English example sentences with "weeks"

Learn how to use weeks in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

If I wanted to scare you, I would tell you what I dreamt about a few weeks ago.

The cold weather continued for three weeks.

The summer vacation lasts a couple of weeks.

It rained after it had been dry for many weeks.

The rain set our plans back two weeks.

The committee adjourned for two weeks.

I had an enjoyable two weeks in London.

If you want to eat at Raffle's, you must reserve weeks ahead.

We must wait for a few weeks to see the lilacs.

Finally, I have time to reply to the mail that I have received these past three weeks.

To investigate the incident would take us at least three weeks.

In another two weeks you will be able to get out of the hospital.

I will be back in another two weeks.

The rainy season will be over in another two weeks or so.

It'll be two weeks before you receive the article.

The car has been kicking around the roadside for weeks.

The work will take anywhere from two to three weeks.

It took John about two weeks to get over his illness.

Jim has been trying to take me out to dinner for the last three weeks.

Sally missed two weeks of school, so she has to work hard to catch up with her class.

Sarah was at a low ebb for several weeks after her mother died.

At a rough estimate, I would say the job will take two weeks.

This baby is 3 weeks old.

This work took me 5 days, but it will take you as many weeks.

This ticket is good for two weeks.

I've had a nasal voice for two weeks.

It was just two weeks ago that Ken came to see me.

Tom broke his right leg and was taken to hospital a few weeks before Christmas.

Christmas is only two weeks off.

It took three weeks for me to get over my cold.

In about two weeks.

The voyage to America used to take many weeks.

You were flat on your back for two weeks with influenza.

What takes you only three days, takes me as many weeks.

I've been looking forward to hearing from you for weeks.

Final exams are two weeks from now.

Just stay off your feet for the next couple of weeks, and you'll be just fine.

After spending three weeks looking for a job, he found a well-paid one.

The weather stayed cold for three weeks.

It was three weeks before she wrote an answer to Tom.

Who has been absent from school for three weeks?

We stayed an extra two weeks in Paris; and we spent it seeing the sights.

Two weeks ago, I visited Disneyland for the first time.

I had been thinking about our new project for two weeks, but I couldn't come up with a good idea.

Please come again two weeks from today.

He will get better in two weeks.

It will go away by itself in two weeks.

We have not had a single drop of rain for two weeks.

Two weeks went by.

The leaves will turn red in two or three weeks.

My menstrual cycle is about every four weeks.

The current rate is about one airplane crash every two weeks, measuring all serious accidents to all types of transport jets.

How about two weeks from Thursday?

The killer remained at large for weeks.

About three weeks.

We intended to stay there about two weeks.

We calculated that we could reach the place within two weeks.

I became acquainted with her two weeks ago.

I have been here for about three weeks.

I was ill for weeks after.

I have been on a diet for two weeks.

I am staying for another few weeks.

I went to Hawaii on vacation for a couple of weeks.

I reserved my hotel room three weeks in advance.

We observed this plant closely for a few weeks.

The Prime Minister announced that he would resign within a few weeks.

Avoid heavy labor It will be better in two weeks.

My son's friend imposed himself on us for two weeks.

We have a new puppy. He is about 12 weeks old.

My period is five weeks late.

There has been no rain here for the past two weeks.

The extraordinary session of the Diet will last four weeks.

Can I borrow one for about two weeks?

The weather stayed hot for two weeks.

Japanese high school students go to school 35 weeks a year.

It took him several weeks to recover from the shock.

News of his death wasn't published for several weeks.

He left school two weeks ago.

He was given a tip three weeks ago that two companies would merge.

He went to his office after an absence of five weeks.

His mother said that he had been ill in bed for five weeks.

He has read as many as 50 books in the last two weeks.

He finished it in three days, but it took me as many weeks.

He will be in New York for two weeks.

He stayed in New York for three weeks.

He will come back in another two weeks.

He worked for weeks in behalf of the community chest.

He will stay in Tokyo for several weeks.

She has been ill for three weeks.

Her illness kept her in hospital for six weeks.

It took me three weeks to get over the flu.

I've been searching for my puppy for weeks.

For two weeks from tomorrow, please.

The suspect was hiding out in the mountains for three weeks.

We've just spent two weeks apart.

The workers were laid off for three weeks.

Two weeks after being admitted to hospital my acne suddenly started to disappear.

Christmas is just two weeks from now.

If you give carnations 7Up instead of water, they last much longer - often as long as three or four weeks.

Kim is so tight, if you stuck a lump of coal up her ass, in two weeks you'd have a diamond!

He is eighteen weeks old.

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