English example sentences with "sunny"

Learn how to use sunny in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

I have to do laundry while it's still sunny.

It was raining when we left, but by the time we arrived, it was sunny.

Banks will try to lend you an umbrella on a sunny day, but they will turn their backs on a rainy day.

Far away across the sea lies the sunny land of Italy.

Our living room is sunny.

It seems that on clear, sunny days they could also use the sun to find their way home.

If it is sunny tomorrow, we will go on a picnic.

It's too sunny to stay inside.

It looks like it's going to be sunny.

As the house has a southern aspect, it is very sunny.

And on sunny days all the pigeons flew home.

It's hard to believe it was so clear and sunny up to just now.

One sunny day in April, I went out for a walk.

The child captivates everyone with his sunny smile.

It is sunny today.

We had few sunny days this summer.

We took advantage of the sunny weather to go on a picnic.

My room faces south, which makes it sunny and very comfortable.

I think it will be sunny.

It was sunny and warm.

I don't suppose it's going to be sunny.

In spite of the sunny weather, the air was rather chilly.

The proportion of sunny days to rainy days last month was 4 to 1.

A warm, sunny day is ideal for a picnic.

We would often go hiking on sunny days.

It's a sunny day.

They are looking at only the sunny side of the American economy.

They live in a sunny house.

It was a beautiful sunny day.

Look at the sunny side of things.

Tomorrow's weather should be sunny with occasional rain.

We want to know if it will be sunny tomorrow.

Will it be sunny tomorrow?

I wonder if it will be sunny outside.

I also hope for sunny weather at the weekend.

The weather is good. It's sunny.

Today is a sunny day.

I'll have my eggs sunny side up.

Tom loves to lie in the grass on a sunny day.

It's always sunny in Italy.

It's the first sunny day in a long time, so the clothes should dry in no time.

A sunny weekend is perfect for a mountain getaway.

It's hard to believe that it has been clear and sunny until now.

The sunny side of the hill is full of deciduous trees.

It was a sunny day when we went to the mall.

It'll be sunny tomorrow afternoon.

There aren't so many places in the world that are as temperate and so often sunny as where I live.

I think it will be sunny tomorrow.

I think that this is a sunny spot.

In South Bohemia, there is a calm and sunny landscape with plenty of lakes used for freshwater fish farming.

It was raining when we left; it was sunny when we arrived.

If it's sunny, let's go to the club.

The weather is sunny.

Today it's very sunny, so everyone is wearing sunglasses.

Today, the weather in Istanbul is really sunny.

The park is sunny.

It's sunny today.

It was a fine sunny day.

It's Monday and it's sunny.

The room is sunny.

It was sunny yesterday.

It'll be sunny.

Despite being a sunny day, it is cold.

It was sunny as predicted.

Will the weather on Saturday be sunny?

It would be nice to go when is sunny.

On sunny days, the beach is very crowded.

Today's weather is sunny with occasional clouds.

It's sunny.

It was sunny.

"The sun is yellow." "That depends on your perspective. I am of the opinion that yellowness is sunny."

In a sunny spot stood a pleasant old farm-house close by a deep river, and from the house down to the water side grew great burdock leaves, so high, that under the tallest of them a little child could stand upright. The spot was as wild as the centre of a thick wood. In this snug retreat sat a duck on her nest, watching for her young brood to hatch; she was beginning to get tired of her task, for the little ones were a long time coming out of their shells, and she seldom had any visitors.

It was sunny this morning.

The news of his sudden death was like thunder on a sunny day.

A popular, capacious theatre in the city tempted many a moviegoer on a hot, sunny afternoon.

It's sunny just now.

Today it's sunny but cold.

It's sunny, but the water is cold.

Germany is not a sunny country.

The first time feels like a sunny day.

A low pressure area, cloudy with wind and sunny intervals, covers all of Scandinavia.

It is sunny.

The weather forecaster predicts sunny weather tomorrow.

When there was room on the ledge outside of the pots and boxes for a cat, the cat was there — in sunny weather — stretched at full length, asleep and blissful, with her furry belly to the sun and a paw curved over her nose. Then that house was complete, and its contentment and peace were made manifest to the world by this symbol, whose testimony is infallible. A home without a cat—and a well-fed, well-petted, and properly revered cat—may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title?

Fadil was a little boy with a sunny smile.

I was hoping today would be sunny.

It's really sunny here.

It's sunny here.

It was sunny when we arrived, but rainy when we left.

Was yesterday a sunny day?

It's too sunny.

It was a hot and sunny day.

It's going to be sunny tomorrow afternoon.

If we're lucky, it'll be sunny tomorrow.

I'm hoping it'll be sunny tomorrow.

I hope it's sunny tomorrow.

It's going to be sunny.

It was a sunny day.

The weather's warm and sunny today.

On sunny winter mornings, the white frost twinkles on the lawn.

The weather will alternate back and forth from sunny to cloudy tomorrow.

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