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Portuguese verbs starting with T

All 301 verbs. Click to view a conjugation table.

tabaquear, tabelar, tabeliar, tabicar, tabizar, tabular, tacanhear, tacar, tachar, tachear, tachonar, tactear, tafular, tafulhar, tagantar, tagantear, tagarelar, tainar, taipar, talar, talhar, talingar, talionar, taludar, tamanquear, tamborilar, tamisar, tampar, tamponar, tanazar, tanchar, tangar, tangenciar, tanger, tanguear, tanoar, tantalizar, tapar, tapear, tapetar, tapeçar, tapizar, taquigrafar, taralhar, taramelar, taramelear, tarar, tardar, tarear, tarelar, tarifar, tarimbar, tarjar, tarocar, tarrafar, tarrafear, tarraxar, tartamelar, tartamelear, tartamudear, tartarear, tartarizar, tartuficar, tarugar, tascar, tasquinhar, tastear, tatalar, tataranhar, tatear, tatuar, tauxiar, taxar, teatralizar, tecer, teclar, teimar, telar, telecomandar, telefonar, telegrafar, teleguiar, telemedir, televisar, televisionar, telhar, telintar, temer, tempestear, tempestuar, temporalizar, temporejar, temporizar, tencionar, tender, tentar, tentear, teocratizar, teorizar, ter, tercetar, terebintinar, terebrar, tergiversar, terlintar, terminar, terraplenar, terrear, terrificar, terrincar, terrorar, terrorizar, terçar, tesar, tesoirar, tesourar, testar, testavilhar, testemunhar, testificar, testilhar, tetanizar, tibar, ticar, tilar, tildar, tilintar, timbalejar, timbrar, timonar, timpanizar, tingir, tinir, tintar, tintinar, tipificar, tipografar, tiquetaquear, tiramolar, tiranizar, tirar, tiritar, tirocinar, tironear, tirotear, tisnar, titerear, titilar, titubar, titubear, toar, tocaiar, tocar, toirear, toirejar, tolar, toldar, tolejar, tolerar, tolher, tolinar, tomar, tombar, tombolar, tonalizar, tonar, tonificar, tonsurar, tontear, topar, topetar, torar, torcegar, torcer, torcular, tornar, tornear, torpedear, torrar, torrear, torturar, torvelinhar, tosar, tosquiar, tossir, tostar, toxicar, trabalhar, traduzir, trafegar, traficar, tragar, trajar, tralhar, tramar, tramitar, trancafiar, trancar, tranquilizar, tranqüilizar, transbordar, transcender, transcrever, transferir, transfigurar, transfixar, transformar, transfugir, transgredir, transigir, transir, transitar, transladar, translinear, transliterar, transmitir, transmover, transmudar, transmutar, transparecer, transpassar, transpirar, transplantar, transpor, transportar, transtornar, transubstanciar, transumir, transvasar, transverberar, trançar, trapacear, trasfegar, trasladar, traspassar, trastejar, tratar, trautear, travar, travejar, trazer, traçar, trefilar, treinar, trejeitar, treler, tremeluzir, tremer, tremular, trenar, trepar, tresandar, trescalar, tresler, tresloucar, tresmentir, tresvariar, tresver, triangular, tributar, tricotar, trinar, trincar, trinchar, triplicar, tripudiar, tripular, triscar, trissecar, triunfar, troar, trocar, troiar, trombetear, trompar, trompicar, tropear, tropeçar, tropicar, trotar, trovejar, trovoar, troçar, trucar, trucidar, truncar, tugir, tuitar, tumefazer, tumeficar, tumescer, tumultuar, tunar, tungar, tupir, turbar, turvar, tutar, tutear, tutelar, tutorar.