Spanish verbs starting with C

Click on any of 1,152 Spanish verbs beginning with C below to view a full conjugation table.

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Learning Spanish?

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cabalar, cabalgar, caballear, caballerear, cabecear, caber, cabestrar, cabestrear, cabildear, cablegrafiar, cabrahigar, cabrear, cabrearse, cabrillear, cabriolar, cabriolear, cabruñar, cacarear, cacear, cachar, cachear, cachetear, cachetearse, cachifollar, cachipodar, cachondear, cachondearse, caciquear, caducar, caer, caerse, cagar, cagarse, cairelar, calabacear, calabacearse, calabriar, calabrotar, calafatear, calafetear, calamonarse, calamorrar, calandrar, calar, calarse, calaverear, calcar, calcetar, calcificar, calcificarse, calcinar, calcinarse, calcografiar, calcorrear, calcular, caldear, caldearse, calecer, calendar, calentar, calentarse, caler, calibrar, calificar, calificarse, caligrafiar, calimbar, callantar, callar, callarse, callear, callejear, callentar, calmar, calmarse, calofriar, calofriarse, calosfriar, calosfriarse, calumniar, calvar, calzar, calzarse, camandulear, cambalachar, cambalachear, cambar, cambiar, cambiarse, cambizar, camelar, camiar, caminar, camochar, camorrear, camotear, campanear, campanearse, campanillear, campar, campear, camuflar, canalizar, cancanear, cancelar, cancerar, cancerarse, canchear, candar, candonguear, canear, canecer, canecerse, cangallar, cangar, canjear, canmiar, canonizar, cansar, cansarse, cantalear, cantaletear, cantar, cantear, cantearse, cantonar, cantonarse, cantonear, cantonearse, canturrear, canturriar, cantusar, capacear, capacitar, capacitarse, capar, capear, caperucear, capialzar, capitalizar, capitanear, capitular, capolar, caponar, capotar, capotear, capsular, captar, captarse, capturar, capuzar, carabear, carabritear, caracolear, caracterizar, caracterizarse, caramelizar, caramelizarse, carbonar, carbonarse, carbonatar, carbonatarse, carbonear, carbonizar, carbonizarse, carburar, carcajear, carcajearse, carcavear, carcavinar, carcomer, carcomerse, cardar, carduzar, carear, carearse, carecer, carenar, cargar, cargarse, cargosear, cariar, cariarse, caricaturar, caricaturizar, cariñar, cariñarse, carlear, carmenar, carmenarse, carminar, carnear, carnerear, carnificarse, carochar, caroncharse, carpentear, carpintear, carpir, carpirse, carraspear, carrasquear, carretear, carretearse, carrochar, carroñar, carrucar, cartear, cartearse, cartelear, cartografiar, casamentar, casarse, cascabelear, cascamajar, cascar, cascarse, caseificar, castañetear, castañetearse, castellanizar, castellanizarse, castigar, castigarse, castrar, castrarse, catalogar, catapultar, catar, catarse, catatar, catear, catequizar, catolizar, catolizarse, catonizar, caucionar, causar, causarse, causear, causticar, cautelar, cautelarse, cauterizar, cautivar, cavar, cavilar, cayapear, cazar, cazcalear, cazoletear, cazumbrar, cañar, cañaverear, cañear, cañonear, cañonearse, cebadar, cebar, cebarse, cecear, cecinar, cedacear, ceder, cedular, cefear, cegajear, cegar, cegarse, cejar, celar, celebrar, celebrarse, celeminear, cellisquear, cementar, cementarse, cenar, cencerrear, cendrar, cenegar, censar, censurar, centellar, centellear, centonar, centralizar, centralizarse, centrar, centrarse, centrifugar, centuplicar, centuplicarse, cepillar, cepillarse, cercar, cercarse, cercenar, cerchar, cerchearse, cerciorar, cerciorarse, cerdear, cernear, cerner, cernerse, cernir, cerotear, cerrajear, cerrar, cerrarse, cerrebojar, cerrillar, certificar, certificarse, cesantear, cesar, cespitar, ceñar, ceñir, ceñirse, chacharear, chacolotear, chacotear, chafallar, chafar, chafarrinar, chafarse, chaflanar, chalanear, chalar, chalarse, chamar, chamarilear, chambonear, chamelar, chamorrar, champar, champear, champurrar, chamullar, chamurrar, chamuscar, chamuscarse, chancar, chancear, chancearse, chancletear, chanelar, changar, chantar, chantarse, chapalear, chapaletear, chapar, chapear, chapearse, chapecar, chapescar, chapodar, chapotear, chapucear, chapullar, chapurrar, chapurrear, chapuzar, chapuzarse, chaquetear, chaquetearse, charlar, charlatanear, charlear, charlotear, charolar, charquear, charranear, charrar, chascar, chasconear, chasquear