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Spanish verbs starting with B

All 292 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

babear, babosear, babosearse, bachear, bachillerar, bachillerarse, bachillerear, badajear, badallar, bagar, bailar, bailarse, bailotear, bajar, bajarse, balacear, baladrar, baladronear, balancear, balancearse, balanzar, balar, balastar, balbucear, balbucir, baldar, baldarse, baldear, baldonar, baldonear, baldonearse, baldosar, balear, balitar, balitear, balizar, balizarse, ballestear, balotar, balsear, bambalear, bambalearse, bambanear, bambanearse, bambolear, bambolearse, bambonear, bambonearse, bandear, bandearse, banderillear, banderizar, banderizarse, banquetear, banquetearse, baquear, baquetear, baquiar, barajar, barajarse, barajustar, barajustarse, baratar, baratear, baraustar, barbar, barbarizar, barbear, barbechar, barbotar, barbotear, barbullar, barcinar, bardar, barloar, barloarse, barloventear, barnizar, barquear, barrar, barrear, barrearse, barrenar, barrer, barrerse, barretear, barritar, barruntar, bartulear, barzonear, basar, basarse, bascar, bascular, basquear, bastantear, bastar, bastardar, bastardear, bastarse, bastear, bastecer, bastimentar, bastionar, bastonear, batallar, batanar, batanear, batear, batiportar, batir, batirse, batojar, batucar, batuquear, bautizar, bazucar, bazuquear, bañar, bañarse, beatificar, beber, beborrotear, becar, befar, bejuquear, beldar, bellaquear, bellotear, bendecir, beneficiar, beneficiarse, berlingar, bermejear, berrar, berrear, berrearse, berrendearse, besar, besarse, bestializar, bestializarse, besucar, besuquear, bezoar, bieldar, bienaventurar, bienfacer, bienquerer, bienquistar, bienquistarse, bienvivir, bifurcar, bifurcarse, bigardear, bilmar, bilocarse, binar, biografiar, birlar, bisar, bisbisar, bisbisear, bisecar, biselar, bistraer, bitar, bizarrear, bizcar, bizcochar, bizcornear, bizmar, bizmarse, bizquear, blandear, blandearse, blandir, blandirse, blanquear, blanquecer, blasfemar, blasmar, blasonar, blincar, blindar, bloquear, bloquearse, bobear, bobinar, bocadear, bocear, bocelar, bocezar, bochar, bocinar, bofarse, bogar, boicotear, boicotearse, bojar, bojear, bolear, bolearse, boletar, bolichear, bolinear, bollar, bollir, bolsear, bolsearse, bolsiquear, bombardear, bombear, bonificar, boquear, borbollar, borbollear, borbollonear, borboritar, borbotar, borbotear, bordar, bordear, bordonear, bornear, bornearse, borrachear, borrajear, borrar, borrarse, borronear, bosquejar, bostear, bostezar, botar, botarse, boxear, boyar, bracear, bramar, bravear, bravocear, braznar, brear, bregar, brescar, brezar, bribonear, bridar, brillar, brincar, brindar, brindarse, briscar, brizar, brocearse, brollar, bromar, bromear, bromearse, broncear, broncearse, broquelarse, broslar, brotar, brozar, brujear, brujir, brujulear, brumar, brutalizar, brutalizarse, bruzar, bruñir, bucear, bufar, bufarse, bufonear, bufonearse, bufonizar, buir, buitrear, bullir, bullirse, burbujear, burilar, burlar, burlarse, burrajear, buscar, buscarse, buzar.