Security is serious

Very serious. We expect you to read this page with a straight face, door locked, and blinds drawn. No cream or sugar. Grayscale. Fix that top shirt button.

Tokens is so extremely secure that...

We don't store your credentials.

When you log into App Store Connect, those login details go through your iCloud Keychain. Your ASC account then stays synced between devices via Keychain. It usually jingles right between your beach house key and that fuzzy pompom.

The library we use to handle ASC code-fetching is open source. Try it yourself.

We reverse-engineered the ASC web API because Apple never made a standard one. That's the beauty of Tokens. We also developed a local cookie storage system so multiple teams can be signed in at once. Think of local cookies as home-baked.

Tokens 2 is faster than ASC precisely because we've made low-level access secure. Without compromising your data, Tokens bypasses all the usual clicking required to get a code.

We use wonderful Apple sign-in.

To use Tokens, you've gotta Sign in with Apple. It's the perfect solution for keeping distance between us and your data. Sign in with Apple lets you sync your subscription seamlessly while keeping your email hidden from us.

We absolutely despise tracking.

Tracking is a modern evil. We steer far clear of it. Your Tokens app has no analytics attached whatsoever. Dare we even mention Google or Facebook—those have been long shunned 'round these parts. No Amplitude either.

We do not know what you click, press, or tap. We don't know what device you do any of that on. And we have no clue where you've done it. Zero bits of your information go to third parties. They can party on their own.

The few things we do collect...

Baked goods. If you're a Tokens user and bake something, you owe us a bite. Sorry, it's in the Terms.

Simple, anonymous traffic info on pages via Fathom.

Bits and bobs on our servers: app IDs, app icon URLs, app names, app types (iOS, macOS, watchOS, or tvOS), developer IDs, expiry dates, and promo codes. The bare minimum to keep links up and running.

Payment info is processed via Paddle.

Unlike casinos, we're a token-generating business that is totally transparent. If you want to know something, let us know.

Want to obliterate your data?

Great because we don't want it. In the Tokens app, go to Preferences > Account > Erase all data. We'll throw everything attached to your account into an incinerator then eject the ashes into space.

Used the trial and decided not to subscribe? After 14 days, your data will be gone. No trace. Dredge the Hudson. You'll find nothing.