English example sentences with "call"

Learn how to use call in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

I'll call them tomorrow when I come back.

Where can one make a phone call?

Call the police!

Could you call again later, please?

Tell them to call me before they leave.

Holy crap, who's the asshole who dares call me in the middle of the night?!

I think you had better call on him.

Did you call me up last night?

You had better call off your plan.

You are the only man in the world that I can call my friend.

If I find your passport, I'll call you at once.

I'll give you a call before I visit you.

There's a phone call for you from Akemi.

I couldn't call you; the telephone was out of order.

Tell me when you will call me.

What's the reason that made you call me?

I stayed home last night to be able to receive your call.

Upon arriving at the airport, he made a phone call to his wife.

I would like to call on you one of these days.

I need to make an urgent call. Is there a public phone near here?

In case of an emergency, call the police.

What number should I call in case of an emergency?

In case of emergency, call 119.

In case of emergency, call the police.

And I call on the chairman of the Education Committee to support the motion.

Call an ambulance.

We've got to hurry. Mr Itoh will call the roll.

I may have to come home late; if I do, I'll call you.

Be sure to call home before you leave the office.

I'll call by at the post office on the way home.

If it gets dangerous, give me a call.

It was a close call when the little girl almost drowned in the lake.

You look pale. Shall I call the doctor?

Since the bridge looks like a pair of glasses, they call it Meganebashi.

It's a small noisy apartment, but it's where I live and I call it home.

That was a close call.

Environmental problems call for quick action.

The students gathered at the call of the principal.

Call me at the office.

Could you please call him into the meeting?

We have to call on him tomorrow at any rate.

In case of fire, call 119.

I'd like to call my family.

I'll give you a call when I get home.

I will give you a call as soon as I get home.

In fact, I'll even call George at the office and tell him he ought to come home and help out.

Call on us in case of any difficulties.

If something happens, feel free to call me.

I heard someone in the crowd outside the station call my name.

On my arrival at the station, I will call you.

The English poet Percy Shelley went so far as to call hell a city much like London.

What do you call this bird in English?

What do you call this insect in English?

We had to call off the baseball game because of the rain.

We had to call off the game because of rain.

We had to call off the game because of the rain.

Please call me a doctor.

Could you call a doctor, please?

Please call in a doctor.

The committee decided to call off the strike.

Mr Ito will call the roll.

Our plan will call for a lot of money.

Don't bother to call on him.

Don't bother to call me.

Please call me as soon as possible when you arrive in London.

Robert broke off in the middle of his phone call.

I'd like to make a collect call to Los Angeles.

President Lincoln was what we call a self-made man.

I'd like to make a person-to-person call to Mrs. Richards.

Last call!

In order to serve you better, your call may be monitored.

I disliked the idea of the necessary call, but it had to be done.

If John should call me, tell him I'll be back at seven.

If you call him a clever man, he may be happy.

If he knew her phone number, he could call her.

In case anything happens, call me immediately.

Operator, I'd like to place a call to Winnipeg, Canada, but I can't quite remember the number.

I should like to call on you this evening.

If you will excuse me for a few minutes, I'd like to make a call.

Did you call him yet?

We have to call off the meeting.

I'd like to call a meeting.

It was not long before I got a call from him.

I hope you will call again.

I'll call him later.

I'll call again later.

I'll call you some other time.

First of all, I have to call on Jim.

Does Mike call his dog Pochi?

Bob thinks it is a silly idea to call his mother who is so far away, to spend so much, and to say so little.

My hotel told me to call you.

Paula left the room to call her mother.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-446-2581.

It's a phone call from a Mr Brown.

I forgot to call up Mr Ford.

Let's call Bill up.

Bill, call me tonight.

Should anyone call on me in my absence, tell him that I will be back soon.

I will give you a call as soon as I know for sure.

I'll call you back when I get to the bus stop.

I had to call off the party.

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