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Spanish verbs starting with I

All 357 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

idealizar, idear, identificar, identificarse, idolatrar, ignorar, igualar, igualarse, iguar, ijadear, ilegitimar, iludir, iluminar, ilusionar, ilusionarse, ilustrar, ilustrarse, imaginar, imaginarse, imanar, imanarse, imantar, imantarse, imbricar, imbuir, imitar, impacientar, impacientarse, impactar, impactarse, impartir, impedir, impeler, impender, imperar, impermeabilizar, impersonalizar, impetrar, implantar, implantarse, implar, implicar, implicarse, implorar, imponer, imponerse, importar, importunar, importunarse, imposibilitar, impostar, imprecar, impregnar, impregnarse, impresionar, impresionarse, imprimar, imprimir, improbar, improperar, impropiar, improvisar, impugnar, impulsar, impurificar, imputar, inaugurar, incapacitar, incardinar, incardinarse, incautar, incautarse, incendiar, incendiarse, incensar, incestar, incidir, incinerar, incinerarse, incitar, inclinar, inclinarse, incluir, incoar, incomodar, incomodarse, incomunicar, incomunicarse, incordiar, incorporar, incorporarse, incrasar, incrementar, incrementarse, increpar, incriminar, incrustar, incrustarse, incubar, incubarse, inculcar, inculcarse, inculpar, incumbir, incumplir, incurrir, incurvar, incusar, indagar, indemnizar, indemnizarse, independizar, independizarse, indexar, indicar, indiciar, indigestar, indigestarse, indignar, indignarse, indilgar, indinar, indinarse, indisciplinarse, indisponer, indisponerse, individualizar, individuar, inducir, indultar, industrializar, industriar, industriarse, inebriar, inebriarse, infamar, infamarse, infartar, infartarse, infatuar, infatuarse, infeccionar, infectar, infectarse, infecundar, infecundarse, inferir, inferirse, infernar, infernarse, infestar, infestarse, infeudar, infibular, inficionar, inficionarse, infiltrar, infiltrarse, infirmar, inflamar, inflamarse, inflar, inflarse, infligir, influenciar, influir, informar, informarse, infravalorar, infringir, infundir, infurtir, infuscar, ingeniar, ingeniarse, ingerir, ingletear, ingresar, ingurgitar, inhabilitar, inhabilitarse, inhalar, inhestar, inhibir, inhibirse, inhumar, iniciar, iniciarse, injerir, injerirse, injertar, injuriar, inmigrar, inmiscuir, inmiscuirse, inmolar, inmolarse, inmortalizar, inmortalizarse, inmovilizar, inmovilizarse, inmunizar, inmutar, inmutarse, innovar, inocular, inocularse, inquietar, inquietarse, inquinar, inquinarse, inquirir, insacular, insalivar, inscribir, inscribirse, insculpir, inseguir, insensibilizar, insensibilizarse, inserir, insertar, insertarse, insidiar, insimular, insinuar, insinuarse, insistir, insolar, insolarse, insolentar, insolentarse, insonorizar, inspeccionar, inspirar, inspirarse, instalar, instalarse, instar, instaurar, instigar, instilar, instituir, instruir, instruirse, instrumentar, insubordinar, insubordinarse, insudar, insuflar, insultar, insultarse, insurgir, insurreccionar, insurreccionarse, integrar, integrarse, intender, intensar, intensarse, intensificar, intensificarse, intentar, intercalar, intercambiar, interceder, interceptar, interdecir, interesar, interesarse, interferir, interferirse, interfoliar, interinar, interlinear, intermediar, intermitir, internacionalizar, internar, internarse, interpaginar, interpelar, interpolar, interponer, interponerse, interprender, interpretar, interrogar, interrumpir, intersecarse, intervenir, intestar, intimar, intimarse, intimidar, intimidarse, intitular, intitularse, intoxicar, intoxicarse, intranquilizar, intranquilizarse, intricar, intricarse, intrigar, intrincar, intrincarse, introducir, introducirse, intrusar, intrusarse, intubar, intuir, inundar, inundarse, inutilizar, inutilizarse, invadir, invaginar, invalidar, invenir, inventar, inventariar, invernar, invertir, investigar, investir, inveterarse, invigilar, invitar, invocar, involucrar, involucrarse, inyectar, ionizar, ionizarse, ir, irisar, ironizar, irradiar, irreverenciar, irrigar, irritar, irritarse, irrogar, irrogarse, irruir, irrumpir, irse, islamizar, islamizarse, italianizar, italianizarse, iterar, ivernar, izar, izquierdear.