English example sentences with "lecture"

Learn how to use lecture in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

The data suggest that the optimum length of a lecture may be 30 instead of 60 minutes.

I advise you to be careful in making notes for the lecture.

The professor gave a lecture on the Middle East.

The professor's boring lecture put me to sleep.

The students sat still, listening to the lecture.

Students often find it very difficult to understand a lecture in a foreign language.

The speaker swaggered into the lecture hall.

We listened to his lecture on the radio.

Uh-oh, here comes another lecture. How typical. This guy has something to say about everything.

Then he got dressed, stuffed his lecture notes into his briefcase, and ran down the stairs.

The anthropologist delivered a lecture on primitive cultures.

A few people came to the lecture.

Few people came to the lecture.

The lecture was beyond me.

The lecture was very long, but I enjoyed it none the less.

The lecture gripped the audience.

The lecture covered a lot of ground.

The scientist gave a lecture on the structure of the universe.

Mr Smith gave a lecture on literature.

You kept nodding off during that lecture, didn't you?

Kozue thought the teacher's lecture was dull, boring and endless.

Kate took careful notes on the history lecture.

You were nodding off at times during my lecture.

As many as fifty students gathered to hear his lecture.

"Did you hear the lecture in that class yesterday?" asked the student.

So boring was the lecture that he fell asleep.

A lot of people came to the lecture.

The lecture lasted for two hours.

The lengthy lecture palled on me.

Professor Naruhodo's lecture was re-broadcast.

She was very bored during the lecture.

Halfway through the lecture, she began to feel sick.

The lecture started on schedule.

The lecture was above me.

After he had given a lecture, he had an interview with some students.

When listening to a lecture, you should be quiet.

The lecture you gave yesterday was a masterpiece.

We had a lecture on environmental pollution.

When we arrived, the lecture had already begun.

Our teacher hates his students to ask questions while he is giving a lecture.

I couldn't take in the lecture at all.

That lecture really stimulated me.

I concentrated my attention on the lecture.

I ought to have attended the lecture but I didn't.

I ought to have attended the lecture.

I delivered a lecture in English.

I fell asleep in the middle of the lecture.

I sat at the front in order to hear the lecture clearly.

As a matter of fact, his lecture was boring.

At least, not that one. You see, I give the lecture.

The teacher did not permit the students to leave the lecture hall.

His last lecture at Waseda brought down the house.

Many students were present at the lecture.

Nobody having any question, he ended the lecture.

You must get lecture tickets in advance.

The audience was impressed by his profound lecture.

The audience was impressed by his eloquent lecture.

The special lecture was put off until the next day due to the bad weather.

His lecture on chemistry was nothing but torture.

A few people clapped after his lecture.

We were really moved by his lecture.

His lecture has brought this fact to our notice.

It was very difficult to understand the subject of his lecture.

The audience enjoyed his lecture as it was rich in humor.

His lecture had a large audience.

All the students are fed up with his lecture.

His lecture was very instructive as usual.

His lecture left a deep impression on the mind of those present there.

His lecture disappointed us.

His lecture made a deep impression on us.

His lecture is far more difficult than Mr Tanaka's.

His lecture ended with his witty joke.

I'm sick and tired of his lecture.

His lecture is very long.

He began his lecture with a humorous anecdote.

He gave me a lecture on drinking.

He cleared his throat before starting the lecture.

He supplemented his lecture with a booklet.

He made notes of the teacher's lecture.

He began his lecture with the Meiji Restoration.

They attended the lecture.

They were listening to the lecture attentively.

Her lecture is above my head.

I can't make head nor tail of her lecture on health and physical education.

She attended the lecture on social welfare.

Give a lecture on literature.

Your wonderful lecture was pearls before swine.

The lecture starts at 8 o'clock.

The students are listening to a history lecture.

The best lecture that you can attend is the one you won't understand.

His lecture started on time.

The lecture on the budget was very interesting.

The speaker organized his lecture notes.

What is the subject of your lecture?

It is not necessary for us to attend this lecture.

All in all, I enjoyed the lecture.

Will I have to give a lecture?

I'm at the main lecture hall right now. Udo's already here as well.

I don't need a lecture.

A naked lecture conveys boredom ; tales help precepts get through.

The lecture is composed by two parts, one theoretical, the other practical.

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