Spanish verbs starting with A

Click on any of 2,419 Spanish verbs beginning with A below to view a full conjugation table.

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ababillar, ababillarse, abacorar, abadernar, abajar, abalanzar, abalanzarse, abalar, abaldonar, abaldonarse, abalear, abaliar, abalizar, aballar, aballestar, abaluartar, abanar, abancalar, abandalizar, abanderar, abanderarse, abanderizar, abanderizarse, abandonar, abandonarse, abanear, abanicar, abanicarse, abaratar, abaratarse, abarañar, abarbechar, abarcar, abarcuzar, abarloar, abarloarse, abarquillar, abarquillarse, abarracar, abarracarse, abarraganarse, abarrajar, abarrajarse, abarrancar, abarrancarse, abarrar, abarrenar, abarrer, abarrotar, abastar, abastardar, abastarse, abastecer, abastecerse, abastionar, abatanar, abatanarse, abatir, abatirse, abatojar, abañar, abdicar, abejorrear, abeldar, abellacar, abellacarse, abemolar, aberrar, abestionar, abetunar, abieldar, abigarrar, abigarrarse, abinar, abisagrar, abiselar, abismar, abismarse, abitar, abjurar, ablandar, ablandarse, ablandecer, ablandir, ablentar, abnegar, abnegarse, abobar, abobarse, abocar, abocardar, abocarse, abocetar, abochornar, abochornarse, abocinar, abocinarse, abofarse, abofetear, abogar, abolir, abollar, abollonar, abolsar, abolsarse, abombar, abombarse, abominar, abonanzar, abonar, abonarse, abondar, abondarse, aboquillar, abordar, abordonar, aborrajarse, aborrascar, aborrascarse, aborrecer, aborrecerse, aborregar, aborregarse, aborrir, aborronar, abortar, aborujar, aborujarse, abotagar, abotagarse, abotargar, abotargarse, abotonar, abotonarse, abovedar, aboyar, abozalar, abracar, abracarse, abracijarse, abrasar, abrasarse, abravar, abravecer, abrazar, abrazarse, abrenunciar, abretonar, abrevar, abrevarse, abreviar, abreviarse, abrezar, abribonarse, abrigar, abrigarse, abrillantar, abriolar, abrir, abrirse, abrochar, abrocharse, abrogar, abromar, abromarse, abroncar, abroncarse, abroquelar, abroquelarse, abrotoñar, abrumar, abrumarse, abruzar, abruzarse, absconder, absentarse, absolver, absorber, absortar, absortarse, abstener, abstenerse, absterger, abstraer, abstraerse, abuchear, abulagar, abultar, abundar, aburar, aburguesar, aburguesarse, aburrarse, aburrir, aburrirse, aburujar, aburujarse, abusar, abusarse, abuzar, abuzarse, abuñolar, abuñuelar, acabalar, acaballar, acaballarse, acaballerar, acaballerarse, acaballonar, acabar, acabarse, acabañar, acabañarse, acabdellar, acabestrillar, acabildar, acabildarse, acacharse, acachetar, acachetear, acachorrar, acaecer, acaer, acaguasarse, acairelar, acalabrotar, acalambrar, acalambrarse, acaldar, acaldarse, acalenturarse, acallantar, acallar, acalmar, acalorar, acalorarse, acaloñar, acalugar, acalumniar, acamar, acamarse, acampanar, acampanarse, acampar, acamparse, acanalar, acanallar, acanallarse, acanelonar, acantarar, acantear, acantilar, acantilarse, acantonar, acantonarse, acaparar, acaparrarse, acapillar, acapizar, acapizarse, acapullarse, acaramelar, acaramelarse, acarar, acardenalar, acardenalarse, acarear, acarearse, acariciar, acaronar, acarralar, acarralarse, acarrarse, acarrazar, acarrazarse, acarrear, acarretar, acartonar, acartonarse, acaserarse, acatar, acatarrar, acatarrarse, acatarse, acaudalar, acaudillar, acaudillarse, acautelarse, acañaverear, acañonear, acceder, accender, accidentar, accidentarse, accionar, acebadar, acebadarse, acechar, acecinar, acecinarse, acedar, acedarse, aceitar, acelerar, acelerarse, acender, acendrar, acensar, acensuar, acentuar, acentuarse, acepar, acepillar, aceptar, acequiar, acerar, acerarse, acercar, acercarse, acernadar, acerrar, acerrojar, acertar, acertarse, acervar, acetar, acetificar, acetificarse, acetrinar, acevilar, acezar, achabacanar, achabacanarse, achacar, achaflanar, achajuanarse, achantar, achantarse, achaparrarse, acharar, achararse, acharolar, achatar, achatarse, achicar, achicarse, achicharrar, achicharrarse, achiguar, achiguarse, achinar, achinarse, achiquitar, achiquitarse, achispar, achisparse, achocar, achocharse, achoclonarse, acholar, acholarse, achubascar, achubascarse, achuchar, achucharrar, achucharrarse, achucharse, achucuyar, achucuyarse, achulaparse, achularse, achurar, acibarar, acibarrar, aciberar, acicalar, acicalarse, acicatear, acidificar, acidular, aciemar, aciguatar, aciguatarse, acimentar, acimentarse, acinturar, acivilar, aclamar, aclamarse, aclarar, aclararse, aclarecer, aclimatar, aclimatarse, aclocar, aclocarse, acobardar, acobardarse, acobijar, acocar, acocarse, acocear, acocharse, acochinar, acochinarse, acoclarse, acocotar, acodalar, acodar, acodarse, acoderar, acoderarse, acodiciar, acodiciarse, acodillar, acoger, acogerse, acogollar, acogollarse, acogombrar, acogotar, acohombrar, acoitar, acojinar, acolar, acolchar, acolchonar, acolchonarse, acolgar, acolitar, acollar, acollarar, acollararse, acollonar, acollonarse, acombar, acombarse, acomedir, acomedirse, acomendar, acometer, acomodar, acomodarse, acompasar, acompañar, acompañarse, acomplejar, acomplejarse, acomunalar, acomunar, aconchabarse, aconchar, aconcharse, acondicionar, acondicionarse, aconduchar, acongojar, acongojarse, aconhortar, aconsejar, aconsejarse, aconsonantar, acontar, acontecer, acopar, acopiar, acoplar, acoplarse, acoquinar, acoquinarse, acorar, acorarse, acorazar, acorazarse, acorchar, acorcharse, acordar, acordarse, acordelar, acordonar, acornar, acornear, acorralar, acorralarse, acorrer, acorrerse, acorrucarse, acortar, acortarse, acorullar, acorvar, acorzar, acosar, acosijar, acostarse, acostumbrar, acostumbrarse, acotar, acotarse, acotejar, acotejarse, acotolar, acoyundar, acoyuntar, acrecentar, acrecentarse, acrecer, acrecerse, acreditar, acreditarse, acreer, acrianzar, acribar, acribarse, acribillar, acriminar, acriollarse, acrisolar, acrisolarse, acristalar, acristianar, acromatizar, activar, activarse, actualizar, actualizarse, actuar, actuarse, acuadrillar, acuadrillarse, acuantiar, acuartar, acuartelar, acuartelarse, acuartillar, acuatizar, acubilar, acubilarse, acuchillar, acuchillarse, acuciar, acuclillarse, acudiciar, acudir, acuitar, acuitarse, acular, acularse, acumular, acumularse, acunar, acuntir, acurdarse, acurrucar, acurrucarse, acurrullar, acusar, acusarse, acuñar, adaguar, adamar, adamarse, adamascar, adaponer, adaptar, adaptarse, adardear, adargar, adargarse, adarvar, adecenar, adecentar, adecentarse, adecuar, adecuarse, adehesar, adehesarse, adelantar, adelantarse, adelgazar, adelgazarse, adeliñar, ademar, adensar, adensarse, adentellar, adentrar, adentrarse, aderezar, aderezarse, adestrar, adeudar, adeudarse, adherecer, adherir, adherirse, adhibir, adhortar, adiar, adicionar, adiestrar, adiestrarse, adietar, adietarse, adinerar, adir, adivinar, adivinarse, adjetivar, adjetivarse, adjudicar, adjudicarse, adjuntar, adjurar, adminicular, administrar