English example sentences with "see"

Learn how to use see in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

There's a problem there that you don't see.

It almost scared me not to see you online for a whole day.

If you see a mistake, then please correct it.

It would be fun to see how things change over the years.

We don't see things as they are, but as we are.

I see it rarely.

Half an eye is very useful actually, because an animal can see half of another animal, which wants to eat it, and can get out of the way, and it will eat the animal, which has only one-half eye or only 49% of an eye, because this to it will not be enough, and the animal, which was eaten up, will have no children, because it is dead.

It was a surprise to see all the students behaving with decorum on prom night.

We could see the sunset from the window.

If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

It's very frustrating to try to find your glasses when you can't see anything without glasses.

If you see a man approaching you with the obvious intention of doing you good, you should run for your life.

If you think education is expensive, wait till you see what ignorance costs you.

Why are you telling me about hippos all of the sudden? I don't see the connection between that and your twelve red goldfishes.

I'm glad to see you back.

I hope he'll be able to come! I'd like to see him.

Do you want to see her very much?

When did you see her dancing with him?

It is necessary for you to see a doctor at once.

You are too old not to see the reason.

Did you actually see the accident?

You ought to see a dentist.

You ought to have come to see me yesterday.

You had better not see her today.

You will see a forest of masts in the harbor.

Didn't you see a dog pass through the yard?

You can see it, but you cannot take it away.

Did you ever see the fish?

You'd better go to see your family doctor at once.

I see no analogy between your problem and mine.

Come and see me when it is convenient for you.

You can come and see me whenever it's convenient for you.

I can hear you, but I can't see you.

Your advice has helped me see the light regarding my future.

While I see what you say, I can't accept your offer.

I can't see what you mean.

I'd like to see your father.

I'm very glad to see you.

It's always delightful to see you.

To see you is always a great pleasure.

I want to see you again.

I hope you have brains enough to see the difference.

I'm anxious to see you.

It is quite a surprise to see you here.

I never see you but I think of my brother.

I will see to it that you meet her at the party.

I cannot believe you did not see him then.

I cannot see you behaving like that.

Air is a mixture of gases that we cannot see.

We can see thousands of stars in the sky.

You can see a lot of stars in the sky.

You'll see the bank on the left hand side of the hospital.

A girl with blonde hair came to see you.

We see things differently according to whether we are rich or poor.

I hope to see you soon.

Although her house is nearby, I seldom see her.

I hope to see his picture soon.

I'll be able to see you one of these days.

I'll come and see you one of these days.

May I come to see you one of these days?

Kyoto has many places to see.

There are many places to see in Kyoto.

There are many sights to see in Kyoto.

In Kyoto, you can see both old and modern buildings.

Please hide the blueberry jam where Takako can't see it.

Please come and see us sometime during the vacation.

I'm dying to see Kumiko.

You see a white building at the foot of the hill.

From the hill, we could see all the buildings in the city.

There's no telling what kind of trouble this proposal might stir up. The result is certainly going to be something to see.

I would like to come and see you.

We can clearly see the cycle of the seasons in Canada.

I can't see you today because I feel ill.

I will see him after I get back.

You should see this film if you get the opportunity.

I will see him at the first opportunity.

I see a book on the desk.

I see a flower on the desk.

The eye may see for the hand, but not for the mind.

A person with weak eyes can't see far.

I can see some boats far away from the shore.

I hope it won't be long before I can see you again.

The nurses must see to the comfort of their patients.

When you breathe out in cold weather, you can see your breath.

A student wants to see you.

Let's skip school and go see the movie.

You see some trees in front of the school.

I did see him.

I want to see the streets.

See to it that the door is locked before you leave.

See to it that all the doors are locked before you go out.

I will see you, each in your turn.

I wonder if you could find some time to see me.

I never see her without wanting to kiss her.

I'm glad to see you.

It is nice of you to come and see me.

Every time I go to see him, he is in bed.

It is Tom whom I want to see.

Come closer in order that you may see the screen better.

We parted, never to see each other again.

We see things differently, according to whether we are rich or poor.

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