English example sentences with "upper"

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Unlike Great Britain, the Upper House in the United States is an elected body.

My upper right wisdom tooth hurts.

The upper part of the mountain is covered with snow.

Mr Brown belongs to the upper class.

The prefectural governor got the upper hand in the July elections.

The people living here belong to the upper class.

Throughout the five years of painful cancer treatments, he managed to keep a stiff upper lip.

The old guard was nearly voted out of the Upper House.

A mustache grows on the upper lip.

The Upper House seems bent on defeating any reform bills.

Please take the sugar pot down from the upper shelf.

Even the upper atmosphere is polluted.

He belongs to the upper class.

He took her by the upper parts of her arms.

The budget passed the Upper House.

If you sleep on your back it's easier for your upper airway to be obstructed because your tongue, uvula, etc. slip towards the back of your throat.

Under the Constitution, the lower chamber's resolutions override those of the upper chamber.

When warm, light, air crosses mountains it rises into the upper atmosphere and does not fall back to the ground. In this, and other, ways wind changes with the terrain.

If a women walks on a public street exposing her lower body, it's public indecency. If she walks while exposing her upper body, then it's a violation of article 20(1) of the minor offenses act.

If you're at all wishy-washy during a negotiation the other side will pick up on it and get the upper hand.

The businessman is trying to keep his people on the go by keeping a stiff upper lip, but they are just acting like a dying duck in a thunderstorm.

The prime minister's businesslike approach to welfare reform earned him accolades among the upper class.

He had entertained hopes of being admitted to a sight of the young ladies, of whose beauty he had heard much; but he saw only the father. The ladies were somewhat more fortunate, for they had the advantage of ascertaining from an upper window that he wore a blue coat, and rode a black horse.

See how Lenny can swallow an entire hot dog without chewing or choking? That's why upper management loves him so much.

It seems that the infection will get the upper hand, but I am still fighting against it.

The elbow is the joint between the upper arm and the lower arm.

Stiff upper lip!

Looking for the first time for the possibility to find a sentence by its number, I was a bit confused. But soon I realized: I first have to click on a single sentence, then I see the search bar on the upper right side of the screen.

Mary comes from the upper middle-class.

Ecstasy is the upper system's drug.

He had not swum more than a few yards before one of the skulking ground sharks had him fast by the upper part of the thigh.

The upper reaches of the river are very beautiful.

When two "Alpha males" come together in a group, it is exciting to see who holds the upper hand.

The term "bourgeois" can be used as an insult by both the lower and the upper classes.

In boxing, jabs are less powerful than crosses and upper cuts.

The lower lip is bigger than the upper lip.

The elbow is a joint that connects the forearm and the upper arm.

The bottle is on the upper shelf.

Aurora Borealis, or the "northern lights", occurs 80 to 160 km (50 to 100 miles) above the earth when energetic particles from a solar storm cause the gases in the upper atmosphere to glow. Auroras can last between a few minutes to several hours. It's common across Alaska and northern Canada.

Aurora Borealis or the "northern lights" occurs 80 to 160km (50 to 100 miles) above the earth, when energetic particles from a solar storm cause the gases in the upper atmosphere to glow. Auroras can last between a few minutes to several hours. It's common across Alaska and northern Canada.

Look at my ad in the upper right hand corner.

Between the upper and nether millstone.

Please, keep a stiff upper lip.

People who suffer from apnoea may get some relief by sleeping on one side instead of on the back or by elevating the upper body during sleep.

Tom has no upper body strength.

"How come you know Upper and Lower Sorbian anyway?" "I've been learning both languages for the past several years."

In the upper elevations of Arizona, there was a forest of tall Ponderosa pine trees.

On December 22, 1960, soviet scientists attempted to launch Damka ("Little Lady") and Krasavka ("Beauty") on a Korabl Sputnik. However, the upper rocket stage failed and the launch was aborted. The dogs were safely recovered after their unplanned suborbital flight.

The temperature in Uranus' upper atmosphere is so cold that the methane condenses and forms a thin cloud layer which gives the planet its blue-green appearance.

Neptune has a mantle of liquid hydrogen while the atmosphere is a combination of ammonia, helium, and methane. In the upper atmosphere, methane freezes and forms an ice cloud which casts a shadow on the clouds below.

Chandra proved that there was an upper limit to the mass of a white dwarf. This limit, known as the Chandra limit, showed that stars more massive than the Sun would explode or form black holes as they died.

Arms folded across the chest and upper body bent forwards, the guest showed respect to the host.

Your upper back is really tight.

We see that we are unable to get the upper hand.

In the upper left corner it says "For sale".