, chatear, chazar, chequear, chequearse, cherchar, cherriar, chiar, chicharrar, chichear, chiclear, chicolear, chicotear, chiflar, chiflarse, chillar, chinar, chinchar, chincharse, chinear, chinearse, chingar, chingarse, chinguear, chiquear, chirigotear, chiripear, chirlar, chirlatar, chirlear, chirrear, chirriar, chirrisquear, chiscar, chismar, chismear, chismorrear, chismotear, chisparse, chispear, chispearse, chisporrotear, chistar, chitar, chivar, chivarse, chivatear, chivatearse, chocar, chocarrear, chocarrearse, chochear, choclar, chonguearse, chopear, chorar, chorrear, chorrearse, chospar, chotar, chotear, chotearse, chozpar, chucanear, chuchear, chufar, chuflar, chufletear, chulear, chulearse, chunguearse, chupar, chuparse, chupetear, churrar, churrascar, churritar, churrupear, churruscar, churruscarse, chutar, chutarse, chuzar, ciabogar, ciar, cicalar, cicatear, cicatrizar, cicatrizarse, ciclar, cifrar, cifrarse, ciguatarse, cilindrar, cimar, cimblar, cimbrar, cimbrarse, cimbrear, cimbrearse, cimentar, cincelar, cinchar, cinematografiar, cingir, cinglar, cintar, cintarear, cintilar, circuir, circular, circuncidar, circundar, circunescribir, circunferir, circunnavegar, circunscribir, circunscribirse, circunstanciar, circunvalar, circunvenir, circunvolar, ciscar, ciscarse, cismar, citar, citarse, civilizar, civilizarse, cizallar, cizañar, cizañear, clamar, clamorear, clarar, clarear, clarearse, clarificar, clasificar, clasificarse, claudicar, clausular, clausurar, clavar, clavarse, clavetear, climatizar, clisar, clisterizar, clisterizarse, clocar, cloquear, cloroformizar, clorurar, coaccionar, coacervar, coadquirir, coadunar, coadunarse, coadyuvar, coagular, coagularse, coaptar, coartar, cobardear, cobijar, cobijarse, cobrar, cobrarse, cobrear, cocar, cocarar, cocear, cocer, cocerse, cochear, cochearse, cocinar, codear, codearse, codiciar, codificar, coercer, coexistir, coextender, coextenderse, cofrear, coger, cogerse, cogitar, cognocer, cohabitar, cohechar, coheredar, cohibir, cohibirse, cohobar, cohonder, cohonestar, coincidir, coitar, cojear, colaborar, colacionar, colar, colarse, colchar, colear, colearse, coleccionar, colectar, colectivizar, colegiar, colegiarse, colegir, colerizar, colerizarse, colgar, colgarse, colicuar, colicuarse, colicuecer, colidir, coligarse, colimar, colindar, colmar, colmarse, colocar, colocarse, colonizar, colorar, colorarse, colorear, colorearse, colorir, coludir, columbrar, columpiar, columpiarse, comadrear, comandar, comanditar, comarcar, combar, combarse, combatir, combatirse, combinar, combinarse, comedir, comedirse, comentar, comenzar, comer, comercializar, comerciar, comerse, cometer, cometerse, comichear, cominear, comiquear, comisar, comiscar, comisionar, compactar, compadecer, compadecerse, compadrar, compadrear, compaginar, compaginarse, comparar, compararse, comparecer, compartir, compasar, compeler, compelir, compendiar, compendizar, compenetrar, compenetrarse, compensar, compensarse, competer, competir, competirse, compilar, complacer, complacerse, complanar, complañir, complementar, complementarse, completar, complicar, complicarse, componer, componerse, comportar, comportarse, comprar, comprarse, comprender, comprenderse, comprimir, comprimirse, comprobar, comprometer, comprometerse, compulsar, compungir, compungirse, computar, computarse, comulgar, comulgarse, comunicar, comunicarse, concadenar, concadenarse, concatenar, concatenarse, concebir, conceder, concentrar, concentrarse, conceptear, conceptuar, concernir, concertar, concertarse, conchabar, conchabarse, conciliar, conciliarse, concionar, concitar, concitarse, concluir, concomer, concomerse, concordar, concrecionar, concrecionarse, concretar, concretarse, concuasar, conculcar, concurrir, concursar, condecender, condecir, condecorar, condenar, condenarse, condensar, condensarse, condesar, condescencer, condescender, condicionar, condimentar, condistinguir, condolecerse, condoler, condolerse, condonar, conducir, conducirse, condurar, conectar, conectarse, conexionar, conexionarse, confabular, confabularse, confeccionar, confederar, confederarse, conferenciar, conferir, confesar, confesarse, confiar, confiarse, conficionar, configurar, configurarse, confinar, confinarse, confingir, confirmar, confirmarse, confiscar, confitar, conflagrar, confluir, conformar, conformarse, confortar, confortarse, confraternar, confraternizar, confricar, confrontar, confrontarse, confuir, confundir, confundirse, confutar, congelar, congelarse, congeniar, congestionar, congestionarse, conglobar, conglobarse, conglomerar, conglomerarse, conglutinar, conglutinarse, congojar, congojarse, congraciar, congraciarse, congratular, congratularse, congregar, congregarse, conhortar, conjeturar, conjugar, conjuntar, conjuntarse, conjuramentarse, conjurar, conjurarse, conllevar, conllorar, conmemorar, conmensurar, conminar, conmover, conmoverse, conmutar, connaturalizar, connaturalizarse, connotar, conocer, conocerse, conquerir, conquistar, conrear, conreinar, consagrar, consagrarse, conseguir, conseguirse, consejar, consentir, consentirse, conservar, conservarse, considerar, considerarse, consignar, consistir, consolar, consolarse, consolidar, consolidarse, consonar, conspirar, constar, constatar, consternar, consternarse, constipar, constiparse, constituir, constituirse, constreñir, constringir, constriñir, construir, consuegrar, consultar, consumar, consumir, consumirse, contabilizar, contactar, contagiar, contagiarse, contaminar, contaminarse, contar, contarse, contemperar, contemplar, contemporizar, contender, contener, contenerse, contentar, contentarse, contestar, contextuar, continuar, continuarse, contonear, contonearse, contorcer, contorcerse, contornar, contornear, contorsionar, contorsionarse, contraabrir, contraatacar, contrabalancear, contrabandear, contrabatir, contradecir, contradecirse, contraer, contraerse, contrafacer, contrafallar, contrahacer, contrahacerse, contraindicar, contralorear, contramallar, contramandar, contramarcar, contramarchar, contraminar, contrapasar, contrapear, contrapechar, contrapesar, contraponer, contraponerse, contraproponer, contrapuntarse, contrapuntear, contrapuntearse, contrapunzar, contrariar, contrarrestar, contrasellar, contrastar, contratar, contravalar, contravenir, contribuir, contristar, contristarse, controlar, controlarse, controvertir, contundir, contundirse, conturbar, conturbarse, convalecer, convalidar, convencer, convencerse, convenir, convenirse, converger, convergir, conversar, convertir, convertirse, convidar, convidarse, convivir, convocar, convoyar, convoyarse, convulsionar, cooperar, coordinar, coordinarse, copar, coparse, copear, copearse, copelar, copiar, copilar, copinar, coplear, coproducir, copular, copularse, coquetear, coquizar, corar, corbatear, corbatearse, corcarse, corchar, corcovar, corcovear, corcusir, cordelar, corear, coregir, coreografiar, corlar, corlear, cornear, coroer, coronar, coronarse, corporificar, correar, corregir, corregirse, correr, correrse, corresponder, corresponderse, corretear, corroborar, corroborarse, corroer, corroerse, corromper, corromperse, corrugar, corsear, cortar, cortarse, cortejar, cortisquear, coruscar, corvar, corvetear, coscarse, cosechar, coser, coserse, cosquillar, cosquillear, costar, costear, costearse, costreñir, costringir, costriñir, costruir, costumbrar, costumbrarse, cotar, cotejar, cotillear, cotizar, cotizarse, cotorrear, coñearse, craquear, crascitar, crear, crecentar, crecer, crecerse, creer, creerse, crenchar, creosotar, crepitar, criar, criarse, cribar, criminar, crinar, crisolar, crispar, crisparse, crispir, cristalizar, cristalizarse, cristianar, cristianizar, cristianizarse, criticar, critiquizar, croajar, croar, crocitar, cromar, cromolitografiar, cronometrar, croscitar, crotorar, crucificar, crujir, cruzar, cruzarse, cuadrar, cuadrarse, cuadricular, cuadriplicar, cuadruplicar, cuajar, cuajarse, cualificar, cuantiar, cuantificar, cuartar, cuartear, cuartearse, cuartelar, cuatrodoblar, cubicar, cubijar, cubijarse, cubilar, cubiletear, cubrir, cubrirse, cucar, cuchar, cucharear, cucharetear, cuchichear, cuchichiar, cuchuchear, cuerear, cuestionar, cuidar, cuidarse, cuitar, culebrear, culminar, culpar, culparse, cultiparlar, cultivar, culturar, culturizar, culturizarse, cumplimentar, cumplir, cumplirse, cumular, cunar, cundir, cunear, cunearse, cuquear, curar, curarse, curiar, curiosear, currar, cursar, curtir, curtirse, curvar, curvarse, cusir, custodiar, custrirse, cuñar.