We're using Google Analytics to collect anonymous telemetry data, which, in its turn, uses cookies. It helps us to improve user experience of this site. There's no other third-party tracking like Facebook.

Privacy policy

We respect your privacy. Here you can learn in details what data we store and how we process it.

All the artwork is stored on our servers in New York, United States hosted by DigitalOcean, Inc. We don't store history of requests.

All the app settings are stored locally.

The only things we actually save for further usage are:

Device tokens

If you opted in for notifications in any of Artpaper apps, we store your device token to able to send you push notifications. They're unique per app and can't be used to identify you outside the app or show you ads. The sole purpose of this is to send you notifications about new artwork available or important app updates, like the one we sent to macOS users when Artpaper for iOS came out.

Anonymous telemetry data

Every app needs this. We need to know how people are using the app. Daily amount of users, retention, funnels which help us to learn which parts are used the most or the least and which need an optimization. It's a very important part of our product design decision making. It helps us make the app friendlier & faster. We're using Amplitude Analytics for it. All data is absolutely anonymous, is stored and transformed into fancy charts by Amplitude Analytics, Inc based in California, United States.

App permissions Artpaper requires to function properly:


Only on iOS. Due to the iOS design, Artpaper can't programatically update wallpapers like it does on macOS. So, the app needs a permission to write & read your Photos. Even though it doesn't actually read any single of your photos, it requires the Read permission to create a folder where it'll store all the artwork to avoid clutter. Write permission is required to save artwork in your Camera Roll.


Only on iOS and macOS Catalina or higher. Users with macOS versions before Catalina are opted in by default. If you enable automatic wallpaper updates (on macOS) or reminders about wallpaper updates (on iOS), the app will pick a random artwork from its collection and send to you in a notification based on the interval you've set in app settings. Very occasionally, we can also send you important app updates in notifications.

Get in touch

If you have questions, ping us at [email protected] with 'Artpaper Privacy' in the subject line.