Tokens 2

A replacement for App Store Connect promo codes.
Blazingly fast for you. Amazingly friendly for your users.

We expect to ship Beta 1 in early June.
Check out Release Timeline for more.

Fast for you

Forget about opening App Store Connect every time you need a promo code. Tokens lets you generate them in milliseconds.

Friendly for your users

Tokens creates a simple landing page for every promo code. User can visit it and click Redeem, so the app lands on their device without hassle.

What to use promo codes for

  1. Customer support. Don't confuse your users with 20 character long ASC promo codes. Simply share Tokens links that are understandable for users.
  2. PR. Give codes to journalists, bloggers, and influencers, so they can spead the word about your apps. Tokens also shows you if a code was redeemed.
  3. Giveaways. Want to raffle a handful of codes? There's no better way to do it than with Tokens. Just share a link, Tokens will handle the dispension.

It's packed with everything you need

Tokens lets you do things that are just impossible with App Store Connect. Even with things that ASC can do, Tokens brings it to a whole new level of speed and usability. Turn promo codes from PITA into joy with Tokens!


Always know whether your promo codes were redeemed and when do they expire.

You name it

Give promo codes names, so you never forget what you used them for.

Have your finger on the pulse

Redemption notifications.


They help you with two things: run giveaways (every campaign can be shared) and categorize your codes internally, like folders.

Supports all your apps

Tokens lets you generate promo codes for apps, subscriptions, and IAPs of all your iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps.

Multiple teams act as one

Do you have multiple developer accounts you're a member of? Forget about grueling team switching every time you want to generate codes for different apps.

We expect to ship Beta 1 in early June.
Check out Release Timeline for more.

How does it work exactly?

Every time you press that button in Tokens, it generates links that will work as landing pages for your promo codes. It's lightning fast – you can share them with your users right away. Yes-yes! You don't have to wait God knows how long as in the App Store Connect.

Tokens uses your App Store Connect account to fetch actual promo codes from Apple in background and attach them to corresponding, newly generated links.

A link will never confuse your users. It's friendly and straightforward. No need to copy-paste redemption instructions anymore.

When user redeems their code, you'll get a push notification and the code will be marked as "redeemed" in Tokens. Thus, you can always know which codes were already used, which can be re-used, and which are expiring.

Industry leaders rely on it

We launched Talking Tokens - a series of interviews with some of the most renowned iOS and Mac app developers sharing how Tokens became their marketing and customer support powerhouse.

Go to Talking Tokens →

Secure and private

Your developer account credentials never hit our servers. It's 100% iCloud Keychain. We take your security very seriously, so we created a Security Manifesto in which we vow to guard your data in the best way possible.

Sign up for beta

We expect to launch Beta 1 in early June. We'll hand-pick 50 people from the wait list. Sign up to have a chance to be one of them! More in Release Timeline.