English example sentences with "answers"

Learn how to use answers in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

The only useful answers are those that raise new questions.

Check your answers with his.

Compare your answers with the teacher's.

Cross out all the wrong answers.

All answers must be written according to the instructions.

Scientists began to find answers to these questions.

The answers are all right.

Let's check why your answers differ from mine.

After the exam we compared the answers we'd written.

In most cases, his answers are right.

The answers are both incorrect.

The man answers the description.

The teacher answers every question we ask.

The dog answers to the name John.

The dog answers to the name of Blackie.

One of these two answers is right.

Neither of the two answers are right.

But the answers were all wrong.

These answers confuse cause with consequence.

All the answers to this question were wrong.

This machine answers to human voice.

Money answers all things.

The man answers to the description in the newspaper.

You need to have answers ready about your strong point.

I'm not saying that your answers are always wrong.

"That's cheaper than a new hat," Susan answers.

"Four pounds, ninety pence," Bob answers.

I wrote the answers carefully.

You must be careful when you write answers in a test.

Questioned about his policies, the candidate gave only vague answers.

When I phone them nobody answers.

If you don't know the answers, guess.

The answers must be written in ink.

Write your answers with a pencil.

There are no easy answers to the land problem in Japan.

All of his answers were wide of the mark.

He gave three wrong answers.

He gave correct answers to the questions.

He guessed the answers with great accuracy.

He found out the answers for himself.

He answers to the description of the criminal.

They all appeared satisfied with your answers.

History presents us with many different answers to each question.

I think you will be impressed with the answers.

He cheated on the test by copying his friend's answers.

If you ask a mathematician if he is an adult or a minor, don't be surprised if he answers "yes".

Sometimes, questions provide us with more information than answers.

Sometimes, questions rather than answers provide us with more information.

You want answers to questions you shouldn't ask.

It is very easy to ask questions the answers to which, we have the strongest reasons to believe, will never be known to any Human being.

Blacken the circles next to the correct answers with an HB pencil.

He did not seem sure of his answers.

The people demanded answers.

Burr was not satisfied with Hamilton's answers.

I took the trouble to write the answers to the comments.

I gave the correct answers to the questions.

Answers to your questions don't exist.

Questions and answers play an enormous role in interaction.

The news interview under investigation follows the conventional pattern of the turn-taking system, which consists of answers following questions.

Tom compared his answers with Mary's.

Tom and Mary gave exactly the same answers on the test which made the teacher suspicious.

He answers to the description in the newspaper.

Read each text and choose the best answers for the questions below it.

Don't copy my answers.

Bad answers show the way to the right ones.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

I give good grades for good answers.

You want answers to questions that you're not allowed to ask.

"That is an indiscrete question." - "There are no indiscrete questions, only indiscrete answers."

Questions are never indiscreet. Answers sometimes are.

The telephone rings, but nobody answers.

Mysteries abound where most we seek for answers.

The public demands answers.

All the answers are correct.

There any many answers to this question, and people create many legends about the Devil’s stone: the human mind cannot calm down until it explains to itself the dark, the unknown, and the vague.

Where are you writing the answers?

He answers us whenever we call him.

She answers us whenever we ask her a question.

Bob has answers to all of the questions.

When a philosopher answers me, I no longer understand my question.

Tom always checks the caller ID before he answers the phone.

There are only two correct answers.

I'm nowhere as much interested in the Frequently Asked Questions as I am in the Frequently Given Answers.

I thought you had all the answers.

I thought Tom wouldn't know the answers.

I thought I wouldn't know the answers.

I thought I had all the answers.

I want some answers.

I want some answers and I want them now.

Tom wants answers and he wants them now.

Our teacher is someone who likes precision, and always demands precise answers of her students.

Tom wants answers.

We want answers.

I need answers.

There are no easy answers.

I want answers.

I don't have those answers.

What must one keep in mind during a kiss, above all else? The singer Max Raabe answers this important question.

You want answers, don't you?

I came here to find answers.

I hate those kinds of answers.

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