Tokens 2

Tokens is an existing Mac app which makes generating, sharing, & tracking promo codes for iOS and macOS apps blazingly fast and one-click easy.

It's good, but here comes more:
We're currently working on a big revamp – Tokens 2. You can expect new features, IAP support, a mobile companion, and many more.

We'll be sharing frequent updates on this page, Twitter, and our newsletter (you can subscribe below).

New in Tokens 2

Tokens 2 will include all the features that are already available in Tokens, plus some features it lacks so much now. More precisely:


Closed beta

March–April, 2020
For current Tokens active users.

Open beta

May–June, 2020
We'll randomly pick 100 further people from the pool of those who subscribed below.

Public release

Summer 2020
Everyone gets in. Active beta users will get a hefty discount.

Who's in charge

We're an indie Berlin-based company called Gikken. We have a vast experience making iOS and Mac apps that are used by 600K users per month and were featured on the App Stores a dozen of times.

We purchased Tokens from Denis Hennessy in December, 2019 and decided to contribute to the Apple developers community by giving the app a decent facelift.

Development updates

We're trying to be as transparent as possible, so we're gonna be sharing every milestone we hit. Follow Alex, Andrew, and @UseTokens on Twitter for more details.

For current Tokens users

All the current Tokens licenses will still remain valid, so if you're fully satisfied with Tokens now – you can continue using it for as long as you want.

We won't kill the current app, but we won't sell any new licenses too.

Subscribe for beta and updates

We'll randomly pick 100 people from the subscribers and invite to the beta when it starts.

Also, if you subscribe now, you'll be getting monthly updates on our development progress and a discount when the app releases.