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Spanish verbs starting with G

All 209 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

gafar, gafarse, gaguear, gaguearse, galantear, galardonar, galguear, galibar, galimar, gallar, gallardear, gallardearse, gallear, gallearse, gallofar, gallofear, galonear, galopar, galopear, galuchar, galvanizar, gambetear, gamitar, ganar, ganarse, gandujar, gandulear, gangrenar, gangrenarse, ganguear, gansear, ganzuar, garabatear, garantir, garantizar, garapiñar, garbar, garbear, garbillar, garfear, gargajear, gargantear, gargarear, gargarizar, garlar, garrafiñar, garramar, garrapatear, garrapiñar, garrar, garrear, garrir, garrochar, garrochear, garrotear, gasajar, gasajarse, gasear, gasificar, gastar, gastarse, gatear, gavillar, gayar, gazmiar, gazmiarse, gaznar, gañir, geminar, geminarse, gemiquear, gemir, generalizar, generalizarse, generar, gentilizar, germanizar, germanizarse, germinar, gestar, gestarse, gestear, gesticular, gestionar, gibar, gimotear, girar, gitanear, glasear, globalizar, gloriar, gloriarse, glorificar, glorificarse, glosar, glotonear, gobernar, gobernarse, gofrar, golear, golfear, golletear, golmajear, golosear, golosinar, golosinear, golosmear, golpear, golpearse, golpetear, gongorizar, gorgojarse, gorgorear, gorgoritear, gorjear, gorjearse, gormar, gorrear, gorronear, gotear, gozar, gozarse, grabar, grabarse, gracejar, gracir, gradar, gradecer, graduar, graduarse, grajear, gramar, gramatiquear, granar, grandifacer, grandisonar, granear, granizar, granjear, granjearse, granular, granularse, grapar, gratar, gratificar, gratinar, gratular, gratularse, gravar, gravescer, gravitar, graznar, grecizar, greguizar, grietarse, grietearse, grifar, grifarse, grillar, grillarse, grisear, gritar, groar, gruir, grujir, gruñir, guacer, guachapear, guachar, guadañar, guadrapear, gualdrapear, guantear, guapear, guardar, guardarse, guarecer, guarecerse, guarir, guarirse, guarnecer, guarnicionar, guarnir, guarrear, guasearse, guayar, guañir, gubernar, guerrear, guerrillear, guiar, guiarse, guillarse, guillotinar, guinchar, guindar, guindarse, guipar, guisar, guisarse, guitar, guitonear, guizgar, guiñar, guiñarse, gulusmear, gurruñar, gusanear, gustar.