Share multiple codes with ease. It's a hassle to generate single codes when you mean to give out many. Giveaways whip up a fresh batch of however many codes you'd like, then have Tokens handle automatic distribution. All from one link. Here's how to use them.

Step 1: Create a new Giveaway

Giveaways are app-specific. You'll find a dropdown menu when you select an app in the sidebar. To create a Giveaway, click on that menu and select "Create a New Giveaway". Off to a good start.

If you're feeling particularly organized, you can name your Giveaway and attach a color tag. Make sure the color's cute. These selections are behind-the-scenes meaning only you will see them.

Step 2: Fill it with codes

When you create a Giveaway, it'll open automatically. While in the Giveaway, click on the button in the toolbar to choose how many codes you need. Go ahead an click "Generate" to start dumping codes in. So many codes. Watch them trickle into your Giveaway. Isn't it beautiful. (The animation happens in your mind)

Step 3: Give 'em away!

It's called a Giveaway for a reason. Once you've added plenty of codes, click the three little dots next to the name of your Giveaway and copy the link. Give it to people. Not aliens, unless you can trust them. Anyone with the Giveaway link will get a free copy of your app until the code reservoir runs dry.

More specifically, when someone opens your Giveaway link, they'll be able to get exactly one copy of your paid app, IAP, or subscription. Tokens is keen and only allows one code redemption per person. No cheaters.

Dope Bonus

You got to the end of the Giveaways guide, so you get a giveaway of sorts: dopamine! In the form we all know and love. Right when a code's redeemed you'll get a push notification and it'll be marked as such in the Giveaway. You'll know that your app is now in the pocket of someone cool, which means you'll be cooler too. Coolness is a side effect of Tokens. Enjoy sharing your app.
Don't want notifs? No sweat, disable them in Preferences.