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Spanish verbs starting with S

All 529 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

sabanear, sabatizar, saber, saberse, sablear, saborear, saborearse, sabotear, sacar, sacarificar, sacarse, sachar, saciar, saciarse, sacramentar, sacramentarse, sacrificar, sacrificarse, sacudir, sacudirse, saetear, sahornarse, sahumar, sahumarse, sainar, sainetear, sajar, sajelar, salabardear, salar, salariar, salarse, salcochar, saldar, salearse, salegar, salgar, salificar, salir, salirse, salivar, sallar, salmar, salmear, salmodiar, salmuerarse, salomar, salpicar, salpicarse, salpimentar, salpresar, salpullir, salsear, saltar, saltarse, saltear, saltearse, saludar, salvaguardar, salvar, salvarse, sambenitar, samurrar, sanar, sanarse, sancionar, sancochar, sanear, sangrar, sangrarse, sanguificar, sanjar, santificar, santificarse, santiguar, santiguarse, saponificar, saquear, sargentear, sarmentar, sarpullir, sarpullirse, satinar, satirizar, satisfacer, satisfacerse, saturar, saturarse, sazonar, sazonarse, secar, secarse, seccionar, secretar, secretear, secuestrar, secularizar, secularizarse, secundar, secutar, sedar, sedear, sedimentar, sedimentarse, seducir, segar, segmentar, segregar, seguetear, seguir, seguirse, segundar, seisavar, seleccionar, sellar, semblar, sembrar, semejar, semejarse, sementar, semilunar, senderar, senderear, sensibilizar, sentar, sentarse, sentenciar, sentir, sentirse, separar, separarse, septuplicar, septuplicarse, sepultar, sepultarse, ser, seranear, serenar, serenarse, seriar, sermonear, serpear, serpentear, serpollar, serrar, serviciar, servir, servirse, sesear, sesgar, sestear, setenar, sextavar, sextuplicar, sextuplicarse, señalar, señalarse, señalizar, señolear, señorear, señorearse, sigilar, signar, signarse, significar, significarse, silabar, silabear, silabizar, silbar, silenciar, silenciarse, silgar, silogizar, siluetear, siluetearse, simbolizar, simenzar, simpatizar, simplificar, simular, simultanear, sinalefar, sincerar, sincerarse, sincopar, sincopizar, sincopizarse, sincronizar, sindicar, sindicarse, singar, singlar, singularizar, singularizarse, sinterizar, sintetizar, sintonizar, sintonizarse, sirgar, sisar, sisear, sistematizar, sitiar, situar, situarse, soalzar, soasar, sobajar, sobajear, sobar, sobarcar, sobarse, soberanear, sobornar, sobradar, sobrar, sobrasar, sobreabundar, sobreaguar, sobreaguarse, sobrealimentar, sobrealimentarse, sobrealzar, sobrearar, sobreasar, sobreañadir, sobrebarrer, sobrebeber, sobrecalentar, sobrecalentarse, sobrecargar, sobrecenar, sobrecoger, sobrecogerse, sobrecrecer, sobrecurar, sobredorar, sobreedificar, sobreentender, sobreentenderse, sobreestar, sobreexceder, sobreexcederse, sobreexcitar, sobreexcitarse, sobreganar, sobregirar, sobrehilar, sobrellavar, sobrellenar, sobrellevar, sobrenadar, sobrentender, sobrentenderse, sobrepasar, sobrepintarse, sobreponer, sobreponerse, sobrepujar, sobresalir, sobresaltar, sobresaltarse, sobresanar, sobrescribir, sobreseer, sobresembrar, sobresolar, sobrestar, sobrestimar, sobrevenir, sobreverterse, sobrevestir, sobrevestirse, sobrevivir, sobrevolar, sobrexceder, sobrexcitar, sobrexcitarse, socaliñar, socalzar, socapar, socarrar, socarrarse, socavar, socavarse, socializar, socolar, socollar, socorrer, socorrerse, sofaldar, sofisticar, soflamar, soflamarse, sofocar, sofocarse, sofrenar, sofreír, soguear, sojuzgar, solacear, solapar, solaparse, solapear, solazar, solazarse, soldar, soldarse, solear, solearse, solemnizar, soler, solevantar, solevantarse, solevar, solevarse, solfear, solicitar, solidar, solidarizar, solidarizarse, solidarse, solidificar, solidificarse, soliloquiar, soliviantar, soliviantarse, soliviar, soliviarse, sollamar, sollamarse, sollisparse, sollozar, solmenar, soltar, soltarse, solucionar, solventar, solver, somarrar, somarrarse, somatizar, somatizarse, sombrar, sombrear, someter, someterse, somorgujar, somorgujarse, somormujar, sompesar, sonajear, sonar, sonarse, sondar, sondear, sonetear, sonetizar, sonochar, sonorizar, sonorizarse, sonreír, sonreírse, sonrodarse, sonrojar, sonrojarse, sonrojear, sonrojearse, sonrosar, sonrosarse, sonrosear, sonrosearse, sonsacar, sonsañar, sopalancar, sopapear, sopar, soparse, sopear, sopesar, sopetear, soplar, soplarse, soplonear, soportar, sopuntar, sorber, sornar, sorprender, sorprenderse, sorrabar, sorrapear, sorregar, sortear, sosañar, sosegar, sosegarse, soslayar, sospechar, sospesar, sostener, sostenerse, sostituir, sotanear, sotar, sotaventarse, sotaventearse, soterrar, sovietizar, soñar, suavizar, suavizarse, subalternar, subarrendar, subastar, subdelegar, subdistinguir, subdividir, subdividirse, subentender, subentenderse, subestimar, subintrar, subir, subirse, sublevar, sublevarse, sublimar, sublimarse, subministrar, subordinar, subordinarse, subrayar, subrogar, subrogarse, subsanar, subscribir, subscribirse, subseguir, subseguirse, subsistir, subsolar, substanciar, substantivar, substantivarse, substituir, substraer, substraerse, subtender, subtilizar, subtitular, subtraer, subvencionar, subvenir, subvertir, subyacer, subyugar, subyugarse, succionar, suceder, sucintarse, sucumbir, sudar, sufocar, sufocarse, sufragar, sufrir, sufrirse, sugerir, sugestionar, sugestionarse, suicidar, suicidarse, sujetar, sujetarse, sulcar, sulfatar, sulfatarse, sulfurar, sulfurarse, sumar, sumarse, sumergir, sumergirse, suministrar, sumir, sumirse, supeditar, superabundar, superar, superarse, superentender, superponer, supervenir, supervisar, suplantar, suplicar, suplir, suplirse, suponer, suportar, suprimir, supurar, supurarse, suputar, surcar, surcir, surgir, surtir, surtirse, suscitar, suscribir, suscribirse, suspender, suspenderse, suspirar, sustanciar, sustantivar, sustentar, sustentarse, sustituir, sustraer, sustraerse, susurrar, susurrarse, sutilizar, suturar, suvertir.