, administrarse, admirar, admirarse, admitir, adobar, adobarse, adocenar, adocenarse, adocilar, adocir, adoctrinar, adolecer, adolecerse, adonarse, adonecer, adonizarse, adoptar, adoquier, adoquinar, adorar, adormecer, adormecerse, adormentar, adormentarse, adormilar, adormilarse, adormir, adormirse, adormitarse, adornar, adornarse, adosar, adotrinar, adquirir, adrar, adrezar, adrezarse, adrizar, adscribir, adscribirse, adsorber, adstringir, aduanar, aducir, adueñar, adueñarse, adujar, adujarse, adular, adulcir, adulear, adulterar, adulterarse, adulzar, adulzorar, adulzorarse, adumbrar, adunar, adunarse, adurir, advenir, adverar, adverbializar, adverbializarse, adversar, advertir, advocar, adyacer, aerotransportar, afacer, afalagar, afamar, afamarse, afanar, afanarse, afascalar, afatar, afatarse, afear, afearse, afeblecer, afeblecerse, afeccionar, afeccionarse, afectar, afectarse, afeitar, afeitarse, afelpar, afeminar, afeminarse, afer, aferir, aferrar, aferrarse, aferrojar, afervorar, afervorizar, afianzar, afianzarse, afiblar, aficionar, aficionarse, afiebrar, afiebrarse, afielar, afijar, afilar, afilarse, afiliar, afiliarse, afiligranar, afinar, afinarse, afincar, afincarse, afinojar, afinojarse, afirmar, afirmarse, afistolar, afistular, afistularse, aflacar, aflamar, aflaquecer, aflaquecerse, aflatarse, afletar, afligir, afligirse, aflojar, aflojarse, aflorar, afluir, afofarse, afogar, afogarar, afogararse, afogarse, afollar, afollarse, afondar, afondarse, aforar, aforcar, afornecer, aforrar, aforrarse, afortalar, afortunar, afosarse, afoscarse, afrailar, afrancar, afrancarse, afrancesar, afrancesarse, afrecharse, afrenillar, afrentar, afrentarse, afretar, afreñir, africanizar, africanizarse, afrontar, afufar, afufarse, afumar, agabachar, agabacharse, agachaparse, agachar, agacharse, agalerar, agamitar, aganar, aganarse, agangrenarse, agarbanzar, agarbarse, agarbillar, agardamarse, agarrafar, agarrafarse, agarrar, agarrarse, agarrochar, agarrochear, agarrotar, agarrotarse, agarrotear, agasajar, agatizarse, agaucharse, agavillar, agavillarse, agazapar, agazaparse, agañotar, agenciar, agenciarse, agermanarse, agestar, agestarse, agigantar, agigantarse, agigotar, agilitar, agilitarse, agilizar, agilizarse, agir, agitar, agitarse, aglomerar, aglomerarse, aglutinar, aglutinarse, agobiar, agobiarse, agolar, agolletar, agolparse, agonizar, agorar, agorgojarse, agostar, agostarse, agotar, agotarse, agraciar, agradar, agradarse, agradecer, agramar, agramilar, agrandar, agrandarse, agravar, agravarse, agravecer, agraviar, agraviarse, agrazar, agrear, agredir, agregar, agregarse, agremiar, agremiarse, agriar, agriarse, agrietar, agrietarse, agrillarse, agringarse, agriparse, agrumar, agrumarse, agrupar, agruparse, aguachar, aguacharse, aguachinar, aguaduchar, aguaitar, aguantar, aguantarse, aguar, aguardar, aguardarse, aguarse, aguazar, aguazarse, aguciar, agudizar, agudizarse, aguerrir, aguijar, aguijonar, aguijonear, aguisar, aguizgar, agujar, agujerar, agujerear, agujerearse, agusanar, agusanarse, aguzar, agüerar, ahajar, ahechar, ahelear, aherir, ahermanar, aherrojar, aherrumbrar, aherrumbrarse, aherventar, ahervorarse, ahetrar, ahidalgar, ahidalgarse, ahijar, ahilar, ahilarse, ahilerar, ahincar, ahincarse, ahinojar, ahinojarse, ahirmar, ahitar, ahitarse, ahocicar, ahocinarse, ahogarse, ahondar, ahondarse, ahorcajarse, ahorcar, ahorcarse, ahormar, ahormarse, ahornagarse, ahornar, ahornarse, ahorquillar, ahorquillarse, ahorrar, ahorrarse, ahoyar, ahuchar, ahuchear, ahuciar, ahuecar, ahuecarse, ahuevar, ahuevarse, ahumar, ahumarse, ahusar, ahusarse, ahuyentar, ahuyentarse, airar, airarse, airear, airearse, aislar, aislarse, ajamonarse, ajar, ajardinar, ajarse, ajear, ajenar, ajetrear, ajetrearse, ajironar, ajobar, ajobarse, ajorar, ajorarse, ajornalar, ajornalarse, ajorrar, ajorrarse, ajuarar, ajuglarar, ajuglararse, ajuiciar, ajuiciarse, ajumarse, ajuntar, ajuntarse, ajustar, ajustarse, ajusticiar, alabar, alabarse, alabear, alabearse, alaciarse, aladrar, alagar, alagarse, alagartarse, alambicar, alambrar, alambrear, alamir, alampar, alamparse, alancear, alandrearse, alanzar, alardear, alargar, alargarse, alaridar, alarmar, alarmarse, alarse, alastrar, alastrarse, albanar, albardar, albardear, albañear, albañilear, albañir, albear, albedriar, albeldar, albergar, albergarse, alboguear, alborear, alborecer, alborotar, alborotarse, alborozar, alborozarse, albriciar, albuminar, alcacer, alcachofar, alcahazar, alcahotar, alcahuetear, alcalizar, alcaller, alcanforar, alcantarillar, alcanzar, alcanzarse, alcatifar, alcayatar, alcoholar, alcoholarse, alcoholizar, alcoholizarse, alcorzar, aldabear, alear, alebrar, alebrarse, alebrestar, alebrestarse, alebronarse, aleccionar, aleccionarse, alechugar, alegamar, alegamarse, aleganarse, alegar, alegorizar, alegrarse, alejarse, alelar, alelarse, alenguar, alentar, alentarse, alertar, aletargar, aletargarse, aletear, aleudar, aleudarse, aleznar, alfabetizar, alfalfar, alfar, alfarrazar, alfeñar, alfeñicarse, alfombrar, alforrochar, alforzar, algarear, algodonar, alhajar, alheñar, alheñarse, alhombrar, alianzarse, aliar, aliarse, alicatar, alicer, alicortar, alienar, alienarse, alier, aligar, aligarse, aliger, aligerar, aligerarse, alijar, alijarar, alimentar, alimentarse, alimonarse, alindar, alindarse, alinear, alinearse, aliquebrar, aliquebrarse, alisar, alisarse, alistar, alistarse, alivianar, aliviar, aliviarse, aliñar, aliñarse, aljofarar, aljofifar, allanar, allanarse, allegar, allegarse, almacenar, almacigar, almadearse, almadiar, almadiarse, almagrar, almarbatar, almenar, almendrar, almiarar, almibarar, almidonar, almizclar, almogavarear, almohadillar, almohazar, almonedar, almonedear, almorzar, alocar, alocarse, alogar, aloguer, alojar, alojarse, alomar, alomarse, alombar, alongar, aloquecer, aloquecerse, alotar, alparcear, alpargatar, alquicer, alquilar, alquilarse, alquitarar, alquitranar, altear, altearse, alterar, alterarse, altercar, alternar, altivar, altivarse, altivecer, altivecerse, aluchar, alucinar, alucinarse, aludir, alufrar, alumbrar, alumbrarse, aluminar, alunarse, alungir, alunizar, aluzar, alzaprimar, alzar, alzarse, amachetear, amachinarse, amacollar, amacollarse, amadrigar, amadrigarse, amadrinar, amadrinarse, amaestrar, amaestrarse, amagar, amagarse, amainar, amaitinar, amaizar, amajadar, amajanar, amalarse, amalear, amalgamar, amalgamarse, amalladar, amallarse, amamantar, amanar, amancebar, amancebarse, amancillar, amanear, amanecer, amanecerse, amanerar, amanerarse, amanojar, amansar, amansarse, amantar, amantillar, amanzanar, amapolar, amapolarse, amar, amarar, amarecer, amarecerse, amargar, amargarse, amarillear, amarillecer, amarinar, amarizar, amarizarse, amaromar, amarrar, amarrarse, amarrequear, amarse, amartelar, amartelarse, amartillar, amasar, amasarse, amatar, amatarse