English example sentences with "back"

Learn how to use back in a English sentence. Over 100 hand-picked examples.

I will be back soon.

I'll call them tomorrow when I come back.

Back in high school, I got up at 6 a.m. every morning.

"When will you be back?" "It all depends on the weather."

I have to go shopping. I'll be back in an hour.

It's over between us. Give me back my ring!

Spenser would not tell anyone his surreptitious plan to get back at his friends for pranking him.

If I showed you my house, my neighborhood back then, would you understand where I am from?

I have to give back the book before Saturday.

I'm glad to see you back.

You must be back on Sunday at the latest.

You should pay back your debts.

You are to stay here until we come back.

You must come back before nine o'clock.

You smoke far too much. You should cut back.

Were you to take it back?

You always talk back to me, don't you?

You shouldn't talk back to your parents like that.

You shouldn't talk back like that.

Go back to your seat.

Pull your car out a bit, I can't back my car out.

Let's discuss your love problems on the way back from school.

You are quite justified in answering him back.

She'll have left before you come back.

I'll stay here till you get back.

Upon arriving at the airport, he said, "I'm glad I could come back."

I had to resort to threats to get my money back.

They dance in circles to communicate a short distance, and shake their bodies and dart back and forth to indicate a longer distance.

Turn on your back.

I stared back at her in surprise.

Teachers shouldn't fall back on their authority.

The robber attacked her on a back street.

The burglar tied my hands behind my back with a rope.

Due to the intense sunlight, his back was sunburnt.

I've used up my wages, but I have my bank account to fall back on.

As soon as I get paid I will pay you back.

Pretty soon we'd better wrap up this break and get back to work.

Hearing this song after so long really brings back the old times.

After a long absence he came back.

The old church on the hill dates back to the twelfth century.

I found myself back in my room.

Why don't you look in on Mr Anderson on your way back?

You're back late. What have you been up to?

The trip back was very comfortable.

Would you mind picking up something on the way back?

I don't wanna go back.

Wait here till I come back.

I will see him after I get back.

He asked me to wait there until he came back.

So nice that you are back.

Get back, get back!

Get back, get back!

No one can turn the clock back.

Corporations are downsizing and reducing the amount of profits they put back into R&D.

Slapped on the face, I didn't fight back.

Should we send back the wrong merchandise?

The manager has put him back in the major league.

The stock market crash forced many retirees back into the job market.

I have just come back from school.

Like water off a duck's back.

I fell down the stairs and hit my back very hard.

I thought it would be a good idea to get back in touch with Japanese culture and history.

It was twenty years ago as I look back on it.

We entered the room by the back door.

We found it very hard going back to our base camp in the blizzard.

We were having a quiet supper when out of the blue my mother announced she was going back to school.

It is considered impossible to travel back to the past.

My past indiscretions are coming back to haunt me.

Don't look back on your past.

She regretted deeply when she looked back on her life.

There is a garden at the back of my house.

There is a hut at the back of our house.

Feeling the house shake, I ran out into the yard at the back of the house.

The summer vacation has come to an end, and we will have to go back to school.

When will you be back?

The men will be happy if they get anything back.

I felt something crawling on my back.

The wholesalers might try to back out of the deal.

Please fill in the application form and send it back by November 2nd.

Please back me up!

My back tooth has chipped.

Don't hold back.

How many cigarettes am I allowed to take back duty free?

Although it was a long way back to the station, little by little the old wagon drew near.

You shouldn't talk about Jack behind his back.

Say it to his face, not behind his back.

The rain set our plans back two weeks.

Let's go back before it begins to rain.

OK, now turn to your right, a little further, a little further... good. Now lie still on your back.

Don't hold back anything.

Nobody likes being spoken ill of behind his back.

Don't speak ill of others behind their back.

Let's turn back.

It is no use your holding me back.

Once gone, you will never get it back.

Once you leave here, you can't come back again.

I will give you back the CD in a week.

I'll be back within an hour.

Mr Iuchi has no one to fall back on.

The doctor called him back.

The doctor will be back before long.

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