Hey, we're Gikken.

What’s a Gikken?

Glad you asked.

It’s a tiny, Berlin-based software company making delightful apps that 800,000 folks use and love. It’s also a derivative of the Japanese word Jikken—to experiment.

That’s pretty cool.

Thanks mate, you’re pretty cool.

We’ve been around since we built Mate in 2016. It’s a fan-favorite translator app and browser extension that looks sleek as sunshine and kicks Google’s a… aesthetics. Looks and feels a whole lot better than any other translator we’ve encountered. And with shortcuts, it’s a lot faster to use.

Enough gushing about Mate (for now).

Do you make anything else?

You bet your butternut squash we do.

Artpaper came on the scene in 2017, reimagining how people interact with their wallpapers. Think about how often you shuffle around your desktop—it might as well be pretty.

After Mate, we took language even further with Reji, the tutor-flashcard-notebook translator app, in 2018. Sounds like a lot because it is. Does half the work of language learning for you!

And then there’s…

Woah! Slow down there.

Aha sorry, got ahead of ourselves. We get excited talking about our apps. They grow along with us. We’re working hard to create the most beautiful products people will use and love every day.

That sounds like marketing blabber.

Lots of companies spout generic stuff like that, but we mean it. And we hope that sincerity shows through the apps themselves. When you use something Gikken, you’ll know what we mean.

Are you talking to yourselves?

Nah, we’re talking to you, via us, via this website. It’s a bit meta, just go with it. Call it an… experiment. Here’s us below!

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