon options—including the one you see on top of this page. Michael Payne Loads of UI/UX critique. One of the first interviewees when we were designing Tokens 2. List actions exist thanks to him. Aaron Pearce Billing tester. Helped us fix redemption pages for universal apps. Gregor Pichler Early bird and remaining codes label requester. Heidi Helen Pilypas Early bird. It's clearer that codes can be used and shared the same second you click Generate (i.e. you don't have to wait until App Store Connect responds) thanks to Heidi. Jessie Quinn Tester extraordinaire. Frank Rausch Contributed to better Giveaways design. Talking Tokens star. Vojtech Rinik Tester extraordinaire. Wessley Roche Reported non-Retina-compatible icons and duplicated accounts in Apple IDs. Ran Giveaways for his apps. Julian Schiavo Tester extraordinaire. Russ Shanahan Gave valuable insight into using codes for customer support. Vadim Shpakovski Insight-sharer, early bird, fellow ASC-fixing tool maker, NativeConnect. Brent Simmons Tokens 1 design feedback interviewee. Outlined major flaws in the old app. Regaled us about his relationship with promo codes. Michael Simmons Tokens 1 design feedback interviewee. Outlined major flaws in the old app. Regaled us about his relationship with promo codes. Kriss Smolka Tokens 1 design feedback interviewee. Outlined major flaws in the old app. Regaled us about his relationship with promo codes. Sindre Sorhus Early bird. macOS HIG expert who helped T2 look better than some of Apple's own apps. One of the most active Giveaways adopters. Dave Verwer The toolbar UX is better thanks to him. Ed Wellbrook One of 3 brilliant billing testers. Weiran Zhang Bug hunter. Redemption page sharing is better thanks to them. Charlie Chapman #TokensGiveaway Máté Kovács #TokensGiveaway Vojtech Rinik #TokensGiveaway Matt Braun #TokensGiveaway Lukas Kubanek #TokensGiveaway Tanmay Sonawane #TokensGiveaway Krzysztof Zabłocki #TokensGiveaway Joan Cardona #TokensGiveaway Tiago Martinho #TokensGiveaway Devin Davies #TokensGiveaway Mustafa Yusuf #TokensGiveaway Simon Nickel #TokensGiveaway Klemens Strasser #TokensGiveaway

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