The upper ocean has warmed up much more than deeper layers.

Howison in his "Sketches of Upper Canada" relates that on one moonlit Christmas Eve he saw an Indian creeping cautiously through the woods.

Tom kept a stiff upper lip.

Scientists have long known that solar-energized particles trapped around the planet are sometimes scattered into Earth’s upper atmosphere where they can contribute to beautiful auroral displays.

Baleen whales, such as gray and humpback whales, have hundreds of comb-like plates with stiff bristles growing from the upper jaw to strain small food from huge mouthfuls of water.

We found a short valley between rugged tors which led to an open, grassy space flecked over with the white cotton grass. In the middle of it rose two great stones, worn and sharpened at the upper end, until they looked like the huge, corroding fangs of some monstrous beast.

I'm from upper state New York.

Suddenly the clouds snatch away both sky and even daylight from the eyes of the Trojans: black night lies upon the sea; the poles thunder, and the upper air flashes with repeated fires, and all things threaten immediate death for the men.

In the thermocline, temperature decreases rapidly from the mixed upper layer of the ocean (called the epipelagic zone) to much colder deep water in the thermocline (called the mesopelagic zone).

The ocean is divided into three zones based on depth and light level. The upper 200 meters of the ocean is called the euphotic, or "sunlight," zone. This zone contains the vast majority of commercial fisheries and is home to many protected marine mammals and sea turtles.

My upper left back tooth hurts.

Tom has a strong upper body.

The aliens' upper arms are ridgy.

As I looked, I suddenly became aware that a face was watching me out of one of the upper windows.

As we went I glanced back, and there was that yellow livid face watching us out of the upper window.

Tom belongs to the upper class.

Sami felt he still had the upper hand.

Sami can't let Layla get the upper hand.

His upper body looks like it has the shape of an inverted triangle; standing there, he seems extremely handsome!

Orpheus was permitted to take her away with him on one condition, that he should not turn around to look at her till they should have reached the upper air.

Under this condition they proceeded on their way, he leading, she following, through passages dark and steep, in total silence, till they had nearly reached the outlet into the cheerful upper world, when Orpheus, in a moment of forgetfulness, to assure himself that she was still following, cast a glance behind him, when instantly she was borne away.

A bull, stimulated either by the scarlet colour of Miss Ashton's mantle, or by one of those fits of capricious ferocity to which their dispositions are liable, detached himself suddenly from the group which was feeding at the upper extremity of a grassy glade, that seemed to lose itself among the crossing and entangled boughs. The animal approached the intruders on his pasture ground, at first slowly, pawing the ground with his hoof, bellowing from time to time, and tearing up the sand with his horns, as if to lash himself up to rage and violence.

The light at the upper window disappeared.

And they shall take of the blood thereof, and put it upon both the side posts, and on the upper door posts of the houses, wherein they shall eat it. And they shall eat the flesh that night roasted at the fire, and unleavened bread with wild lettuce.

Mennad tried speaking to upper management but nothing changed.

Mennad has a big upper lip.

Mennad's upper lip was swollen.

"It was mainly pain in my upper back and neck and shoulder area," he said. "It was just on the one side."

The pain was mainly in my upper back and neck and shoulder area.

The Berber flag has an upper band of blue like the Mediterranean Sea, then a green band like the plains of Tamazgha, and finally a yellow band representing the desert. Upon these stripes is superimposed the letter Aza (yaz) ⵥ, symbolizing the tifinagh, ancient writing of Imazighen, in red, representing blood and freedom.

The rhomboid muscle is located in the upper back, and helps to connect the shoulder blades to the rib cage.

The human body consists of a head, neck, and torso, and upper and lower extremities.

Kim used to like speaking Upper Sorbian.

I'm getting good at reading Upper Sorbian.

I think I'm fluent in Upper Sorbian.

They thought they had to speak Upper Sorbian.

I want to learn how to say a few words in Upper Sorbian.

Janis and Alma say that they had to speak Upper Sorbian.

Do you know whether or not Ilya can speak Upper Sorbian?

You always said you wanted to learn Upper Sorbian.

She speaks both Upper and Lower Sorbian.

Even when you convert to Islam, you're not truly able to escape the discrimination from some upper caste Hindus.

I point the fan at my upper torso and I wrap an electric blanket around my lower half. My body temperature finds an equilibrium between hot and cold.

New analysis of data collected by the U.S. space agency’s Cassini spacecraft may have solved what has been a mystery to scientists for years: What keeps the upper layers of Saturn so warm?

If you want to gain the upper hand, you'll have to do exactly as I say.

It's not enough to gain the upper hand, you have to destroy the enemy completely.

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