Release Timeline

We're working hard to get Tokens in your hands as soon as possible. But it takes time. We've been emptying little burlap sacks onto the dragon-guarded pile quest after quest. Tolkien would be proud.

Wondering when you'll get to wade through mountains of tiny gold Tokens yourself? Here's the master plan...

Beta 1 (macOS)

June 15th • 50 slots

The first app version for public beta. It'll be full-featured but a bit buggy. Only 50 folks will get this raw release. We'll prioritize old Tokens users and those who've helped us out so far.


A few people have already gotten the first public beta. We're collecting feedback and re-organizing the roadmap as we go. Oh by the way, feedback is fully transparent! See it on Trello.

Beta 2 (macOS)

July 28th • 100 additional slots

The pre-release version. We'll be hand-stamping seals on each Token like pirate treasure. 100 more daring seafolk will gain access to this salty version.

Release (macOS)

Late August

Y'all are welcome! Come on in, the water's fine. Beta testers get 60% off their first year.

Beta (iPhone)

Around October

We'll start minting the iPhone app right after the Mac app release. Each and every Tokens subscriber will have access to the iPhone beta. Mobile coinage.

Release (iPhone)

Around November

Tokens in the palm of your hand. Well, protruding from your hand. Phones are kinda big these days. Unless you have big hands. How many Tokens can you hold at once?

Beta (iPad)

Around January, 2021

Subscribed to Tokens at this point? You get access on your iPad. Look at all that screen real estate. Look at how many Tokens fit on that screen. Wow. We're jealous.

Release (iPad)

Around February, 2021

Now all those Tokens that fit on that large, lovely screen are no longer buggy. It's the last release on the timeline. Ideally, it's a bugless world. Sorry, entomologists.

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