Tokens 2

The better-in-every-way replacement for App Store Connect.
Blazing fast promo codes. Amazingly user-friendly.

Free 10 code trial. See full Pricing.
Available for macOS Catalina or later.

Warp-speed your workflow

App Store Connect is obsolete. Tokens generates and organizes promo codes instantly.

Give 'em something nice

Your app shouldn't be hard to unwrap. Tokens makes a clean landing page for users to quickly redeem promo codes right on their devices.

Join hundreds of apps using Tokens

You're in good company! Hundreds of developers have already leveled up their marketing, support, & PR with promo codes generated via Tokens.

Use Tokens like a pro

  1. Customer support. Users contacting support don't need even more confusion. Tokens is a simple, feel-good way to resolve any case.
  2. PR magic. Send codes to journalists, bloggers, and influencers. You'll see when they redeem and start falling in love with your apps.
  3. Giveaways. App raffles are a fantastic way to connect with your fan base. Post a link from Tokens and it'll handle the distro automatically. Learn more.

Tokens 2 vs App Store Connect

Tokens not only generates promo codes 13x faster than App Store Connect but also provides you with a bunch of entirely new features.

Tokens 2
Promo codes for paid apps
Promo codes for in-app purchases and subscriptions
Code generation takes <2 seconds
Redemption notifications
Convenient redemption pages for codes
Seamless support for multiple teams
iOS and iPadOS app for mobile management (planned for Fall 2020)
Giveaways with a convenient link
Painfully slow experience

Free 10 code trial. See full Pricing.
Available for macOS Catalina or later.

So what's the secret?

Every time you press the button in Tokens, it generates a little link that works as a landing page for your promo codes. It's lightning fast – you can share them with your users right away. Yes! Finally! No waiting eighty-three years like in App Store Connect.

Tokens uses your App Store Connect account to fetch actual promo codes from Apple in the background and attach them to corresponding, newly-generated links.

A link will never confuse your users. It's friendly and straightforward. No need to copy-paste redemption instructions anymore.

When your user redeems their code, you'll get a push notification and the code will be marked in Tokens. Thus, you can always know which codes were already used, which can be re-used, and which are expiring.

A true app legend

Tokens has been around the block. We recently published a series of interviews with renowned iOS and Mac developers who share how Tokens became their marketing and customer support super weapon (of kindness).

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Secure and private

Your developer account credentials never hit our servers. It's 100% iCloud Keychain. We take your security very seriously, so we created a Security Manifesto in which we vow to guard your data in the best way possible.

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Try for free

We offer a free trial that's not limited by time! Generate, share, and track 10 promo codes for free. No credit card required.

Works with macOS Catalina or later.