English example sentences with "tests"

Learn how to use tests in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

Those selected will have to face extensive medical and psychological tests.

They have all been through wind tests.

The top engineer put the car through a series of rigorous tests.

You can do better on your tests.

The teacher wants to do away with cheating on tests in school.

Both those students passed all the tests.

The new model car was put through several tests.

I am willing to go on record as opposing nuclear tests.

Tests showed that Alex wasn't just mimicking.

In addition to taking the tests, we have to hand in an essay.

I failed the tests.

The new engine must undergo all the necessary tests.

The new car underwent its tests successfully.

None of the students like tests at school.

The teacher handed out the tests.

The teacher is busy looking over our tests.

In addition to taking the regular tests, we have to hand in a long essay.

Dr. Tanaka carried out tests for two years on three hundred rats.

He tests engines every day.

They clamored emphatically against the nuclear tests.

Tests start next week.

There are frequent instances of malicious door-to-door selling, such as pushing water purifiers on people after carrying out water quality tests without permission.

Both of the students passed all their tests.

Did you grade the tests?

The woman tests the rice.

Governments, in order to teach how to enjoy cell phones without being controlled by them, have established behavior rules that limit their use in public places, such as in churches, in schools, or during tests.

Alain tells me that it doesn't work, so I'm running tests to know if it works.

A litany of taste tests enabled Hugo to distinguish between a variety of pastes.

The treaty did not ban nuclear tests under the ground.

On tests, I don't know how free a translation would be allowed.

Tom gave Mary some advice on how to pass multiple-choice tests.

I'll need to make some more tests.

I'll need to run some more tests.

I wasn't told much to study in my home. It's because before tests I used to concentrate and study quite a bit.

When I was in middle school, I had a friend in the track club who normally studied 3 hours a day. He didn't speed up the pace before tests. On the contrary, he didn't have any club activities and so had lot of free time, so before the test we would go to his house and play video games every day. If we hadn't done that, I would have gotten better grades too.

DNA tests showed he was innocent.

We should run some tests.

I flunked two of my tests.

We want to run a few tests.

I'd like to run a few more tests.

I didn't like those tests.

I don't want any more tests.

Intelligence tests are so fooled by study that they miss the most important aspect of human efficiency: the mind to think in ways contrary to those around them, which comes not from intelligence but from a path of thinking and from condition.

I always crammed for my tests overnight when I was a student.

When I was a college student, I always pulled all-nighters before tests.

I hate blood tests.

As a consequence, additional tests must be carried out to ensure complete security.

We'll do more tests tomorrow.

Mary is staying up late this week to prepare for her term end tests.

We're going to run some tests.

We'd like to run some tests.

I just ran some tests.

I can't afford any more tests.

I don't need to run any tests.

When my grandmother went for tests to find out what was wrong with her, the doctors found that she was riddled with cancer.

All tests were carried out two-tailed with a signifiance level of 5%

Who conducts the tests?

Tom had a battery of tests after suffering a number of dizzy spells.

We all denounce cheating on tests.

I passed all my tests.

If only there were no tests.

No one tests the depth of a river with both feet.

Multiple-choice tests are not uncommon.

I hate tests.

You'll have to repeat the tests.

Tom has been caught cheating on tests more than once.

Sami called to find out about Layla's tests.

Do you think Tom and Mary will pass their driving tests?

Ideological purity tests accomplish nothing.

The doctor ran a few tests.

How many tests are you going to have tomorrow?

Tom aced all his tests.

Mary aced all her tests.

The Solar Probe Cup passed its tests with flying colors—indeed, it continued to perform better and give clearer results the longer it was exposed to the test environments. “We think the radiation removed any potential contamination,” Justin Kasper, principal investigator for the SWEAP instruments at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, said. “It basically cleaned itself.”

Sami didn't pass one of the tests.

Tom and Mary didn't do so well on their tests.

They didn't do so well on their tests.

I had three tests today.

Several tests were conducted in the lab.

The method used for tests in Australia is not meant to be difficult for the people sitting them.

We had four tests on the same day.

Mennad did very well on the tests.

Mennad did really well on tests.

Mennad had tests a lot.

Mennad met all the criteria and passed all the tests.

Mennad passed all the tests.

The tests confirmed that she has low blood pressure and low hemoglobin.

He was working hard and later he would do the tests.

I will do some tests.

I'm going to do some tests.

I refer, of course, to the treaty to ban nuclear tests in the atmosphere, outer space, and under water--concluded by the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States--and already signed by nearly 100 countries.

FTIR screening tests should be performed on this batch.

She took four different pregnancy tests.

We need to do more tests.

Different types of data require different types of tests.

Several teams are pursuing similar strategies, using robots to run large numbers of tests at once.

Scientists are working to develop tests to identify people with antibodies to the virus in their blood.

Students who took online tests and received an error message when they hit "submit" have filed a lawsuit against the organization that administers the tests.

Students who took online tests and received an error message when they hit "submit" have filed a lawsuit against the organization that administers the tests.

Are you taking tests on the next session?

In response to Indian nuclear weapons testing, Pakistan conducted its own tests in mid-1998.

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