Spanish verbs starting with R

Click on any of 1,010 Spanish verbs beginning with R below to view a full conjugation table.

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Learning Spanish?

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rabear, rabiar, rabiatar, rabilar, rabosear, rabotear, racanear, rachar, racimar, racimarse, raciocinar, racionalizar, racionar, racionarse, radiar, radicalizar, radicalizarse, radicar, radicarse, radiodifundir, radiografiar, radiotelegrafiar, raer, rafear, raizar, rajar, rajarse, ralbar, ralear, rallar, ramalear, ramificar, ramificarse, ramonear, rancar, ranchear, ranchearse, ranciar, ranciarse, rapar, raparse, rapiñar, raposear, raptar, rapuzar, raquear, rarificar, rarificarse, rasar, rasarse, rascar, rascarse, rascuñar, rasgar, rasgarse, rasguear, rasguñar, rasmillar, raspar, raspear, rasquetear, rastillar, rastrallar, rastrar, rastrear, rastrillar, rastrojar, rasurar, ratear, ratificar, ratificarse, ratigar, ratonar, ratonarse, rayar, rayarse, razonar, reabrir, reabrirse, reaccionar, reactivar, reacuñar, readmitir, reafirmar, reafirmarse, reagravar, reagravarse, reagruparse, realegrarse, realizar, realizarse, realquilar, realzar, realzarse, reamar, reanimar, reanimarse, reanudar, reanudarse, reaparecer, reapretar, rearar, reargüir, rearmar, rearmarse, reasumir, reatar, reaventar, reavivar, reavivarse, rebajar, rebajarse, rebalsar, rebalsarse, rebanar, rebanear, rebasar, rebatar, rebatir, rebautizar, rebañar, rebelar, rebelarse, rebinar, rebitar, reblandecer, reblandecerse, reblar, rebobinar, rebombar, rebordear, rebosar, rebosarse, rebotar, rebotarse, rebozar, rebozarse, rebramar, rebrincar, rebrotar, rebudiar, rebufar, rebujar, rebullir, rebullirse, rebumbar, reburujar, rebuscar, rebuscarse, rebutir, rebuznar, recabar, recadar, recaer, recalar, recalarse, recalcar, recalcarse, recalcitrar, recalentar, recalentarse, recalzar, recamar, recambiar, recapacitar, recapitular, recargar, recargarse, recatar, recatarse, recatear, recatonear, recauchutar, recaudar, recavar, recebar, recechar, recejar, recelar, recelarse, recentar, recentarse, receptar, receptarse, recercar, recetar, receñir, rechazar, rechiflar, rechiflarse, rechinar, rechistar, rechizar, recibir, recibirse, reciclar, recidivar, recinchar, reciprocar, reciprocarse, recitar, reclamar, reclamarse, reclinar, reclinarse, recluir, recluirse, reclutar, recobrar, recobrarse, recocer, recocerse, recodar, recoger, recogerse, recolar, recolectar, recolegir, recomendar, recomendarse, recomenzar, recomer, recomerse, recompensar, recomponer, reconcentrar, reconcentrarse, reconciliar, reconciliarse, reconcomer, reconcomerse, recondenar, recondenarse, reconducir, reconfortar, reconocer, reconocerse, reconquistar, reconsiderar, reconstituir, reconstituirse, reconstruir, recontar, reconvalecer, reconvenir, reconvertir, recopilar, recordar, recordarse, recorrer, recortar, recortarse, recorvar, recorvarse, recoser, recostar, recostarse, recovar, recrear, recrearse, recrecer, recrecerse, recriar, recriminar, recriminarse, recrudecer, recrudecerse, recrujir, recruzar, rectar, rectificar, rectificarse, rectorar, recuadrar, recubrir, recudir, recuestar, recular, recuperar, recuperarse, recurar, recurrir, recusar, recuñar, redactar, redar, redargüir, redecir, redhibir, rediezmar, redilar, redilear, redimir, redimirse, redituar, redoblar, redoblarse, redoblegar, redolar, redondear, redondearse, redorar, redrar, redrojar, reducir, reducirse, redundar, reduplicar, reedificar, reeditar, reeducar, reelegir, reembarcar, reembarcarse, reembolsar, reembolsarse, reemplazar, reencarnar, reencarnarse, reencuadernar, reenganchar, reengancharse, reengendrar, reensayar, reenviar, reenvidar, reestrenar, reexaminar, reexpedir, reexportar, refacer, refeccionar, referir, referirse, refigurar, refinar, refinarse, refirmar, refirmarse, refitolear, reflectar, reflejar, reflejarse, reflexionar, reflorecer, refluir, refocilar, refocilarse, reforestar, reformar, reformarse, reforzar, reforzarse, refractar, refractarse, refregar, refregarse, refrenar, refrenarse, refrendar, refrescar, refrescarse, refreír, refriar, refriarse, refrigerar, refrigerarse, refringir, refringirse, refugiar, refugiarse, refulgir, refundir, refundirse, refunfuñar, refutar, regacear, regalar, regalarse, regar, regarse, regatear, regatonear, regazar, regañar, regañir, regenerar, regenerarse, regentar, regentear, regimentar, regir, regirse, registrar, registrarse, reglamentar, reglar, reglarse, regletear, regocijar, regocijarse, regodearse, regoldar, regolfar, regolfarse, regostarse, regraciar, regradecer, regresar, regresarse, regruñir, reguardar, reguardarse, reguilar, regular, regularizar, regularizarse, regurgitar, rehabilitar, rehabilitarse, rehacer, rehacerse, rehartar, rehartarse, rehelear, rehenchir, rehenchirse, reherir, reherrar, rehervir, rehervirse, rehilar, rehinchir, rehogar, rehollar, rehoyar, rehuir, rehuirse, rehumedecer, rehumedecerse, rehundir, rehurtarse, rehusar, rehusarse, reilar, reimportar, reimprimir, reinar, reincidir, reincorporar, reincorporarse, reingresar, reinscribir, reinstalar, reinstalarse, reintegrar, reintegrarse, reiterar, reiterarse, reivindicar, rejacar, rejitar, rejonear, rejuntar, rejuntarse, rejuvenecer, rejuvenecerse, relabrar, relacionar, relacionarse, relajar, relajarse, relamer, relamerse, relampaguear, relanzar, relatar, relavar, relazar, releer, relegar, relejar, relentecer, relentecerse, relevar, relevarse, religar, relimar, relimpiar, relimpiarse, relinchar, relingar, rellanar, rellanarse, rellenar, rellenarse, reluchar, relucir, relumbrar, relvar, remachar, remallar, remanar, remandar, remanecer, remangar, remangarse, remansarse, remar, remarcar, rematar, rematarse, rembolsar, remecer, remecerse, remedar, remediar, remediarse, remedir, remejer, remellar, remembrar, rememorar, remendar, remesar, remeter, remilgarse, remirar, remirarse, remitir, remitirse, remojar, remojarse, remolcar, remoldar, remoler, remolinar, remolinarse, remolinear, remolinearse, remolonear, remolonearse, remondar, remontar, remontarse, remorder, remorderse, remosquearse, remostar, remostarse, remostecerse, remover, removerse, remozar, remozarse, remplazar, rempujar, remudar, remudarse, remudiar, remugar, remullir, remunerar, remusgar, renacer, rencionar, rendar, rendir, rendirse, renegar, renegrear, rengar, renguear, renombrar, renovar, renovarse, renquear, rentar, renunciar, renvalsar, reoctavar, reorganizar, reorganizarse, repacer, repagar, repanchigarse, repantigarse, repapilarse, reparar, repararse, repartir, repartirse, repasar, repasarse, repastar, repatear, repatriar, repechar, repeinar, repelar, repeler, repelerse, repellar, repensar, repentirse, repentizar, repercudir, repercudirse, repercutir, repesar, repescar, repetir, repetirse, repicar, repicarse, repicotear, repinarse, repintar, repintarse, repiquetear, repiquetearse, repisar, repizcar, repizcarse, replantar, replantear, replegar, replegarse, repletar, repletarse, replicar, repoblar, repoblarse, repodar, repodrir, repollar, repollarse, reponer, reponerse, reportar, reportarse, reposar, reposarse, repostar, repostarse, repoyar, repreguntar, reprehender, reprender, represar, represarse, representar, representarse, reprimir, reprimirse, reprobar, reprochar, reprocharse, reproducir, reproducirse, repropiarse, reptar, repuchar, repucharse, repudiar, repudrir, repudrirse, repugnar, repugnarse, repujar, repulgar, repulir, repulirse, repulsar, repuntar, repuntarse, repurgar, reputar, reputarse, requebrar, requemar, requemarse, requerir, requintar, requisar, resaber, resabiar, resabiarse, resacar, resalir, resallar, resaltar, resaludar, resanar, resarcir, resarcirse, resbalar, resbalarse, rescaldar, rescatar, rescatarse, rescindir, rescoldar, rescontrar, rescribir, resecar, resecarse, resegar, reseguir, resellar, resellarse, resemblar, resembrar, resentir, resentirse, reservar, reservarse, reseñar, resfriar, resfriarse, resguardar, resguardarse, residenciar, residenciarse, residir, resignar, resignarse, resinar, resisar, resistir, resistirse, resobrar, resolgar, resollar, resolver, resolverse, resonar, resoplar, resorber, respaldar, respaldarse, respectar, respeluzar, respeluzarse, respetar, respigar, respingar, respirar, resplandecer, responder, responsabilizar, responsabilizarse, responsar, responsear, resquebrajar, resquebrajarse, resquebrar, resquebrarse, resquemar, resquemarse, resquilar, restablecer, restablecerse, restallar, restar, restaurar, restañar, restañarse, restituir, restituirse, restregar, restribar, restringir, restriñir, resucitar, resudar, resudarse, resultar, resumir, resumirse, resurgir, resurtir, retacar, retajar, retallar, retallecer, retar, retardar, retardarse, retasar, retazar, retejar, retejer, retemblar, retener, retenerse, retentar, retesar, retestinar, reteñir, retinar, retinglar, retirar, retirarse, retiñir, retobar, retobarse, retocar, retocarse, retorcer, retorcerse, retoricar, retornar, retornarse, retortijar, retostar, retozar, retoñar, retoñecer, retractar, retractarse, retraducir, retraer, retraerse, retrancar, retranquear, retransmitir, retrasar, retrasarse, retratar, retratarse, retrechar, retreparse, retribuir, retrillar, retrocar, retroceder, retrogradar, retronar, retrotraer, retrotraerse, retrovender, retrucar, retumbar, retundir, reunir, reunirse, reuntar, revacunar, revacunarse, revalidar, revalidarse, revalorizar, revalorizarse, revaluar, revejecer, revejecerse, revelar, revelarse, reveler, revenar, revencer, revender, revenir, revenirse, reventar, reventarse, rever, reverberar, reverdecer, reverenciar, reversar, reverter, revertir, revesar, revestir, revestirse, revezar, revezarse, revidar, revindicar, revirar, revirarse, revisar, revistar, revivificar, revivir, revocar, revolar, revolarse, revolcar, revolcarse, revolear, revolotear, revolucionar, revolver, revolverse, revotarse, rezagar, rezagarse, rezar, rezongar, rezumar, rezumarse, reír, reírse, reñir, ribetear, ridiculizar, rielar, rifar, rifarse, rilar, rilarse, rimar, rimbombar, ringar, ringarse, riostrar, ripiar, riscar, risotear, ritmar, rivalizar, rizar, rizarse, robar, robarse, roblar, roblarse, roblonar, roborar, robustecer, robustecerse, rochar, rociar, rodar, rodear, rodearse, rodrigar, roer, rogar, rojear, rolar, roldar, rollar, romadizarse, romanar, romancear, romanear, romanizar, romanizarse, romanzar, romper, romperse, roncar, roncear, roncearse, ronchar, rondar, ronquear, ronronear, ronzar, rorar, rosarse, roscar, rosear, rosigar, rostir, rotar, rotular, roturar, rozar, rozarse, roznar, roñar, roñarse, ruar, rubificar, ruborizar, ruborizarse, rubricar, rucar, ruchar, rufianear, rugar, rugarse, rugir, ruinar, ruinarse, rujiar, rular, rumbar, rumbear, rumiar, rumorar, rumorear, rumorearse, runflar, runrunear, runrunearse, rusentar, rusificar, rusificarse, rusticar, rustir, rustrir, rutar, rutilar, ruñar.