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Spanish verbs starting with T

All 504 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

tabalear, tabalearse, tabellar, tabicar, tabicarse, tablar, tablear, tabletear, tabular, tacar, tacañear, tachar, tachonar, taconear, tafiletear, tagarotear, taimarse, tajar, taladrar, talar, talionar, tallar, tallarse, tallecer, tallecerse, talonear, tambalear, tambalearse, tamborear, tamborilear, tamboritear, tamizar, tangir, tantear, tantearse, tapar, taparse, taperujarse, tapiar, tapirujarse, tapiscar, tapizar, tapizarse, taponar, tapujarse, taquigrafiar, taracear, tarar, tararear, tarascar, tarazar, tarazarse, tardar, tardarse, tardear, tarifar, tarifarse, tarjar, tartajear, tartalear, tartalearse, tartamudear, tartarizar, tasar, tascar, tatuar, tatuarse, tazar, tazarse, tañer, teatralizar, techar, teclear, tejar, tejer, tejerse, telefonear, telegrafiar, telegrafiarse, televisar, temblar, temblequear, tembletear, temer, temerse, tempanar, temperar, temperarse, tempestear, templar, templarse, temporalizar, temporejar, temporizar, tenacear, tender, tenderse, tener, tenerse, tensar, tentalear, tentar, tentarse, teologizar, teorizar, tercerear, terciar, terciarse, tergiversar, terminar, terminarse, terquear, terraplenar, terrear, terrecer, terrecerse, tersar, tertuliar, tesar, tesaurizar, testar, testificar, testiguar, testimoniar, tetar, teñir, teñirse, tibiar, tibiarse, tijeretear, tildar, tildarse, tillar, timar, timarse, timbrar, timonear, timpanizarse, tindalizar, tintar, tintinar, tintinear, tinturar, tinturarse, tipificar, tiramollar, tiranizar, tirar, tirarse, tiritar, tironear, tirotear, tirotearse, titar, titilar, titiritar, titubar, titubear, titular, titularse, tiznar, tiznarse, tizonear, toar, tocar, toldar, tolerar, toller, tomar, tomarse, tonar, tonificar, tonsurar, tontear, topar, toparse, topear, topetar, toquetear, torcer, torcerse, torear, tormentar, tornar, tornarse, tornasolar, tornasolarse, tornear, torpedear, torrar, torrear, torturar, torturarse, toser, tosigar, tosigarse, tostar, tostarse, totalizar, toxicar, tozar, trabajar, trabajarse, trabar, trabarse, trabucar, trabucarse, traducir, traer, traerse, trafagar, traficar, tragar, tragarse, tragonear, traicionar, traicionarse, traillar, trajear, trajearse, trajelar, trajinar, tramar, tramitar, tramontar, tramontarse, trampear, trancar, trancarse, tranquear, tranquilar, tranquilizar, tranquilizarse, transagredir, transar, transarse, transbordar, transbordarse, transcender, transcribir, transcurrir, transferir, transfigurar, transfigurarse, transflorar, transflorear, transformar, transformarse, transfregar, transfretar, transfundir, transfundirse, transgredir, transigir, transitar, translimitar, translucir, translucirse, transmigrar, transmigrarse, transmitir, transmitirse, transmontar, transmontarse, transmudar, transmudarse, transmutar, transmutarse, transparentar, transparentarse, transpirar, transpirarse, transponer, transponerse, transportar, transportarse, transubstanciar, transvasar, tranzar, trapacear, trapalear, trapazar, trapear, trapichear, trapisondear, traquear, traquetear, trasagredir, trasbocar, trasbordar, trascartarse, trascender, trascolar, trascolarse, trasconejarse, trascordar, trascordarse, trascribir, trascurrir, trasdoblar, trasdosar, trasdosear, trasechar, trasegar, traseñalar, trasferir, trasfigurar, trasfigurarse, trasflorar, trasflorear, trasfojar, trasformar, trasformarse, trasfregar, trasfretar, trasfundir, trasfundirse, trasgredir, trasguear, trashojar, trashumar, trasladar, trasladarse, traslapar, trasloar, traslucir, traslucirse, traslumbrar, traslumbrarse, trasmatar, trasmañanar, trasmigrar, trasmigrarse, trasminar, trasminarse, trasmitir, trasmontar, trasmontarse, trasmudar, trasmudarse, trasmutar, trasmutarse, trasnochar, trasnocharse, trasnombrar, trasoír, trasoñar, traspalar, traspalear, traspapelar, traspapelarse, trasparecer, trasparentar, trasparentarse, traspasar, traspasarse, traspeinar, traspellar, traspillar, traspillarse, traspintar, traspintarse, traspirar, traspirarse, trasplantar, trasplantarse, trasponer, trasponerse, trasportar, trasportarse, trasquilar, trasquilarse, trasroscarse, trastabillar, trastear, trastearse, trastejar, trastesar, trastocar, trastocarse, trastornar, trastornarse, trastrabarse, trastrabillar, trastrocar, trastrocarse, trastumbar, trasudar, trasuntar, trasuntarse, trasvasar, trasvenarse, trasver, trasverter, trasvinarse, trasvolar, tratar, tratarse, traumatizar, traumatizarse, travesar, travesarse, travesear, travestir, travestirse, travolcar, trazar, trazumar, trazumarse, trebejar, trechear, trefilar, tremar, tremer, tremolar, trencillar, trenzar, trenzarse, trepanar, trepar, treparse, trepidar, tresdoblar, triar, triarse, tribuir, tributar, tricotar, trifurcarse, trillar, trinar, trincar, trincarse, trinchar, tripartir, triplicar, triplicarse, triptongar, tripudiar, tripular, trisar, triscar, triscarse, trisecar, triturar, triunfar, trizar, trocar, trocarse, trocear, trociscar, trompar, trompear, trompetear, trompezar, trompicar, tronar, tronarse, troncar, tronchar, troncharse, tronerar, tronquear, tronzar, tronzarse, tropezar, tropezarse, troquelar, trotar, trovar, trovarse, trozar, trucar, trufar, truhanear, trujamanear, trullar, truncar, truncarse, tullecer, tullir, tullirse, tumbar, tumbarse, tumultuar, tunantear, tunar, tundear, tundir, tunear, tupir, tupirse, turbar, turbarse, turibular, turificar, turnar, turnarse, turrar, tusar, tusturrar, tutear, tutearse, tutelar.