English example sentences with "wasn't"

Learn how to use wasn't in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

That wasn't my intention.

It wasn't me, commissioner!

Rome wasn't built in a day.

I really wasn't expecting that from you.

There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

There wasn't any book on the desk.

She wasn't hurt, but she got goose bumps when her car nearly crashed.

In his school days he wasn't as gentle as he is now.

The hall was filled with such a large audience that there wasn't even standing room.

The concert hall was so jam-packed there wasn't room to breathe.

There wasn't anybody in the house.

It wasn't until I got home that I missed my umbrella.

If it wasn't for the doctor's treatment, that patient would be dead.

I wasn't always happy.

Her name wasn't on the list.

Oh, sure, I studied English in my school days. But it wasn't until two or three years ago that I really started taking it seriously.

If his father wasn't there, he'd be poor right now.

Ming wasn't dancing with Masao then.

It wasn't long before he came again.

There! That wasn't long, was it?

Bob wasn't in on the plan.

There wasn't much sugar in the pot.

Paul wasn't with Mary when her purse was stolen.

There wasn't a single vacant seat in the hall.

There wasn't a soul in sight.

That concert wasn't rocking.

It is true that Mochida did his best, but he wasn't careful enough.

No matter how hard I practiced, I wasn't able to do the backstroke.

There wasn't anything like enough light to read by.

Well, it wasn't all that bad.

He meddled where he wasn't wanted and it backfired on him.

I wasn't being mindful and got on a wrong bus by mistake.

The wall wasn't high enough to keep dogs out.

The room wasn't cleaned by Kate.

There wasn't anyone in the room.

There wasn't a scrap of truth in the statement.

The paper wasn't important.

It wasn't until then that I felt really frightened.

It wasn't until then that we knew her address.

It's a miracle that he wasn't killed in the accident.

My heart wasn't in the work.

His idea wasn't usable.

The rope wasn't strong enough to support him.

I'm very glad I wasn't there.

I don't know because I wasn't there.

That is why he wasn't present at the meeting.

The grass was left long and weedy in the slate walk, and very often he wasn't cutting the grass on the other side of the hedge by the road at all.

Susie was unable to take part in the game because she wasn't feeling well.

Susie wasn't very feminine.

Jack broke his mother's valuable vase, but he didn't do it on purpose, so she wasn't angry.

Oh no! I wasn't paying attention and left my cell phone in the restaurant!

But I wasn't afraid.

The telephone was just ringing, wasn't it?

This wasn't cheap, was it?

There was a car accident near here, wasn't there?

Ken wasn't running.

No, the traffic wasn't too bad.

Alice wasn't listening to her sister.

Alice wasn't present at the meeting, was she?

It wasn't a very interesting novel.

"Were you at home?" "No, I wasn't."

I wasn't aware that you were so ill.

In the end, he wasn't able to succeed.

They fed me a line about Monday being a holiday, so I took the day off, and it wasn't.

As a result of a traffic jam, he wasn't able to see her off at the station.

I wish the subway wasn't so crowded every morning.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to see you when you came by today.

Today's party was really lively, wasn't it?

I wasn't at my best today.

At first, I thought he was a teacher, but he wasn't.

It wasn't until yesterday that I heard the news.

The bed I slept in last night wasn't very comfortable.

The work wasn't finished at 11:00 p.m. Friday, so they decided to carry it over to the following Monday.

To my disappointment I found that she wasn't honest.

He wasn't sleeping when I came home.

That's not the reason why I said the job wasn't easy.

I wasn't happy, but it seemed reasonable that his prices should go up like everything else, so I agreed.

There was a message for me, wasn't there?

My grandfather was quite a learned man for his time and place but he just wasn't cut out to be a businessman.

I had words with the manager of that store, because he refused to refund my money for the TV set that wasn't operating properly.

It wasn't until I left school that I realized the importance of study.

I wasn't in time for school this morning.

I wasn't born yesterday!

I wasn't busy yesterday.

I wasn't able to believe him at first.

I wasn't busy last week.

I bought her a toy cat, but she wasn't happy with it.

I wasn't listening to the radio.

Tests showed that Alex wasn't just mimicking.

Since there wasn't much time to spare, she took a taxi.

Wasn't he killed by a car?

To tell the truth, he wasn't up to the work.

The lawn always looked better on Tuesdays, but I began to notice he wasn't getting as close to the trees as he used to.

I wasn't usually home when the lawn was cut, so all I ever saw were the results.

The food wasn't good, but at least it was cheap.

The meal was great, wasn't it?

It wasn't always easy for Edison to invent new things.

The new boss wasn't very social with his employees.

I'm sorry that I wasn't home when you so kindly dropped by.

Though it was snowing, it wasn't very cold outside.

He wasn't earning a large salary when he retired.

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