English example sentences with "raise"

Learn how to use raise in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

The only useful answers are those that raise new questions.

If you raise an eyebrow, it can mean "I want to have sex with you", but also "I find that what you just said is completely idiotic."

You have to raise funds for the relief work.

I raise cattle.

Since I got a raise, I can manage.

You have to raise your hand if you want to speak at the meeting.

The singers sang together in order to raise money to help people with AIDS.

What passion cannot music raise and quell?

Raise your right hand.

Anyone with an opinion please raise their hand.

And I will raise it again in three days.

Raise your hand if you understand it.

Raise your voice.

Mary was given a raise by her employer.

Peter applied to his boss for a raise.

Most workers get an automatic pay raise every year.

Most employees expect a pay raise once a year.

Don't raise my hopes like that.

Is it possible for me to raise the animal?

Even the periodical pay raise could not keep abreast of higher living costs.

The boy isn't aware of his parents' efforts to raise him.

Raise your hand to the sky.

Talk like that will raise suspicion.

In the first section of this review I raise the question of how brain processes cause our conscious experiences.

Can I use this area to raise vegetables?

Chris was hired to paint houses and was able to raise the money.

And you are going to raise it in three days?

I'm afraid your request for a pay raise was turned down again.

I'll see to it that you have a raise after the first year.

The management finally succumbed to the demand of the workers and gave them a raise.

I'll raise my hand as a signal.

Raise your left hand.

The first question we must raise is whether a cultural barrier existed between those groups.

He did not even raise an eyebrow at the news of his wife's death.

Raise your hand when I call your name.

I raise a variety of roses in the garden.

I raise funds.

Ursule asked for a pay raise of 5 dollars and 65 cents an hour yesterday.

The LDP brought out a bill to raise taxes, but they met with such violent opposition that they backed down.

If you have a question, please raise your right hand.

Raise your hand if you have a question.

Our boss begrudged us even a small raise in pay.

Raise your hand before you answer.

Workers pulled together and asked the management for a raise.

I went to the boss in hopes of getting a raise.

You'd better not count on a raise.

Some psychologists raise doubts about Pepperberg's research.

Will the government raise the consumption tax soon?

Students don't raise their hands much.

Don't raise your voice at me.

Raise a loud voice, then all goes wrong.

The landlord says he wants to raise the rent.

I got a big pay raise.

Who will raise the question in the first place?

While long-term credit banks are authorized by law to issue bonds to raise fund, they are not allowed to take deposits the way ordinary banks are.

Birds make a nest in the springtime to raise their babies in.

Why don't you ask for a pay raise?

Raise your hand if you know the answer.

His jealousy began to raise its head again.

He went abroad to raise fund for the project.

He learned how to raise cattle.

He would not raise my salary.

He worked very hard to raise his family in the new place.

They started a drive to raise a charity fund.

She took great pains to raise her children.

She put in for a raise.

She asked him to raise the funds.

The question is how we can raise the money.

The problem is how to raise the funds.

We will be able to raise cows and sheep, too.

The workers pushed for a raise in salary.

Please raise your hand before you speak.

They took advantage of the stock price increase to raise the idea of building a new factory.

Today's agenda concerns the re-election of the student council. If anybody wishes to stand as a candidate, please raise your hand.

The Government seems intent upon silencing an organization which has done so much to raise awareness of the human rights situation in Sudan.

Er, well, I'd like to take a vote. Would people in favour of Mr Ogawa's proposition please raise their hands.

When the tip was a lone dime thrown into a glass, the waitress would raise the glass while hastily preparing the table for the next customer. She would then spill the water and that would be it.

God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails.

It was a mistake for such a young parent to have, and raise a child.

Why did you turn down his request for a pay raise?

The coward is the first to raise his fist.

I promise you that you'll get a raise after a year.

I don't want to raise false hopes.

Raise your hand.

They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; One nation shall not raise the sword against another, nor shall they train for war again.

She's really pissed off that she wasn't given a raise.

I can't believe he had the balls to ask the boss for a raise.

"Just go in and tell the boss you want a raise." "That's easier said than done."

Don't presume to tell me how to raise my children!

They oppose the plan to raise taxes.

My boss refused my request for a raise.

Mary requested a raise from her boss.

How much more so for my father, the honourable Mr Jia, who is generous and chivalrous, anxious to help those in difficulty, deals with people’s problems, and helps people marry off their daughters and raise their sons; examples of these cannot be counted on one’s fingers. He spends money like dirt, much of it for other people.

My mother worked hard in order to raise us.

The documentary is meant to raise consciousness about the plight of the poor.

Try to raise this topic when you speak to her!

They refused to accept the pay raise.

They agreed to raise wages and to stop hiring children.

He began to raise beef cattle.

He said Bill Clinton would raise taxes.

Raise up your left hand.

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