Release Timeline

We're working very hard to ship Tokens ASAP. Here's the detailed overview of all release stages.


We're currently finishing up the Mac app.

Beta 1 (macOS)

Early June • 50 slots

The first app version for public beta. Already includes all advertised features but not polished yet. Priority will be given to the old Tokens users and everyone who's been helping us to shape the new app.

Beta 2 (macOS)

Early July • 100 additional slots

A pre-release version, polished. We'll open up additional slots for those who signed up through the website.

Release (macOS)

Late August

Everyone gets in. Beta testers will get up to 60% off the first year.

Beta (iPhone)

Around October

We decided to do a staged release. We'll start making the iPhone app right after we release the Mac app. Every Tokens subscriber will get access to iPhone app's beta.

Release (iPhone)

Around November

Everyone gets in.

Beta (iPad)

Around January, 2021

All Tokens subscribe get access.

Release (iPad)

Around February, 2021

Everyone gets in.

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