English example sentences with "birthday"

Learn how to use birthday in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

Today is June 18th and it is Muiriel's birthday!

I would like to give him a present for his birthday.

When is your birthday?

I will give you a bicycle for your birthday.

Your birthday is drawing near.

You shall have a bicycle for your birthday.

Strange things happened on her birthday.

The students cheered in honor of Dr. Baker's birthday.

A birthday cake with twelve candles on top.

If my house were a mansion, I would invite everyone I know to my birthday party.

My birthday is coming soon.

I'm going to make a cake for Mary's birthday.

What did you give Mike on his birthday?

Bill never fails to send a birthday present to his mother.

Pat's going to Jim's birthday party.

Please put some candles on the birthday cake.

Blow out all the candles on the birthday cake at once.

Tom never fails to send a birthday present to his father.

We are giving Tom a birthday party.

Let's get up a party for Tom's birthday.

It so happens that today is my birthday.

It happened that the day was my birthday.

Perhaps she doesn't remember my birthday.

A lot of birthday cards will arrive soon.

It was a party to celebrate her birthday.

It was Sir Anthony's eightieth birthday concert and everybody wanted a ticket.

Publication of the article was timed to coincide with the professor's birthday.

Publication of the book was timed to coincide with the author's birthday.

George sent me a birthday card.

Jeff wore the tie which Kim had given him for a birthday present.

Here is a present for your birthday.

Of all things, why did he give me a hat for my birthday? I don't wear a hat.

Ken bought a fine wine for his father on his birthday.

Kate hardly ever celebrates her birthday.

My father gave me a puppy for my birthday.

I hope your birthday is full of song and good times all day long! Happy birthday!

I hope your birthday is full of song and good times all day long! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you!

My aunt sent me a birthday present.

What did you say you gave her for her birthday?

You will get a CD set on your birthday.

Do you remember your father's birthday?

I bought a pen for your birthday present.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

The day after tomorrow is Tom's birthday.

A few days after his thirteenth birthday, Tony left school, too.

I am sending you a birthday present by air mail.

Many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday!

Today is my sister's birthday.

Today is my sixteenth birthday.

It's your birthday, isn't it, Yuri?

On what day of the week does your birthday fall this year?

My birthday falls on a Sunday this year.

My wife has had it in for me since I forgot her birthday.

Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday.

Yesterday was my birthday.

It was very considerate of Mr Yamada to send his secretary a bouquet of flowers on her birthday.

It happens that we have the same birthday.

We are giving Tom a party on his birthday.

We celebrated his birthday with a party.

We chose Mary a good birthday present.

We will give her a present on her birthday.

We gave a party in celebration of his 70th birthday.

We chose her a nice birthday present.

We will give Father a birthday present.

We celebrated Mother's 45th birthday.

My birthday is coming near.

My birthday coincides with yours.

My birthday is in November.

My birthday is one month from today.

My birthday is on March 22.

My birthday is close to yours.

My birthday is a month from today. That is to say, April 5th.

My birthday falls on Friday this year.

My birthday falls on Sunday.

Thank you for remembering my birthday.

It is really marvelous of you to remember my birthday.

I lost the watch my sister had given me for my birthday.

I put a red mark on the calendar for my birthday.

I doubt if Bob will come to my birthday party.

I invited scores of people to my birthday party.

I received my birthday present.

I received a sweater from her on my birthday.

I failed to go to his birthday party.

I was invited to her birthday party.

We celebrated his birthday.

I will be sixteen next birthday.

I said that I would be twenty next birthday.

Next year my birthday will fall on Sunday.

The baby was in his birthday suit.

My grandfather gave me a birthday present.

Hope you'll have a wonderful birthday.

There were more people present at the birthday party than was expected.

Have a birthday drink! It's on the house.

I look forward to my birthday.

The birthday is the day on which a person was born.

You shall have a new watch for your birthday.

You'll get a lot of presents on your birthday.

You shall have a new bicycle for your birthday.

It's very kind of you to invite me to your birthday party.

I will give you this bicycle as a birthday present.

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