, amayorazgar, amañar, amañarse, ambicionar, ambientar, ambientarse, amblar, ambular, amechar, amedrantar, amedrentar, amedrentarse, amelar, amelcochar, amelcocharse, amelgar, amellar, amellarse, amenazar, amenguar, amenizar, amenorar, amenorgar, amentar, amerar, amerarse, amercearse, amercendearse, americanizar, americanizarse, ameritar, ameritarse, amerizar, ametrallar, amezquindarse, amigar, amigarse, amilanar, amilanarse, amillarar, aminorar, amir, amistar, amistarse, amnistiar, amoblar, amochar, amochiguar, amodorrar, amodorrarse, amodorrecer, amohecer, amohecerse, amohinar, amohinarse, amojamar, amojamarse, amojelar, amojonar, amolar, amolarse, amoldar, amoldarse, amollar, amollecer, amollentar, amollentarse, amonarse, amonedar, amonestar, amonestarse, amontar, amontarse, amontazgar, amontonar, amontonarse, amoragar, amoratar, amoratarse, amorcar, amordazar, amorecer, amorecerse, amorgonar, amorrar, amorrarse, amorronar, amortajar, amortecer, amortecerse, amortiguar, amortiguarse, amortizar, amortizarse, amoscar, amoscarse, amosquilarse, amostazar, amostazarse, amostrar, amostrarse, amotinar, amotinarse, amover, amparar, ampararse, ampliar, amplificar, ampollar, ampollarse, amprar, amputar, amuchiguar, amueblar, amuelar, amugronar, amular, amularse, amunicionar, amurallar, amurar, amurcar, amurriñarse, amusgar, amusgarse, amustiar, amustiarse, anacer, anadear, analizar, anarquizar, anarquizarse, anastomizarse, anastomosarse, anatematizar, anatomizar, anchar, ancharse, anchoar, anclar, anclarse, anclear, ancorar, andar, andarse, andorrear, anear, aneblar, aneblarse, anegar, anegarse, anejar, anejir, anestesiar, anestesiarse, anexar, anexionar, angarillar, angelizar, angelizarse, angostar, angostarse, angular, angustiar, angustiarse, anhelar, anidar, anidarse, anidiar, anieblar, anieblarse, aniejar, anihilar, anillar, animalizar, animalizarse, animarse, aniquilar, aniquilarse, anisar, anivelar, aniñarse, anochecer, anonadar, anonadarse, anotar, anquear, anquilosar, anquilosarse, ansiar, ansiarse, antagallar, anteceder, antecoger, antedatar, antedecir, anteferir, antenotar, antepagar, antepasar, anteponer, anteponerse, antevenir, antever, anticipar, anticiparse, anticuar, anticuarse, antiguar, antipatizar, antojar, antorchar, antruejar, antuviar, anublar, anublarse, anudar, anudarse, anular, anularse, anumerar, anunciar, anzolar, aojar, aovar, aovillarse, apabilar, apabilarse, apabullar, apacentar, apacentarse, apachurrar, apaciguar, apaciguarse, apadrinar, apadrinarse, apagar, apagarse, apalabrar, apalambrar, apalancar, apalancarse, apalear, apalpar, apanar, apandar, apandarse, apandillar, apandillarse, apaniguar, apantanar, apantanarse, apapachar, aparar, apararse, aparatar, aparatarse, aparcar, aparear, aparearse, aparecer, aparecerse, aparejar, aparejarse, aparentar, aparir, aparragarse, aparrar, aparroquiar, aparroquiarse, apartar, apartarse, apartidar, apartidarse, aparvar, apasionar, apasionarse, apastar, apastragarse, apasturar, apayasar, apayasarse, apañar, apañarse, apañuscar, apealar, apear, apearse, apechar, apechugar, apechugarse, apedazar, apedrear, apedrearse, apegar, apegarse, apegualar, apelambrar, apelar, apeldar, apelgararse, apeligrar, apellar, apellidar, apellidarse, apelmazar, apelmazarse, apelotonar, apelotonarse, apenar, apenarse, apencar, apensionar, apensionarse, apeonar, aperar, aperarse, 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